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Transformational Energetic Healing is a dynamic Divine Light process that initiates a journey of inner change, taking you into the freedom of the amazing place that is You!

Freedom, Inner Peace, Deep Healing and Dynamic Light Frequency Upgrades

Welcome Beautiful Soul to my space of creating Freedom, Inner Peace, and Deep Healing.

We currently are on a planetary journey of ascension, raising our vibration from a 3rd dimensional frequency up into the 5th dimensional frequency. This is the frequency of Love, The Avatar of the Christ Consciousness and beyond. We need to stabilise this higher frequency within our Body, Mind and Soul.

This is called Ascension.

Because Humanity have the gift of Free Will, we are being asked if we want to choose to Ascend. To become more and more of who we truly are.

We are Light Beings of Divine Light. And our experiential time in the 3rd dimension on Earth is now coming to a close. We must choose if we wish to raise our vibration and ascend our energy and our physical body into the 5th dimensional frequency of Love and the Avatar Christ Consciousness.

This actually is a big deal. There is much we need to resolve, heal, neutralise and balance within ourselves to do this. We must undergo the journey of healing and completion at the 3rd dimensional level to be able to fully embody the 5th dimensional energies.

I am choosing to be here now and help you to make this journey. This is something I have been diligently doing since 2008 and understand many aspects of what we are required to do and have the techniques and channelling of Divine Light abilities to make this easier for you.

I now channel energies from the 5th dimension and higher. I can help you with your releasing the dense old energies, old matrixes, old paradigm ways of Being out of your energy field, and clear the cells in your physical body so full embodiment can take place of the higher state frequencies of being you need.

If you have been questioning:

  • Why am I here?
  • Why are all these things happening to me?
  • Why are all these things happening in the world?
  • What am I meant to do to help myself be rid of these painful things in my life?
  • What is Ascension and how do I do it?

All these questions (and more) I have answers for.

I typically work with:

  • Starseeds – connecting to your Mission
  • Lightworkers – expanding your energy field, activating you, initiations, soul retrieval, dimensional graduation, connecting you to and providing information / tuition / ability opening on your life purpose and service work.
  • People on their spiritual path – working on their energy field, expanding their energy field, raising their vibration, assisting with their ascension, awakening them to their life purpose.

If you would like to know more about any of these topics and questions, please feel free to contact me. I would love to hear from you and am here ready to help you in the best way that I can working together with the Divine Intelligence of the Light – our supreme helper and organiser! I am the vessel & the Divine Light is the Chief Manifester and Magician!

Book in – If you already feel the call to see me you can book in here.

What do I need? If you are feeling the call but not sure which service is right for you, please contact me and I will intuit/channel what you need first from our discussion.

Group work – If you’d like to come to my meditation groups or workshops, please go to the Events page.

Thank you for undertaking the journey of Ascension!

I look forward to meeting you and ascending together!


YOUR AURA! Find out the meaning of aura colours – “Your Aura” by Julia Smith.

Your Aura eBook – Buy here!
Price: $9.99 downloadable .pdf file.

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Gift Vouchers Available!

Give a heart-felt gift of healing & love – digital Gift Vouchers available,  you can choose the amount, or select a service. Email Julia – julia@juliasmith.com.au to order and arrange payment.

FREE gift on your first appointment!

As a thank you on your first booking, I am including one short Free Single Card Reading for Soul Life Purpose Coaching and Transformational Energetic Healing appts.


Lola – Theta Healer

My time with Julia was awesome. Laying there absorbing the sound frequencies and Julia attending to me intuitively with her essences oils and crystals, I felt the shackles fall away from my wrists and a sense of freedom and power to move forward. How easy was that. Thank you Julia . Your energy and integrity is amazing.

Henrietta – Spiritual Mentor

Julia is a master energy practitioner who works intuitively with cutting edge sound and colour technologies. My session with her was phenomenal, and I walked out pain free (I had gone to see her with an injury), calm and clear. Thank you Julia! X


Colour Rays as airborne energy waves are a powerful and penetrating way to raise your vibration. Receiving pure crisp Colour Rays are our body’s fuel; it’s chi energy of vitality and connecting to positive life experiences.  Our chakra’s show we are directly connected to colour as an energy, and pure unmuddied colour provides information, direction, health and wellbeing.

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Communication is a sound.  We are what we think.  We vibrate our tone of intent through what we say and how we say it.  Speaking the Language of Love is a powerful transformer to a higher vibration.  Choosing to listen to high vibration music and musical sound tones such as from crystal bowls trains your cells to vibrate at a high vibration and can unlock your personal talents from your Soul Essence.

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Light Energy

Everything is energy.  We can choose to move to living a faster speed of Light energy, by raising our vibration through dissolving dense darker energy and then replacing it with pure light energy. Transforming our slower darker energy into faster light energy connects us to greater health, Joyful Abundance, Freedom and Highest Potential Life Path through embodying Divine Light energy.

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Aura Photography Public Events

Available for different types of public events:

  • Mind Body Spirit Expos
  • Natural Living Festivals
  • Natural Therapy Events
  • Markets and Fairs
  • Themed Events
  • 1:1 Individual Aura Photography Sessions

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Transformational Energetic Healing

Truly unique and dynamically transformational – this gentle and nurturing experience leaves you feeling like you’ve had a deep sleep yet is power-packed with an emptying of large quantities of old pain-creating energy and replaced it with high speed divine energy.

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Soul Life Purpose Coaching

Soul Life Purpose Coaching is specifically designed to help you connect to your Life’s Purpose and Mission. The why you were born on Earth. Spiritual Coaching guides you step by step to connecting with your divine purpose – it is a process and an opening into understanding your Soul and what its focus is.

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