Why is it called a BodhiBed?

Yes, BodhiBed® is an unfamiliar name – but it has a significant meaning.

Buddha under the Bodhi Tree

Bodhi is the name of a famous tree.  The Bodhi Tree.  It is famous as the tree under which Buddha sat and meditated.  After many years of striving to reach enlightenment Buddha determinedly decided to sit under this Bodhi tree and meditate continuously without stopping until he achieved Enlightenment.

He meditated in rain, in extreme heat, while snails crawled through his hair.  Nothing distracted him.  He achieved a great skill of concentration, then experienced Enlightenment and he embodied the exquisite feeling of Divine Spiritual Energy and accessed the all knowing part of himself.

The BodhiBed® is named after the Bodhi Tree.  The BodhiBed® can greatly assist you to easily reach deep levels of meditation, enlightenment, and to embody the blissful feeling of god force energy – without needing the discomfort of a Bodhi Tree situation !  Instead you have the most incredibly blissful deeply relaxing experience while it does you, you don’t need to do anything yourself!  You can activate and develop deep trust of your intuition, learn the feeling of the all knowing part of yourself, let go of so many negative feelings and free your Self.  The BodhiBed® can be a powerful tool in accelerating your spiritual development and expansion.

953_10152151596745475_412520507_nIt so gently and easily it helps you to Let Stress Go.  Letting go of stress is to let go of low vibrating energy levels of emotions you are carrying around all the time.  Emotions from experiences whether recent or far in the past.  All these must go.  The BodhiBed® is a way to easily raise your type of emotional experiences.  Life on Earth is a never ending chain of emotional experiences.  To take charge of what type of experiences you have / attract, it is essential to raise your own energy’s general rate.  Once low energy is dissolved and you focus on connecting and acting from Love, your life will dramatically change.  I have seen this many times over.

To accelerate your spiritual evolution you must, in addition, balance your karma.  Karma also plays a part in determining what experiences you have.  Acts of Kindness creates good karma, balances bad karma.  I love random acts of kindness.  A smile can work miracles.  Loving eye contact can create a positive chain of events you can never imagine how far it goes.

The Life of Buddha – A Short Tale

Buddha meditatingWe have all heard of the Buddha.  The man who was born Siddharta, a prince, destined to be a great spiritual leader, he lived 500 years before Master Jesus the bringer of the Christ Consciousness was born.  He was born heir to rule a wealthy kingdom in India.  During his childhood he never experienced or encountered anything his father considered negative – old age, death, illness, poverty etc.

He married, his wife had a child, and soon after he greatly desired to leave the walls of the Palace as see beyond.  His father engineered it so he would not encounter the real world outside.  However this did not go according to plan.  Siddharta soon saw an elderly person, a demented person, a person being punished for a crime and so on.  He was shaken and in disbelief.  He had witnessed and experienced suffering.

Shortly after, Siddharta left the Palace – he left in the middle of the night so no-one would stop him.  He wanted to understand suffering.  He travelled extensively and joined groups of monks, committing himself to understanding where suffering comes from, why it happens, and how to stop it.  After many years he had the realisation happiness comes from within ourselves.  If we let go, do not harbour negative feelings such as anger, fear, grief, shame, guilt etc, then we can walk around in love of life and joy of the experiences living on Earth presents.

Siddharta became the Buddha, and famously known as a sage, a man of great wisdom, a mentor in the approach in how to life life on Earth and not take on board negative behaviour and attitudes.  He taught how to behave in challenging situations, so you would not react in these negative ways.  He created the way of life that is Buddhist…which is not a religion, but a way of living.

Buddhist Monks Use Sound “Singing Bowls” to Clear their Own Energy

© 2012 Inner Tranquillity & Peace, singing bowlsBuddhist monks have used sound for centuries as an effective method of clearing their lower reactive emotions and behaviours.  Their “Singing Bowls” are constructed from particular metals, are handbeaten in a process that affects how the sound is produced, and the sound energy waves cut those lower negative energy lines, clearing them away, so the love vibration can once again be received, embodied and a state of loving calmness is their normal everyday living experience.

Sounds great !