What you can expect

I love providing you a beautiful, deeply relaxing, totally unique time where you can just let go and receive ultimate nurturing, luxurious opening of your 6 senses and calm sense of wellbeing.  A heavenly experience, like no other.

What you will begin is an exciting journey starting with deeply relaxing your body, mind, emotions and soul – your 4 bodies.

My unique process works deeply with your 4 bodies:

Physically – incredible deep relaxation like you’ve never experienced.  Tension just melts away.
Mind – the music you will hear takes your mind into realms of quiet; a mind holiday, away from monkey-mind overthinking.
Emotions – your nervous system is soothed, over-charged emotional energy is removed and decreased taking you into a state of relief and spaciousness.
Soul – this is heavenly work.  The energy transmissions you receive will clear you energy of old dense vibrations and refresh and rejuvenate you right through to the cellular level.  It is a fast-tracking of soul evolution, particularly with regular monthly visits.  This is an investment in you, your life journey, and like going to the gym, regularity provides surety.

The energy work starts when you decide to take action for self-nurtured change and book your appointment.  Your process starts then and often clients report the synchronicities and realisations that occur in the lead up to when they arrive.

On your arrival we will sit for a short while for an initial discussion, covering where you are now, why you have come, what you are needing and I can feel your energy and information comes to me that enable me to discern the direction the appointment is taking and what to apply.

After the short discussion, you will lie on my BodhiBed Table and just relax.  The greatest thing for you to know is - there is nothing for you to do!   You don’t do it - it does you!!

In my appointments I work with a tailored for you combination of Music Therapy, Musical Sound Note Program, Colour Ray Therapy and Transforming Energetic Healing - the energy that emits from my body and flows through my hands is very powerful and flushes through your whole body, pushing out the dense energy that creates pain in your life and bringing in new high vibration life force energy from the higher heavenly realms.

No two appointments are the same: from one client to another; from one of your appointments to another!  The journey is so unique each time.  Each appointment takes you another big step on your transforming milestones - another step peeling away a layer, revealing a greater sense and understanding of your Soul Essence and next steps you can take on your best life path.

“I am here to help you grow into your best self and life path”  Julia Smith

Why the Energy part is so important

The amazing effects of sound and colour as beams of energy!

Sound and Colour are pure energy waves, and easily penetrate us.  We all have felt how music takes us to feeling so good or if we really feel like wearing a colour and it makes us feel happy.

The key point to realise is - for you to manifest what you choose, your energy level must be uplifted enough to connect with the level of energy that your dream carries.  Everything carries it’s own level of energy.  E.g.  Negative things feel low and heavy - that is the level of its energy; whereas positive things feel light and happy - that is the level of its energy.

Thoughts and emotions carry a level of energy and your dream originates from here - so if you have a vision you want to make reality, it helps tremendously to shift your everyday level of energy so it is at the same level as your vision’s energy.  Stress is a major factor to aim to significantly reduce, as it is a key factor in keeping your energy level low.

I have a unique practice that works directly with your everyday level of energy, that will unplug low energy levels (which block the uplifted energy from coming into you) - this then opens the door to let in the positive energy levels!

Over the nearly 10 years I have been working with people, helping them shift their energy, helping them to constantly be aligning to the energy of their best self and hence their best life path, it has become more and more a conviction how important this work is!   When we diligently work at constantly clearing our energy field of the slow dense energy that keeps attracting in to our life pain and obstacle events, and we keep replacing that dense energy that has been cleared out with specific pure high vibration energy we can see over time positive change in our life!  Choosing to start your clearing and replacement program is the greatest decision you can make for your self.  It is a great act of self-love and backing yourself!

Before your appointment

There is nothing for you to do to prepare for an appointment, but I do encourage you to arrive hydrated, so drink plenty of water the day before and some before you arrive to your appointment.

During your appointment

On arrival you will complete a small health questionnaire and then we will have a short discussion about why you have come.  The energy work starts during this discussion as my energy field starts to interact with your energy field.

How we start:  I take you through a short meditation and prayer to set the space and so you get in touch with your whole body.

Celestial Sounds of the Tubular Crystal Harp:  Then you will have the amazing experience of my Tubular Crystal Harp.  This is no ordinary harp!  The “strings” are actually tubes of crystal -10 tubes of crystal tuned to 10 transformational Musical Sound Notes, researched and hand-picked by me and having this instrument created to my specifications.  The sound is so beautiful, so celestial it transports you to beautiful realms and opens your energy field.  Your mind is instantly taken to places of beauty and calm.

BodhiBed Table:  I then will intuit which musical sound note is best for your body to receive as you lay fully clothed on your back on my amazing table.  As I turn it on, the vibration starts rolling through the Table.  Your body will start to vibrate to this sound frequency.  Deep relaxation will start to set in.

Meditation inducing music through headphones:  I will also intuitively select music best for you to listen to through headphones that takes your mind to the alpha - theta state.  This gives your mind a big rest from thinking, from worrying, from criticising you and the rest it gives you is quite incredible.  This rest gives you and opportunity of quiet - the perfect moment to connect with intuitive knowing’s you need to hear.  So many people have gained so much joy from actually having these revelations!  These Knowing’s are the steps in coming closer to connecting with your Soul Essence and True Self.  Many have reported profound insights.

Swords of Light:  I will work extensively on your whole energy body and physical body in huge emptying out of old slow dense energy using my Swords of Light.  These rods of selenite crystal are such a gift from these powerful rocks.  The gift to us from these stones is the ability to literally suck out lines of energy that manifest pain in our lives.  With the gift of my ‘sight’ and my clairsentience of Knowing, I am guided just where to place these rods and how to move them to maximise the emptying out.  They are truly amazing and just about everyone is attracted to them.

Colour Ray Therapy:  I will use Colour Ray Therapy - working with colour as a ray and a spectrum.  As you appointment progresses I am guided to infuse your energy field with specific high vibration colour rays that replace the low vibration muddy colours as I clear your energy field - assisting in raising your vibration.  This is like re-fuelling your body with high performance fuel!

Therapeutic Medicinal Grade Pure Plant Oils:  I also intuit and anoint you with high frequency vibration pure medicinal grade Plant Medicine Essential Oils.  The high frequency of my energy field becomes infused with the frequency of the oil creating a very potent transformational event.  These beautiful oils will assist in clearing and raising your emotional vibration in the limbic system in your brain, activate your sense with their incredibly penetrating fragrance, and have a direct clearing effect on the cells in your body.  Many people report this is one of their favourite parts of the treatment.

Transformational Hands on / Hands off Healing: I will also apply my transformational hands on healing.  My higher frequency energy body acts as a conduit for high frequency energy to flow through me and be transmitted into your body.   This work we do together in my healing room with the higher realms brings in the keys and codes to unlock your True Self and gifts.  As I lay my hands on you I just allow this energy to flow through and be infused in you.

There is so much more that happens is our time together, but this is a good window into a feel of how the appointment flows.  If you have any questions at all please do not hesitate to drop me an email or phone me to ask!

After your appointment

As appointments with me are so powerful, and your energy and body leave with a process underway, I strongly advise you have free time after your appointment and go to the park and sit in the sun.  It is important to rest and relax and allow the energy shift time to do what it needs to do, before you become immersed in other actions.  Take the time to feel into and absorb the energy of nature, which will help you to ground your experience and energy shift, and then align your body to the energy of the sun.  Also have a bottle of pure water and drink plenty of it.  This is the perfect time to sit in contemplation and appreciate you life and own vibration.

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It’s very exciting how much is happening here that can help you!

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