Transformational Energetic Healing Online

Aura healing, clearings and energy upgrades work fantastically well online. If you’re not in Sydney, and feel the call to work with me, I can arrange for us to connect via Zoom.

The aura and energy work will include

Discussion about what you are needing and what life is showing you that is needing clearing.

Setting of sacred space, connection with Divine Source, and transmitting the specific divine energies you are requiring.

Using the Healing rods and other tools that are required


Your Aura Is Colour Your Aura is Energy

Make a booking today and experience the benefits

So many people have decided to give this a try with such good results - you can hear from some of my many past clients here. If you are feeling a resonance with Julia's work, she is looking forward to seeing you.

Call Julia on 0404 619 148 to ask any questions, or book in and have this amazing experience.