Color Therapy Health Solution

Colour Therapy wheel detailedColor therapy is a healing method that uses color to bring about healing or restoration of a person’s well-being. In color therapy light comes into play, since what we perceive as color is simply light being absorbed and reflected at different wavelengths. Light being a living energy, it follows that color is also a living energy. Color therapy focuses on how this energy can be applied on the living energy or life-force in our bodies to bring about healing. The basic tenet of color therapy is that it is possible for healers to attune a person’s body through the exposure of that person’s chakras and meridians to a specific color as required. This is because the chakras and meridians radiate their own color depending on their energy vibrations. In a healthy person, these energy vibrations are in equilibrium, but in an unhealthy one, the energy balance is broken. Thus, when the chakras and meridians are exposed to the appropriate color which would restore the energy balance, the person is restored to health. In this type of therapy color is used to correct both physical and psychological disorders, as the chakras and meridians affect both physical and psychological functions.
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