Unique Body Therapy

Body Therapy

Unique Body Therapy

Body therapy is a form of holistic therapy found in alternative medicine which involves working on the human body through manipulative therapy of the body, skeletal system, nerves or muscles, breath work, or energy medicine. Body therapies are “hands-on” approaches, such as massages, that are used to improve the structure and functioning of the human body. The aim of these therapies is to measure and improve posture, to help promote awareness of the body and mind connection, or to manipulate an “energy field” that is said to surround the human body affecting health. It is further possible to include indirect manipulations like drugs as well as natural health products in a great definition of what constitutes body therapies.
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About Julia

Julia is experienced in working with energy, Seeing energy moving through people’s body, and assisting people navigate through their issues and goals.  She has been working with energy, sound, music, colour and other energy tools for 10 years, to help people reveal their True Self and reach their potential.

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