Welcome into this sanctuary of transformation, healing, and re‑discovering your True Self!

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Welcome into this sanctuary of transformation, healing, and re‑discovering your True Self!

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and get a free Self Love meditation

Transformational Energetic Healing is a deeply relaxing yet dynamic process and a beautiful unique experience that initiates a journey of inner change, taking you into the freedom of the amazing place that is You!

Hi and welcome!

I have dedicated my life to helping people create change within themselves, bringing in happiness, purpose, self-love and freedom within.

If lately you have been questioning ~ why is my life the way it is?  ~ why do I keep feeling the emotions from past events as if they were yesterday, how do I let them go?   ~ How do I move on from my broken heart?  ~ Perhaps you can feel there is more to your life but you just can’t seem to know what it is - then this is the place for you!

Through my powerful and unique process it will peel away the 'onion layers' that are keeping you bound in these old patterns  - recalibrating you into supportive belief systems and liberating you into feeling the freedom being your BEST YOU.


Many people who come to see me can immediately sense our connection.  This is your nudge, your knowing, it is time for you to come and we work together.

Can you feel this is right for you?!

Here you will find in this online sanctuary a lot of information on how the energy of Music and Musical Sound Notes and Colour Rays, teamed with energetic healing speak directly to the cells in your body and improve your life!

What are the top three ways that music therapy can reduce your anxiety and stress?

Experience the beautiful healing tones of music therapy 

My Tubular Crystal Harp is one of my corner-stone music therapy instruments.  This transformational celestial music is truly divine!

Love sign juliasmith

How to tell if music and colour therapy is right for you?

Music, musical sound notes and colour are an integral and fundamental aspect of all humans – if you love music you just may love this!  Anyone who can feel music as it floods through their body or feels how art or certain colours affect them can receive benefits from this process.

Over the almost 10 years I have been practicing I have seen many different types of people from all walks of life and age groups:  People who value high quality deeply relaxing unique experiences; Healers – assisting them with their own self care and opening their skills to the next level; Corporate Executives; Stressed people feeling hyper-emotional and overwhelmed; Children with ADHD and behavioural issues, or doing the HSC; People deeply committed to their spiritual path and looking to fast-track to the next level through transformation to the DNA cellular level, and people with specific health issues as they can customise their music for particular physical symptoms from the 61 musical sound notes I have.

Overall, people love working with me because they leave feeling wonderful - relaxed, free, peaceful and a renewed sense of Self and purpose.

If you can feel the attraction of all this, but would like to know more take a look at What to Expect.  Transformational Energetic Healing is my express appointment type which you can take a look at here or via Skype if you are not in Sydney.


FREE gift on your first appointment!

As a thank you to you on your first booking, I am including one free aura / chakra photo in your appointment.  This will give you the opportunity to see the energy aspect of you that we will be clearing out the old energy from. 

I am available either in person here in Northbridge or in North Sydney or via Skype – face to face or distance, both work very powerfully.  If you have any questions, please get in touch

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Visiting Sydney?

If you are coming to Sydney; exploring and enjoying all that this beautiful city has to offer, then The Ultimate Package is the perfect self-care opportunity, taking your trip from great to fantastic!  This relaxing, rejuvenating and recalibrating treatment is unique. Everyone loves it! Book your session now.

The Ultimate Package is 1.5hrs of receiving unique music, sound, colour and energy shifting that will make your visit to Sydney a highlight.  It truly is nothing like anything you have experienced – transporting you to an extreme place of relaxation, quiet mind, nurturing and receiving a complete energy shift that you will continue to receive the benefits from.

You can read all about what happens in The Ultimate Package and why it is a must-do during your trip to Sydney.


aura photography appt juliasmith web

Aura and Chakra Photography

I am one of Sydney’s leading Aura Photographer and interpreters.  This is fun, interesting and a great way to understand the importance of your aura plus receive a lot of information from an insightful discussion on how music, colour and energy all work and move in our body. Read more or book in your session today.


Gift Vouchers Available! 

You know someone this would be the perfect gift for?!  There are digital Gift Vouchers available.  You can choose to purchase the amount of a treatment, or nominate an amount and your lucky receiver can apply that amount to any service.

My approach



Colour Rays as airborne energy waves are a powerful and penetrating way to raise your vibration. Receiving pure crisp Colour Rays are our body’s fuel; it’s chi energy of vitality and connecting to positive life experiences.  Our chakra's show we are directly connected to colour as an energy, and pure unmuddied colour provides information, direction, health and wellbeing.


Communication is a sound.  We are what we think.  We vibrate our tone of intent through what we say and how we say it.  Speaking the Language of Love is a powerful transformer to a higher vibration.  Choosing to listen to high vibration music and musical sound tones trains your cells to vibrate at a high vibration and can unlock your personal talents from your Soul Essence.

Light Energy

Everything is energy.  We can choose to move to living a faster speed of Light energy, by raising our vibration through dissolving dense darker energy and then replacing it with pure light energy. Transforming our slower darker energy into faster light energy connects us to greater health, Joyful Abundance, Freedom and Highest Potential Life Path through embodying Divine Light energy.

My services


Aura and Chakra Photography

This is a fascinating 30 minutes exploring the invisible part of yourself – your auric energy field and your chakras.  Julia’s unique bio-feedback handplate scans your electro-magnetic energy field showing us beautiful colourful images of yourself in that moment.

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Transformational Energetic Healing

Truly unique and dynamically transformational - this gentle and nurturing experience leaves you feeling like you’ve had a deep sleep yet is power-packed with an emptying of large quantities of old pain-creating energy and replaced it with high speed divine energy – you will leave feeling totally different to when you arrived!

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The ultimate healing package

This package is for those really looking for a dramatic shift in their energy. The longer appointment allows the energy shift to gain momentum, more time for clearing and hands on healing which brings in the keys and codes for unlocking your DNA, unique gifts and abilities and for you to sink very deeply into that alpha state of meditation for revelations to occur.

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Client love

hands of light

Lola - Theta Healer

My time with Julia was awesome. Laying there absorbing the sound frequencies and Julia attending to me intuitively with her essences oils and crystals, I felt the shackles fall away from my wrists and a sense of freedom and power to move forward. How easy was that. Thank you Julia . Your energy and integrity is amazing.

Truth Light

Henrietta - Spiritual Mentor

Julia is a master energy practitioner who works intuitively with cutting edge sound and colour technologies. My session with her was phenomenal, and I walked out pain free (I had gone to see her with an injury), calm and clear. Thank you Julia! X