Benefits to YOU

When you come and experience my unique combination of music therapy, musical sound note program, colour ray therapy, and transformational energetic healing you are opening yourself to so many possible benefits on many different levels.

Here are many of the benefits you may receive:

Ultimate Self-Care Self-Love Nurturing Gift to Yourself

  • immense depths of relaxation, in every cell of your body
  • melting of physical tension
  • dissolving of stress allowing your body to re-harmonise back into wellbeing
  • soothing of your nervous system, significant emotional calm
  • calming of your mind
  • bringing in your awareness of your whole body
  • connecting you with your sense of self, your soul essence
  • allows your soul to grow in this spacious silence and re-connection
  • Clear the meridian lines for increased physical energy flow and aiding the body’s natural healing ability
  • Cleanse, balance and upgrade the energy in your chakras
  • Decrease Acidity, through detoxification of your cells
  • Increase Oxygenation
  • Increase Circulation
  • Deep Physical Relaxation, every cell in your body is massaged
  • Feel the best you have felt in a long time

Clearing out old dense energy that creates pain and obstacles in your life

  • letting go of old triggering emotions
  • Effective Pain Management
  • Increase Energy Levels, highly beneficial after Chemotherapy treatment.
  • Reduce Stress, Anxiety, trauma, PTSD, grief and depression, soothing the nervous system and adrenals ‘fight or flight’ levels.
  • releasing nervous tension and anxiety
  • Significant calming and quietening of mind chatter, hear yourself think
  • Equal Wholemind Usage for whole brain thinking creativity to implementation
  • Raise your brainwave patterning for calm clarity, ideas & solutions
  • Dramatic stress release, increased coping skills
  • Compliments Physical Therapies
  • Stimulates Creativity and Learning
  • Effective SelfHelp activity, for self improvement, improving reactive behaviour
  • Facilitates deep inner connection with yourself and your intuition
  • Feel the relief as tension and emotions that stress you leave your body.

I can help you in move into a state of peace, deep relaxation, self appreciation and self love through my nurturing yet dynamic process.

If you are interested in ultimate self-care and to progress with more positivity through your life, then this is the place for you.

If you are feeling a resonance with what is here, then this is your intuition nudging you!