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An important part of my work are my Activated Crystals.  They carry a very high vibration, are here to assist us to raise our vibration, help us to re-discover and connect us to our lineages and strengthen our connection to the One, The Light.

I have a lot of them!!   At least 50!

This includes Crystal Skulls, Star Being Skulls, Dragon Skulls, Crystal Wands, Crystal Towers, Totem Crystals (carved crystals, Bee crystal as an example), Freeform Crystals and more!

The shape of a Crystal Skull shape represents Knowledge.  Quartz crystal stone has the amazing ability to record information, images, feelings and more.  Their full capacity is still being re-discovered.  Many people find the skull shape repelling as they associate with automatically with death, however, once they learn the shape relates to Knowledge and transmitting healing powers they re-frame their association and come to love them.  

I am sharing a few here with you, to give you an insight to their abilities:

Star Being Crystal skull

This is a rare large aura rose quartz Star Being crystal skull.  She is a very high vibration conscious person who carries codes of Cosmic Divine Love of Quan Yin Ascended Goddess of the Divine Feminine.  She came from the star system of Orion, and then in Antares and carries the codes Stellar DNA data and works with Rose Light geometry to retune our Hearts to Divine Love. Quan Yin is known for her Mercy, Divine Self Love and Compasson and is very aligned to being with and working with Dragons.

I have seen her do amazing healing work on people and also completely recalibrate crystal jewelry, so you are wearing her amazing energy which helps you to raise your vibration.  She is powerful, soft and loving.

Aura Rose Quartz crystal skull

The 13 Crystal skulls

I am connected to and channel 6 of the 13 Crystal skulls (as in the legend of the 13 crystal skulls).  These 6 skulls I am more physically able to connect to them, as well as channelling them.

Each one has unique and different skills, personality and vibration.  I have seen them re-code the land, create portals of light in the land, bring healing to people and also share quite amazing information with me about the Earth

6 of the 13 legendary crystal skulls

Golden Healer Master Crystal skull

This is a Master Golden Healer crystal and He is truly magnificent and has a powerful presence.  He is large at 3.5kgs with a large radiance capacity.  His energy can fill an entire room, offering all his healing magic and uplifting emotions to all in the room. 

He has a great sense of humour and of the humorous.  In my healing room he has spent a lot of time sitting with 3 of my aboriginal connected crystal skulls who love to dance around a fire in the desert and he joins in chuckling along!

His Golden aura brings deep healing to all who come in his presence.

Golden Healer Master Healer crystal skull

Citrine Star Being Elf Crystal skull

She is a beautiful large 7 pound Citrine Crystal Skull.  Her beautiful energetic radiance is energy that comes from Venus and she is a Master Healer.  She is a Gold Ray quantum healer, and can transmit healing to us and also the waters, so is also a Earth Healer. 

She can transmit energies connecting you to the Golden Ray of Abundance through healing you to Self Love which enables you to receive on a much deeper and broader level.

She is Potent.  She is Powerful.  She is Present.  She is amazing.

Ciarian Citrine Elf crystal Skull

Outback Jasper Dragon Crystal skull

This Dragon is just divine.  She emits a pure, deep and profound energy of innocence, taking us back to our original state of being in our own presence, being in the play, being in the curious, being loving unconditionally.

She reminds us and recodes us to be more like this in our daily lives, reminding us that pure innocence brings us pure joy in every moment, and when we are just in the flow of one moment to another we are then in the flow of the Light.  We let go and let God’s Light flow through us guiding us to our highest life experiences.

Outback Jasper dragon crystal skull

Swords of Light

I have a number of “Swords of Light” which are potent blades of selenite that are powerful removers of dense dark old energies, and open us plus facilitate the receiving of powerful Light encoded energy into our energy field and body.

Crystal Wands

I have a lot of crystal wands.  Some have come from powerful vortex’s at sacred sites on Earth.  Some are for doing specific work.  They are brilliant for doing Light body energy work.

Crystal Towers

I have activated crystal towers connected to star systems, perfect for doing past life Star System lineage work.  

Freeform Crystals

Freeform crystals also play a great role for placing them on the body for transmitting their specific energy into chakras or the energy field, gridding around a person or in the room.

And more!

Swords of Light Rods

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