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Hello and welcome!

As I have worked closely with the BodhiBed now for more than five years, both on a personal and a professional level, it is such a pleasure to now bring it to you all to work with and learn how it can be utilized to receive the maximum benefits and pleasure from it.

The BodhiBed Table delivers sound and music in a very unique way.  It is converting auditory sound and music energy wave to also kinetic waves.  This optimizes the absorption both through hearing and also through our skin.  This enables the sound energy waves to penetrate directly into all parts of our body and into every cell very quickly.

The resonance of the music is felt in our physical body as every cell starts to vibrate to that music, creating a new experience sensation.

Working with pure energy requires a different approach from other types of natural therapies.

Here I am offering online Skype workshops that will bring you in touch with working with energy and creating an environment that facilitates optimal results.

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During the six hours of training these are some of the important topics I will cover (and more !):

  • Your equipment package
  • The platform of approach to working with energy
  • Depth of understanding of working with sound before working with others
  • Working with Spirit, Love and Light
  • Overview of how the human energy field works
  • How to infuse people with pure energy
  • The importance of Self Love
  • How to attract clients
  • I Am of Service – your purpose
  • The BodhiBed’s purpose
  • Health Questionnaire and Contra Indications
  • Working the BodhiBed into your Practice or Lifestyle
  • Creating the optimal healing space
  • BodhiBed – correct set up and usage
  • Music tracks to purchase