It’s Imperative to Let Stress Go

Q.  Are you wondering why what you want just isn’t becoming a reality for you?

How To Relieve Stress

How To Relieve Stress

A.  Stress distorts your positive energy.

In our fast paced lifestyle and all the stress and information we have to process, it causes us to be stuck in a rut on many levels – in our emotions, in our monkey mind critical thoughts, with aches, pains and tense shoulders that keep rising higher and higher as the stress layers up.

We put up with it because it gradually builds up.  We don’t notice until it becomes unbearable.  We don’t notice it’s effects as our mind is so busy combating issues, problem solving and remembering our overcommitted schedules.  it’s not until we are overwhelmed and not coping that we realise we have a problem.  We have forgotten what it feels like to not have stress.  The stress seems to become a normal part of use.

All this causes our emotional tension energy level, our mindset level and our overall energy level to drop to a level that blocks or moves our energy alignment away from positive experiences and easily achieving what you really want.

It is scientifically acknowledged that stress plays a major role in causing illnesses – physically, emotionally and repetitive negative thinking.  As we know, thoughts create our reality – without thought, nothing happens.

So it is very important we all have a stress release routine, to dramatically offload our accumulated stress levels.

550488_493702257339645_2079567868_nSo many of us overlook this – citing excuses like I don’t have time, I don’t have the money, I don’t have ….  All these are lack consciousness thoughts, and lack of self love actions.  Putting our own health and happiness first is the greatest act of Self Love; an important step in connecting your energy to the plans you want to manifest into your life.

When you start to release long term negative emotions, long term accumulated stress and take charge of the quality of your thoughts, you start to turn the ship that is your life in a different direction.

And the feeling of not having all those types of stress is amazing.  You feel lighter, you feel in charge, you feel so much happier, you cope with life’s challenges so much better.

Regular appointments with me keep all these factors in check.

Invest in Your Self.   You are worth it.

Mahatma GandhiChange is happening in the world at the individual level – by you getting the energy state of your being cleared of negative emotions, thoughts and feelings; through releasing them.  And replace this with positive thinking and believing in you are allowed to have a happy life and make the decisions that take you towards this.  This allows the space in you to be elevated to feeling happier more often, if not all the time.

“Be the Change You Want To See In The World”  is the recommendation from Mahatma Gandhi.

Great advice !

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