Train Your Brain – Equal Whole Mind Usage

September 13, 2017

Image: EOSTraining Brainwaves – Very Powerful!

In my appointments I use cutting edge brainwave entrainment programs to assist training the brain – perfect for:

  • Raising brainwave patterning – the sound frequencies contained within incredible relaxing music not only takes your mind to the alpha state of relaxation for you, but shows your brain wave pattern how to operate optimally with improved brainwave speeds.
  • Delta Sleep programs – sounds frequencies within deeply relaxing music will take you to deep REM sleep and within a short hour you will awaken refreshed like after 8 hours sleep.
  •  Cut negative thinking – these sound frequencies built into “rain” music thin the neutron-pathways in our brain, and so allow more positive thoughts neutron-pathways to grow, utilising mantras, positive affirmations, meditation and visualisations.
  • Improved interpersonal communication, tolerance, objectivity, optimal solutions driven.
  • Increased happiness and enjoyment in the workplace.

Image: EOS

Image: EOS


When both sides of the brain are used at equal brainwave frequency rates, this then allows our brain to be used to its optimum.

It means that the best function of the right side of the brain to access the skills there such as:

  •  Creativity
  • Inspiration
  • out of the square brainwave ideas
  • Visionary ideas of where products/services can go in the future
  • New projects
  • Fun and enjoyment increased when engaged in more left side of the brain activities.

All this then merged with the skills from the left side of the brain for

  •  Implementation
  • Strategy
  • Planning and management
  • Calculating
  • Detail

Inner Tranquillity BrainWave Therapy

CEO’s Factor X!

Fun and Enjoyment! We get so much more satisfaction and joy from what we are doing when our brain is utilised more fully.

Take the time to invest in yourself.

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