Why the Energy Part is Important

The key point to realize is – for you to manifest what you choose, your energy level must be uplifted enough to connect with the level of energy that your dream carries. Everything carries it’s own level of energy. Eg. Negative things feel low and heavy – that is the level of it’s energy; whereas positive things feel light and happy – that is the level of it’s energy.

Thoughts and emotions carry a level of energy and your dream originates from here– so if you have a vision you want to make reality, it helps tremendously to shift your everyday level of energy so it is at the same level as your vision’s energy. Stress is a major factor to aim to significantly reduce, as it is a number one factor messing with manifesting your dream, as it’s energy level is so low.

YLEO White Angelica picWe are so fortunate we have been gifted Plant Oils, crystals, sound, colour and other ways that carry a very uplifted level of energy that we can use to keep our energy levels high. These are fantastic tools we can use every day, keeping us on track.

I have a unique practice that works directly with your everyday level of energy, that will unplug any low energy levels (which block the uplifted energy from coming into you) – this then opens the door to let in the positive energy levels.

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