Tools and techniques

All the tools I use in your appointment I am passionate about, I am an expert in applying, and bring me a lot of joy in working with them.  They all came into my life synchronistically and I feel a deep resonance with the benefits they bring us all.  They have a profoundly deep effect on your whole body, making your energy shift dynamic while you are immersed in relaxation.

You will see from the list of main tools I combine in your appointment, that your time is comprehensive ensuring you receive maximum benefit.

Aura and Chakra Photography – You Are More Than You Can See!

My aura and chakra photos are great fun! Plus, we can learn so much from these photos about our auric energy field.  My photography system is computer based with a biofeedback hand-plate (as apposed to a Kirlian camera).  The biofeedback hand-plate records your electro-magnetic energy field and feeds that information into the computer, which converts it into meaningful information in the photo.

Your aura and chakra’s functioning is captured in that moment, showing what colours are present in your energy field and how open/closed your chakras are.  In a Aura Photograph appointment I will explain what the colours in your energy field mean, talk to you about your chakras and what influences how open they are.

I will then intuit a Colour Ray energy spray that will benefit your energy field and mist it around you and you will experience how that feels.  Then I will take a second aura and chakra photograph of your energy field, and we will see what change has occurred!  It is so surprising how different it can be!  People just love these appointments, and love receiving their two photos by email, so they can look at them again and show their friends!

These appointments are great for people who are learning about energy, and want to know more.  I also have clients very immersed in their spiritual journey who want to check in on how their energy field is looking  - it’s a great way to record milestones.  I’ve had clients who meditate with Tibetan monks come and have their aura photographed before meditation and then while they meditate.  It is very interesting!

You can read my article on aura photography or my video on colour, if you’d like to know more!  I also have a great little eBook called “Your Aura” that you can download here.  It is packed with information all about how your energy field is created, what the colours in your aura mean and how your chakra’s colours are important to your wellbeing.


Tubular Crystal Harp

The sublime celestial sounds from this beautiful instrument transport you to a place of beauty and light.

This amazing instrument is made up of 10 sound notes renowned for their transformational impact on our body.  Each tube is made of crystal – a very important factor!

Crystal is an amplifier, and so when the tubes are played the musical note’s frequency becomes crystalline and is amplified – the effect becomes laser like.  When I start to play it, I can ‘see’ the client’s energy field ripple as it opens and the chakras start to open and close in response to them receiving the sound’s energy.  It is so beautiful to hear – like celestial bells!  You can hear a sample below.


BodhiBed® Table – Musical Sound Note Program

My BodhiBed is an incredible healing technology in itself.  The speakers contained within the BodhiBed have been specifically developed to transfer pure sound waves hertz frequency energy into your body, ensuring the Table and your body vibrate at that specific frequency for maximum harmonisation and re-tuning of your body.  Our body is very clever, and the cells in our body, our nervous system and brain understand the information contained in the sound energy waves, and receive the vibration as an instruction.

The sound waves are telling our body, or reminding our body, how to function in a better way!

Using sound tone notes is the basis platform of my programs.  As we all are naturally connected to music and sound we instantly relax when we hear it and feel it vibrating through our body.


Lines of energy flying around the Universe at top speed are what bind space together into One unit.  These energy lines carry specific information on them, and their speed determines what that information is.  Musical sound notes are lines of energy, more commonly known as musical scale notes such as C, D, E etc; in science they are measured in ‘hertz frequency’.

When we hear music and sound notes, we hear them not only through our ears but also with our whole body.  Our whole body actually also functions as a receiver of sound energy waves.  Because of the high quantity of water and bone in our body, which is a fantastic conductor of energy, sound notes are instantly absorbed and spread through our body into every cell through to the spine.  We literally can be tuned!!

This is why my sound note programs are so important, and set the platform for putting your body into a receptive state of healing, stress release and rejuvenation at the cellular level.

Relax, Release, Receive, Rejuvenate is my mantra!

My BodhiBed table contains specially designed speakers, so when you lay on it and I play the sound note/tone I have chosen from the 61 frequencies available that are scientifically shown to resonate with particular parts of the human body, your whole body will resonate to that sound frequency.  Choosing the correct sound frequency is very important, and I have had 10 years experience working with people and the sound frequency right for them.

For instance, I had a client who had sciatica and he reported back that:

“after 2 treatments the sciatica was gone!”

This is a simple selection case, however, sometimes a person may have particular symptoms, however the frequency they have needed is 7 chakras – they needed a chakra clearing and balance.

This is sound frequency healing in action!

My BodhiBed Table is seriously simple and seriously significant!  There is nothing for you to do – it does you!!

Music Therapy - one-of-a-kind Bodhi Bed®

While you are blissing out and drifting off into sleep on my BodhiBed Table, through high quality stereo headphones you will be listening to incredibly relaxing music composed especially to quieten your busy mind and take it to the state of meditation.

This music induces deep mind relaxation, and enables you to receive insight downloads, heighten your intuition and go into an even deeper state of meditation opening you more to connecting to your Essence, Soul and True Self. Diving deep into your self is truly revealing!

The music I use also raises your brainwave patterning, harmonising and integrating the use of the left and right side of the brain so they are equal.  This is so important.  Because we have been trained since children to predominantly use our left-brain, particularly in our schooling system, we typically are not using both sides of the brain at the same level.

My own journey started with music and sound.  I just love working with it!  If you would like to know more about how music and sound so easily and enjoyable benefit us, you can watch my video and listen to my podcast to gain a deeper understanding of it’s simple yet significant impact.

BodhiBed, with caption 8-2014

Hands on High Frequency Energy Transmission

In this state of deep relaxation your energy field easily opens to energetic healing.  As my energy field is highly charged, my hand chakras are very open, my crown chakra very open and my body is clear enough to be able to receive and transmit to you a very high frequency energy of light.  This divine high frequency light energy flushes out of your physical body and energy field of large quantities of dense energy.  As the density leaves the light energy then fills that space.  Just beautiful!  This is how you feel so light and free at the end!

When this is occurring, we are in the process of very sacred work.  We are directly connecting to Divine Source Spirit and many beautiful big light beings from the higher heavenly realms.  They connect into you and greatly assist in clearing what is ready to go, and replacing with divine chi energy specific to your life path and purpose in this beautiful world.  All of us have the potential of bringing forward our own unique divine purpose and we need to walk the path.

There is so much to know about how energy healing works and how it helps you balance, harmonise and improve you!  You can find out more by watching my video on energy.


Swords of Light – Dissolvers of Negative Energy Holding You Back

These “Swords”, or rods, look amazing and are amazing!  I just love working with them!!  This pair of swords is made from Selenite and the handles contain sacred waters from around the world and over 200 crushed high vibration crystals.  Selenite is known as an ‘ascension stone’, it emits a very pure high light frequency that literally pulls out negative lines of energy, old trauma energy, and is fantastic for clearing out your energy field through into your physical body. 

As I work with people I literally can ‘see’ the energy pulled out and the high frequency energy from them instantly dissolves the density.  They are perfect for clearing and then feeding in high frequency light energy, making it easy for the energy pouring from my hands and into your body to give you what you need at this stage in your journey of unveiling your best you.


Colour Ray Therapy – Raise Your Vibration through Raising the Quality of Colour In Your Energy Field

Colour is a fundamental part of who we are, and I find working with it helps tremendously in raising your vibration up into the levels of love, peace and joy.

When you think colour rays, think of airborne colour - like when you see light shining through colour headlight windows and the colour shines into the room and you can see it in the air.  This is a colour ray.  Colour has hertz frequency energy, just like sound.  In my eBook “Your Aura” there is a lot of information on how colour fuels our body – it is the chi energy that creates the quality of what we experience in life.  You can take a look at “Your Aura” here.

hands of light

During your appointment I infuse into your energy field high frequency colour rays, that are sucked into your body via your chakras and the information on the colour ray is distributed around your body via your meridian lines right into your cells and DNA.  The highest spectrum end of the colour ray is the fastest speed energy so your cells are receiving the highest quality information and instructions!!  Lets upgrade that information!  Let’s get our body performing at it’s best!  The colour ray therapy is in the form of colour energy sprays and has a wonderful uplifting fragrance, and many people tell me they can feel the cleansing and fuelling of these sprays.

As the divine light energy clears your energy field, chakras, meridian lines, and cells in your body I will apply high frequency Colour rays into your energy field.  This also helps to clear the dense energy out and re-fuels your chakras and auric field with high-speed colour ray energy – vital for encouraging healthy mind, emotions, body and soul.  Our chakras draw in colour pranic light energy, which brings in the information on each colour ray instructing our body how to operate.

We really need to be ensuring we are feeding our body high-speed colour every day!  This raising our vibration as we embody the higher aspects of the colour ray and moves us in the direction of connecting with our best possible opportunities, events and relationships!

The Soul Colour Ray energy sprays I use are brilliant!  Clients constantly are telling me how much they love them, can feel the lightness come in and how they love the fragrance.  If you would like to work with these at home, creating a daily clearing and upgrading routine for your energy field you can take a look at Soul Colour energy sprays here .

Our world is filled with colour; we would be lost without colour in our world!  We forget how important it is - we take it for-granted as we rush around in our daily lives.  You can find out more in my colour video.

Pure Therapeutic Medicine Grade Essential Oils – Transformation and Recalibration at the Cellular Level

Essential Oils are a plant medicine.  Therapeutic grade oils are 100% pure oil straight from the plant and add an important benefit to you.  Each oil carries a specific vibration carrying particular information.  As it is contained in the form of oil, it is a very physical way of receiving the message the oil has to offer, speaking to the physical cells in your body.

I find that my method of applying is very important as it activates the oil to it’s highest potential for you, creating a dynamic high frequency application.  The light energy coming from my hands is infused into the oil and so enhances the whole process.  The oil’s vibration passes directly into the cells of your physical body.  I can ‘see’ the effects immediately in the face of the client, and in the energy field.


I have a very specific way I do this, and the majority of people who see me tell me this is their favourite part of the appointment!  So simple, yet so powerful.

The oils have an amazing fragrance and role: activating your sense of smell, and accessing the limbic emotional part of your brain - recoding your emotions and raising your emotional vibration levels.

You can’t help but feel so much happier and attuned to yourself.  Everyone loves the oils!  If you are keen to develop a daily routine maintaining raising your energy’s vibration, working with the appropriate oil can help you immensely.  They helped me immeasurably on my own journey.  The Self Love range of oils is available here and there is a free affirmations information sheet you can download which keeps your mind positively focused.  Take a look here.

Thank you for your interest, and I look forward to seeing you.