Aura and Chakra Photography – discovery about you!

You Are More Than You Can See

Aura and Chakra Photography is an exciting, very real activity you can do to start to understand this other important aspect of yourself and how you can work with it for better health, improve attracting opportunities to yourself and raising your vibration.

This is a fascinating 30 minutes exploring the invisible part of yourself – your auric energy field and your chakras.  Julia’s unique biofeedback hand-plate scans your electro-magnetic energy field and records it in beautiful colourful images of you in that moment.

This fun and interesting appointment will tell you about:

  • What the colours in your aura mean
  • How open/closed your chakras are, and why this is important
  • How your aura is created
  • What makes the colours in your aura change
  • and much more!

What you receive:

  • 1 aura photo on arrival
  • Julia will then intuitively select one colour ray therapy energy spray and apply it to your energy field for you to experience
  • A 2nd aura photo seeing the difference after the colour infused in your energy field
  • an opportunity to tap into Julia’s extensive expert knowledge about colour as energy and energy field and how it is important in your life.  Your questions are encouraged!

People who love these photos are:

  • curious to find out more about their energy field and what to do with it
  • serious about their spiritual journey and want to see how their aura is looking
  • interested to see their energy field when they are meditating, thinking about something in particular, in a state of rest or another specific reason
  • wanting to know what colour ray they are born on and find out more about the colours in their energy field
  • friends and family coming along for a unique and fun experience together.

People love this experience!  Book in now and see your aura!  These make a perfect gift too!

30min Appointment
Investment:  $80


Make a booking today and see your aura!

People love this experience and it makes a great gift idea too – digital Gift Vouchers are available, you just make a booking through the online booking system and select that option; so easy!  
Call me on 0404 619 148 to ask any questions, or book in today.
Aura photos 16July17 c Julia Smith ITP