Light Therapy

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This cutting edge technology is a range of White Light and Colour Therapy, which provides natural cellular rejuvenation and aura healing, clearing and energising.

We will have a short discussion of your symptoms and needs, and I will apply the appropriate colour to your body.

The colour discs available that I work with are:

  • White
  • Violet
  • Royal Blue
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Yellow
  • Orange
  • Red
Colour speaks to you wheel

This Light Therapy device is hospital grade colour therapy at its best.  It powerfully cleanses your aura, and fills it with the pure colour ray of each chakra, accelerating your healing, clearing and repairing of your aura.

Examples of uses with amazing results are:

White Light = Medicinal effects, complete aura cleansing, reduces scars

Royal Blue = Dissolves intense old trauma, reduces depression and anxiety

Red = Reduces inflammation, reduces anger and rage

Each white and colour light disc is an air-borne colour ray which infuses your energy field with that pure light colour.  It stimulates the collagen and electrons in your physical cells, triggers your body into self healing and cleansing on the inside and outside of your body in your aura.

The colour is absorbed into your aura and body and dissolves the muddy colour out of the energy field, cleansing it, so your chi flows so much more easily.  The stimulation of the body’s cells with the warm light shining on your skin triggers detoxification and cellular regeneration for healthy glowing skin.

I am an expert in working with colour and also offer aura photography, with 10 years experiencing interpreting our relationship with colour and its effects on our body.

Time:  30mins

Your Aura is Colour Your Aura is Energy copyright Julia Smith

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So many people have decided to give this a try with such good results - you can hear from some of my many past clients here. If you are feeling a resonance with Julia's work, she is looking forward to seeing you.

Call Julia on 0404 619 148 to ask any questions, or book in and have this amazing experience.