Sciatica gone! Those Sciatica sound frequencies really work

I just wanted to write and say how amazed I was that after one treatment with you for sciatica, the majority of my sciatica was gone, and after two treatments it was gone altogether.  As you know the sciatica was bad and the pain ran all the way to my foot, so I’m really happy to be pain free in such a short time.  Those sciatica sound frequencies really did the job.  Thanks so much. Ian, I’m so glad the sciatica sound frequency did the job, and that you sciatica completely disappeared.  The negative emotional energy causing the sciatica was dissolved.  Great!  Julia 


Incredible music and vibrations

Mind Body Spirit day held in September 2011 . Some of the wonderful comments from the gorgeous Year 11 girls: “Absolutely amazing ! Incredible how the music and vibrations affect you”     Pippa, 17 “Very relaxing and totally amazing !! The vibrations and music were soothing and the smells of the oils completely relaxing!  Thank you.”        Jessica, 16 “Great experience. Very relaxing. Loved it.”      Ashley, 17 “Never experienced anything like it! It was incredibly relaxing and enjoyed it very much.”       Sophie, 16 “So nice and relaxing. I was in another world.”        Lily, 16 “Provided a lot of clarity, very relaxing.!”      Lauren, 17

Pymble Ladies College

Profound clarity and strength while dealing with chemotherapy

Late July 2009 I was diagnosed with a malignant breast tumour, and after two bouts of surgery to remove all traces of the cancerous cells; I embarked on my chemotherapy journey, involving six sessions every three weeks, over a period of three months… For those of you who have not experienced this particular kind of hell, it can best be described as a rollercoaster ride into the deepest, darkest pit.  When the black fog descends each time, you are totally at its mercy, body, mind and spirit.  There’s no respite from the extreme nausea, muscle spasms and raging temperatures, and when you come out the other side you are as weak as a newborn.  Mentally you are taken into the bleakest, desperate depths where just to hold on to your sanity is a struggle. I was offered the unique opportunity to follow each chemo treatment with a session of Vibrational Massage Sound Therapy and to continue weekly during my three-month ordeal.  This treatment involves lying on a sound bed with a set of head phones that emit vibrational sound waves in a combination of Brain Wave Massage and Vibrational Massage Sound Therapy – assisting in both brain and body rejuvenation.   The vibrations that pulsed through my body helped to remove the symptoms of stress, easing the tension I was holding that was caused by the chemo treatment and its side effects. Lying down and experiencing the soothing, pulsing vibrations after the onset of a chemo treatment helped to settle and calm me.  There was a sense of the energy moving through and supporting the process I was about to endure. A week later, still shaky and weak from the effects of the chemo treatment a further sound therapy session saw an unbelievable spike in my energy levels.  I left each time with clarity and strength so profound that I am able to start functioning in my usual way. I then continued with a third sound therapy session a week before my next chemo treatment, where I am stronger and healthier physically, but the trepidation of going back in to that dark place is huge.  The benefits of this therapy are so far reaching and I emerged empowered, braver and more resilient mentally and physically to face the next challenge. I cannot praise the benefits of this therapy enough, it reaches you on all levels: physically, mentally and emotionally.  It brings clarity of thought, renewed energy and vitality and above all an absolute conviction that it is assisting the body to heal itself.  I found the treatment sessions to be a time out period, just for me, when I could reflect on the process I was going though, assisting me in my belief in myself and in my ability to heal.

Sara Heath

Relaxed calm and focussed

I began the Consciousness Program in April this year after a spell of stress, fatigue and general lack of focus hoping to bring some new energy and clarity to my life. I have found the program to be very beneficial to my well-being and this program has actually enhanced my life in many ways. Having been so fatigued for so long, I wondered if I would feel normal again and once I started the program, I found after every session my vitality, energy and lightness of being increased each week. I experienced an increase in clarity of thought and space in my head, which in turn made way for new thoughts, as the old destructive thought patterns just melted away. I am more positive about myself and about my future. In conjunction with my specialist’s advice, a dietician, and a strict exercise program, I have been able to reclaim my old vigour and lust for life and now lead a very active and physical existence. I feel calm, positive and relaxed and able to deal with the stresses of life easily. The program has also helped in my working life where I have more clear space in my head to really delve deeper in my clients’ projects with a new view on solving their problems and being more focused. I would strongly recommend this to anyone who enjoys feeling relaxed, calm and energised. I would also highly recommend anyone who have found the stresses of every day life, and/or have had some ill health to try this and experience the power of Sound Therapy! It’s wonderful!!

Client has Chosen to Have Name Withheld

The light at the end of a very dark tunnel

Julia, I wanted to thank you for all the treatments and to let you know that I believe they were very influential in helping me return to some sort of sanity! As you know I was experiencing great anxiety about my teeth having had terrible nerve damage through implants inserted where there was so little bone tissue. Anyway, what with the ability to switch off monkey mind with sound therapy, and discovering a better dentist who has helped me get my teeth better aligned, I feel that light is at the end of what has been a very dark tunnel for far too long. I will arrange another session with you and pick up my oil at the same time. Perhaps you can get back to me soon. Thanks again.

Client has Chosen to Have Name Withheld

Allowed me to really relax in a way I have not experienced before

I was fortunate to experience the Inner Tranquillity & Peace Consciousness Program, that Julia offers, for a period of 1 month. During that time period I had just arrived back from an International Sporting event where I was consulting as a Performance Coach, was running a small business with four staff, studying for 2 major exams which I had to travel to in two interstate cities to sit for, and also preparing my presentation for an international conference at which I was a Guest Speaker. In that time I was able to see the benefits the program gave to me.  These included allowing me to really relax in a way I have not experienced before, reducing my active mind, and giving me more awareness in my day to day activities, resulting in giving me more productivity without the stress to accomplish much more in my day. Julia conducted effective benchmarking throughout the Program, which allowed me to validate how productive her program really was.

Client has Chosen to Have Name Withheld

Deep relaxation and nurturing

I absolutely loved Julia’s vibrational sound therapy!  It came at a time when I was so in need of deep relaxation and some nurturing due to various stressful life situations going on around me. Julia’s loving & caring approach immediately put me in a safe and comfortable mood even though I did not really know what my experience was going to be like. The ambience created was perfect with the soothing vibrational sounds coming through the earphones whilst I deeply relaxed on the massage table, as the sensations subtely but profoundly moved through my whole body. Ironically as I initially lay myself onto the table, the heavens outside opened up and the most amazing storm was taking place and all this coincided with my relaxation experience and added to the ambience. It was the first time in ages that I had felt so deeply relaxed and I didn’t even hear Julia re-enter the room but suddenly this delicious aroma wafted over me and through the air adding an extra dimension to my experience. I would highly recommend Julia’s sound therapy, as afterwards I felt like a different person, much more relaxed, as if I had released years of tension as if I had been on a short holiday. Julia’s caring and compassionate nature and her ability to intuitively tune into people makes this treatment unique and special.

Client has Chosen to Have Name Withheld

A wonderful sense of calm and clarity

Feeling so chilled after amazing Sound Massage session with Julia Smith of Inner Tranquillity & Peace on the northern beaches. Very powerful.  I felt a wonderful sense of calm and clarity descend upon me.  I also noticed I felt more spatially aware which was a really interesting feeling.  I would love to have this in my own home and use it every night as it would be so blissful to drift off to sleep after a session each night on it.  Check it out, highly recommend it.

Client has Chosen to Have Name Withheld

Profound inner peace, beyond mind

I highly recommend having a session with Julia Smith, and the amazing BodhiBed. I have had several sessions, and each time my body has received a deep state of relaxation. On the BodhiBed, I experienced profound inner peace, beyond mind, where I was transported to an expanded state of awareness. When I came back, I felt deep peace through out my body. I felt lighter, relaxed and rejuvenated, there was no stress or care, just a lovely state of calm presence. I felt totally relaxed and cared for in Julia’s loving and competent hands, and if you are feeling tied, anxious or out of sorts in anyway, the BodhiBed is a natural way to heal, energize, uplift and balance your energy. Well worth the time and money.

Client has Chosen to Have Name Withheld

Clear and centred

Dear Julia, as you know I have had a sustained period of emotional stress and grief after loosing two of the closest women in my life. Anna my best friend and my beloved mom. Thank you for suggesting I have a sound, vibration and colour healing session with you. After my relaxing treatment with you I feel so much better. I can see more clearly now. The fog has lifted from my being. I even have more energy now. My body so needed the pamper and the time out. I loved the combination of colour, sound and vibration as well as your suggested intentions The healing began as I entered your peaceful space. Then the gentle words of spiritual guidance from you, before the treatment, set the tone. On the table it all started to happen. Thank you for suggesting I stop on my way home and sit on a bench and just let the healing settle and write down my guidance that comes through. I did that. I then drove 7 hours home to the mid north coast in a very clear and centered space instead of being all over the place with my emotions buried deep within. I was able to allow the tears out freely as the emotions cleared. Take care my darling.

Client has Chosen to Have Name Withheld

Very, very deep state of relaxation

My experience of the Bodhi Bed was brilliant. I went into a very very deep state of relaxation and I know that my mind and my body really benefited from being able to completely let go and rest. Julia’s welcoming and caring approach to the session allowed me to feel comfortable and at ease and relaxed. I definitely recommend the BodhiBed as a part of any complimentary health process. The oil essences I bought from Julia are also very powerful. I have been using “Self Love” and “Let Go(d).”

Client has Chosen to Have Name Withheld

Deep blissful state of calm

I found that the vibrational sound therapy was so simple and straight forward.  I climbed upon the bed rested my head and almost instantly was gently guided into a deep blissful state of calm. Having been a teacher of meditation and relaxation I can easily see this technique would be ideal for those who want to relax, experience calm, need to rest and in some cases are suffering from anxiety and a restless mind. it could also assist those who wish to take on a personal practice of meditation, as well. Personally I loved the feeling of the vibrational sound therapy – I was almost instantly transported away from my busy life into a state of silence and after my hour on Julia’s sound therapy, my day was wonderful and blissful. I enjoyed the vibration in the bed and the sounds that I heard before I fully relaxed were soothing and enjoyable. This is a great tool in the practice of relaxation and meditation and I recommend it highly.

Client has Chosen to Have Name Withheld

The BodhiBed was brilliant

My experience of the BodhiBed was brilliant. I went into a very very deep state of relaxation and I know that my mind and my body really benefited from being able to completely let go and rest. Julia’s welcoming and caring approach to the session allowed me to feel comfortable and at ease and relaxed. I definitely recommend the Bodhi Bed as a part of any complimentary health process. The oil essences I bought from Julia are also very powerful. I have been using “Self Love” and “Let Go(d).”

Client has Chosen to Have Name Withheld

Great tool for self-awareness!

Julia’s caring presence and knowledge create a very safe environment for this process. She is a natural at holding space for her clients to allow their process to unfold. This is a great tool for self awareness. I had my sessions while going through a major personal transition, and found this to be an excellent platform to deliberately and consciously view and set a new foundation. It highlighted for me areas of life that needed care while also bringing awareness to those that were strengthening easily.  When you’re ready, the tools and support do appear and this was a major one for me. I will be recommending her work to my clients and friends.

Client has Chosen to Have Name Withheld

Well-being, joy, peace & love

I have been interested in experiencing different levels of consciousness for some time. I have both formerly studied and practiced different relaxation, psychology and energy methods that would induce altered states of mind achieving experiences of well-being, joy, peace and love. In working with Julia and using the BodhiBed programs I experienced programs that facilitated inspirational, as well as total relaxation states. I found that with each specific program the vibrational energy, the music and the recommended crystal and aroma supplements enhanced my intended states. Certain programs facilitated clear intentions and visualizations that empowered me in setting goals, paths and experiencing the accomplishments. Other programs quickly brought me into deeply enhanced states of relaxation, mindfulness and meditation. I found the vibrational energy fields created through the programs were tranquil and peaceful on physical, emotional and mental levels, and enhanced pathways to higher spiritual connections. Julia also supplemented the BodhiBed program with visual representations of my aura. The pre-session aura photography was interesting as a stand-alone tool, as it offered me a clear visual guide to the energy fields that surrounds me. It was amazing to see my personality and health energy so clearly depicted, and how different it was to aura photos I had seen of other people. It gave me a clear understanding about my personal strengths and characteristics. It also clearly depicted the state and openness of my chakras, which confirmed my own senses in this area. Following the BodhiBed program, Julia again photographed my aura. It was very interesting to see the changes in my aura, which had moved from a two colour yellow-orange representation to a uniform golden-orange energy field. The aura photo confirmed the changes in my enhanced physical and mental states that I felt. I found the aura photography to be a very interesting and informative tool when used on its own, and a great supplementary tool with the BodhiBed program in depicting the enhanced energy field.

Client has Chosen to Have Name Withheld

Refreshed & relaxed

When I arrived I was feeling pretty tired with low energy and an ongoing sore throat that I’d had for about 2 weeks. After a session on Julia’s BodhiBed, I felt refreshed and relaxed but most importantly my throat felt completely relieved.  It was such a stark contrast to how I felt before the treatment. I felt like I’d had a nice deep sleep for 8 hours and my throat felt so good. 24 hours later – I’m just wanting to let you know that after the session yesterday, I’m still feeling really good. My throat feels so much better, almost completely back to normal. One week later – My throat still at the same place as after session which I think is pretty amazing to have such a healing effect after one BodhiBed session.

Client has Chosen to Have Name Withheld

What an amazing experience

In the last fortnight I have had two forty minute sessions on the BodhiBed for Sound Massage. What an amazing experience, made even more profound with aura photos taken before and after the sessions allowing me to see the energetic difference. In the first session I felt discomfort/disharmony in my sacral chakra/navel area.  What I felt was the sound was trying to harmonise this discomfort.  The following week it was a completely different experience – very relaxing.  The change from week to week showed in the photography too.  I was more balanced even before the session.   I would highly recommend experiencing the effects of the sound bed for yourself.

Client has Chosen to Have Name Withheld

Renewed, energised and refreshed

I recently had a session with Julia, after a particularly busy time I felt I needed a balance and re-charge. I received this and more! I feel what Julia offers is so encompassing on all levels and to have the photographs to take home is such a wonderful reminder of the healing that took place. My busy mind took a holiday, I just could not think while experiencing the sounds, vibrations and scents and I felt renewed, energised and refreshed after the session and this has allowed me to become clear again.

Client has Chosen to Have Name Withheld

Beautiful experience, very nurturing and calming

Dear Julia, I want to thank you for the sound massage you gave me.  It was a beautiful experience, very nurturing and calming and I felt very safe and able to stretch out my etheric field, which felt a relief and also very liberating. I felt like every cell in my body was being relaxed- quite a remarkable and very nourishing feeling. I loved all the oils and scents; they smelt gorgeous and took me to another level and your touch was very soothing and non-invasive. It was a wonderful space to set intentions and I felt very uplifted and more attuned to a finer frequency when I left. Thanks for your advice re grounding in the park.   I took a stroll down the road to that park and was delighted to find a beautiful little garden next door full of devas.  The park was great as it wasn’t until I took my shoes off and connected with some of the trees that I realized how high my frequency had been raised and how much I needed to ground! Although I was still recovering from that flu I had for the next couple of days, it was really interesting to feel a deep state of peace physically which I feel helped me to recover much faster than normal. I still feel very calm and I’m very happy that the level of relaxation I gained through the sound massage has been integrated on a physical level. I love the auric photography and the before and after shots; being able to see the shifts that the sound massage created.  I’m keen to try the self-love oil so will pick that up from you in the next couple of weeks.  You have such a beautiful space there, Julia, and I will highly recommend the sound massage to other people. I’ve already raved about it to Sarah, so don’t be surprised if you receive a call from her sometime soon!

Client has Chosen to Have Name Withheld

The perfect sound frequency

Thank you again for a wonderful session. I really felt a deep level of peace and relaxation both during the session and afterwards. As I mentioned to you at the time, the pelvic floor frequency seemed to hit the spot for me. The frequency felt incredibly soothing and nourishing at a very deep level. I felt like there was a foundation being laid; something being re-established that I had lost connection with a long time ago.  What I have noticed which I feel marks a huge shift as a consequence of that is that I am feeling stronger and a new level of confidence both with the business and at school.  I have been very effective in the last few days since I saw you. It may seem like a small thing but being on the inside of the experience, it’s a quantam one for me! (There’s that word but it seems the most appropriate one to use in this case). I feel like everything is flowing better and I am able to go with the flow. I haven’t started the bottle yet but will get that in a couple of days. Much gratitude to you Julia and I am more than happy for you to come for a session once you get back from your holida


Highly beneficial and relaxing

Julia has created a fresh relaxing ambience in her treatment room. Immediately I felt comfortable.  It’s just like listening to wonderful music and relaxing but you know it’s healing.  I found it highly beneficial.

Client has Chosen to Have Name Withheld

Balance & recharge

I recently had a session with Julia, after a particularly busy time I felt I needed a balance and re-charge. I received this and more! I feel what Julia offers is so encompassing on all levels and to have the photographs to take home is such a wonderful reminder of the healing that took place. My busy mind took a holiday, I just could not think while experiencing the sounds, vibrations and scents and I felt renewed, energised and refreshed after the session and this has allowed me to become clear again. Thank you.

Client has Chosen to Have Name Withheld

A shift in my trauma! Husband and wife energy work together

I had an amazing session with Julia back in 2013 & the shift that occurred directly after the session was so profound, I could hardly believe it myself, when I explained this to my husband he said “book me in” and he came to see Julia the very next day and also had an awesome session with her. We both loved how relaxed we felt after being on the Bodhi bed & the essences that Julia uses enhance the whole experience.  Having the before & after shots of the aura is fantastic and a great way to see what has shifted in your energy field.   I have since had another two sessions since my very first one & still cannot believe how quickly the energy manifests on what I am working through at that particular time.  I highly recommend seeing Julia & experiencing this amazing healing energy modality. Kind regards, Kerri Kerri, we had a very powerful time together today, and you’re arrival here for an appointment was so synchronistic it is apparent you were totaly guided to be here.  There was a big shift in your energy that broke many lines of negative energy, freeing up much within you.  Such a powerful moment!  Julia


Thank you so much!

Hi Julia, thanks very much for the photos and the wonderful treatment today.  You confirmed many things I had been feeling/thinking… I must trust myself more!  I look forward to seeing you again.  Lauren. Lauren, I’m so happy you received such invaluable insights and confirmations.  Sometimes that is exactly what we need to confidently move forward.  Julia


Julia Smith recently provided personalized Aura Photography for over 70 guests at our private event

Julia Smith recently provided personalized Aura Photography for over 70 guests at our private event, this is no small feat and her professionalism, kindness and intuitive nature was such a blessing for our huge but wonderful celebration. All the guests were absolutely thrilled and in awe of the unique experience and it certainly was a highlight of the event. I would not hesitate to recommend Julia enough for any private event, no matter how big or small. The aura photography experience was fantastic, and a hit with men and women of all ages. Thank Julia for your hard work, reliability and commitment to the event and for creating such a smooth and memorable experience – Thank you!

Jasmine Christie

I felt shackles fall away and freedom come in

My time with Julia was awesome. Laying there absorbing the sound frequencies and Julia attending to me intuitively with her essences oils and crystals, I felt the shackles fall away from my wrists and a sense of freedom and power to move forward. How easy was that. Thank you Julia . Your energy and integrity is amazing.  Lola. Lola, it was a profound appointment today, and the powerful energy assisted the breaking down of inner blocks on many levels.  Julia


Her work is incredibly powerful, healing and activating

I have had quite a few energy, sound and colour healing sessions with Julia over the years. Not only does Julia have a beautiful presence, her work is incredibly powerful, healing and activating, which has helped me connect in at a deeper level for my own work. I always feel very safe with her and allow what needs to come forth. I highly recommend having a session with her.

Jason Snaddon

I feel lighter & more at peace

Julia is a wonderful healer, teacher and coach and I want to thank her for her courage, integrity & giving spirit. I have seen her over the last 3 to 4 years and feel totally safe working with her & sharing inner stuff that is challenging. She has a wide toolkit including her intuition and an ability to hone into the heart of a problem. Julia’s sessions are very powerful & she has helped me to remove blocks & negativity in my life. I feel lighter & more at peace and am so grateful to have found this wonderful lady. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Janet Hugh

You are a Gifted Healer – I had a profound awakening

Julia, I wanted to thank you for the lovely hands on healing session that I had with you on the 28th of January 2016. I loved all the different oils & sprays that you used on me. You have magic hands & when you placed your hands on my body, I could feel the energy shifting. When I got off the healing bed I felt extremely lighter & knew that something had shifted within me. That something came to me the following down & it was a very profound awareness around an issue I had been working on for some time. I absolutely love your healing sessions you are a very gifted spiritual healer.   Much love Kerri


Supported me in the realisation of my project

Julia gave me a beautiful and accurate session which profoundly supported me in the realisation of my project. Thank you Julia.

Ghislaine Bouskila

Feel really blessed

Julia was amazing so informative. We had so much fun having our Aura photographed we really recommend you have it done. Feel really blessed thank you Julia ?

Debra Gilmore

She helped me to discover my life purpose

I am very grateful to receive Julia’s service. She not only helped me to discover my life purpose but also shower the amazing healing energy. I even feel my skin was much better after the end of each session, seems there are a lot of stuff have been cleansed.

Julia has a big heart, very loving, intuitive and compassionate. I feel safe in her hands. Her healing sessions are very powerful, immediately I feel the energy from the beginning and the journey is truly amazing. Julia is the best. Anyone who has the chance to connect with her is very fortunate and blessed. Highly recommend!

I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you Julia for being such wonderful support! Truly thankful.


It is worth to visit her

I have done my aura photography with Julia. She explained the result very detailed. She is nice and amazing person.

If you guys are curious about the colour of your aura, it is worth to visit her.

Thank you Julia

Norma Juwita

Kids perspective on Sound and Colour Therapy

Before the Music Therapy with Colour Therapy and meditation I felt hot and dirty and sweaty.  After the Therapy I liked the Pink Spray because it smelt like love, strawberries and cream. I did not like the Yellow Spray because it smelt like chinese bitter medicine.  I feel calm now – Jonathan. Jonathon,  you have a ability to notice your feelings and how it is feeling in your body; this is a real gift.  Well done!  Julia


Her healing was unlike any other I’ve experienced and I felt

Julia was so fantastic! I loved her healing and her inspiring energy. Her healing was unlike any other I’ve experienced and I felt the effects, almost like an “upgrade” of sorts! ?


The session was insightful and empowering

What a great experience! I was running later than expected and Julia was more than understanding, instantly put me at ease when i arrived. The session was insightful and empowering. I would highly recommend anyone who is doing some soul searching or even just have a curiosity about the whole thing… Try it out! It’s definitely answered alot of questions for me personally! ?

Carly Stewart

Very knowledgeable and intuitive to what you need

I’ve seen Julia for three Energetic Healing sessions so far and she is amazing, lovely to talk with, very knowledgeable and intuitive to what you need. Just the kind of healing I’ve needed to feel myself again while raising a young family. I feel transformed when leaving Julia each time and my life is better for having her in it.

Vicki Green

Profound healing and shift

Thank you Julia for such a wonderful sound experience on your Bodhi bed. As soon as the soothing sounds filled my head I felt relaxed and totally in surrender to the experience. I was transported to many different places and also I experienced a moment of clarity with letting go of my worries about my daughter. I could hear the words Trust Trust and I knew the Divine was guiding me through a wonderful, clearing journey to joy and happiness. A week later and I still feel such joy and confidence and I thank Julia so much for her gift. Thank you! Diane, what a wonder experience you had, and so much confirmation of the changes you were having.  It was truly a Divine experience!  Julia


The stress has shifted

Hi Julia.  Thanks for the pics. Yes, it was a powerful session on Wednesday. I’ve been feeling great! In my meditation class that evening I had a much deeper meditation and have been sleeping so well since then. I feel really relaxed and my lower rib area (solar plexus) feels amazing, it’s usually tight and holds on when breathing or stressed and it feels so different and “loose” – there has been a real shift there. Thank you so much for your time and healing. Love the pics and great to have them by email to keep and store (I’ve kept the printed ones but am more organised on the computer & easier to find).  With love.  Janet H xxx Janet, It was a very good appointment with so much energy shifting that you are really feeling and noticing the difference in different ways!  Julia

Janet H

Tinnitus / ear buzzing has gone!

Hi Julia,  Your Sacred Pilgrimage to Israel trip sounds fascinating. I love how it has been presented. Please keep me posted. My ear has stopped buzzing, which is such a relief, I’m grateful you re-balanced them for me.  Thanks again,  Vanessa L Vanessa, yes my Earth energy work is so exciting!  I will keep you posted.  The buzzing in your ear was very specific work we did and I’m so glad it was dissolved.  What a relief!  Julia

Vanessa L

Fascinating, encouraging and able to move forward

Julia possesses a rare gift. Her insights are both fascinating and encouraging. She has enabled me to move forwards enormously. Judi Judi, our appointments are always so enlightening, insightful and fun!  You are seeing the benefits of regular visits!  Julia


Incredible Master Energy Healer

Julia is a master energy practitioner who works intuitively with cutting edge sound and colour technologies. My session with her was phenomenal, and I walked out pain free (I had gone to see her with an injury), calm and clear. Thank you Julia! X Henrietta, I’m so happy you left in such relief of the pain you were experiencing.  Of course, we know the healing was on a number of levels!  Julia


Stuck, blocked feeling gone and motivated to pursue my projects

Hi Julia,  I slept really well last night. I noticed in pilates today my muscles seemed very sore particularly those from the waist down. I went to the beach after and had a swim and relaxed in the sun. I feel rejuvenated and energized since our session and really motivated to get on with some projects. The blocks that I thought were preventing me from progressing with my projects are not there now and I feel really eager to get everything moving. The being ‘stuck’ feeling has gone and I feel really happy with myself and life ????  Gail Gail, this was a huge appointment with a big shift in your energy, so blocks within were completely dissolved!  Brilliant!  Julia


Great cancer treatment support and healing energy

The first time I saw Julia it was  because I was intrigued with her sound therapy and how it could impact one’s health. I felt refreshed and so together after her first session. The next time I went was post radiation after breast surgery. I really felt out of whack and so tired. The colours of green and pink for healing swirled around me and I could feel the calmness and peace of healing.   At the end I felt a strong connection to the Christ and a vision of red flowing through and around me.  I felt so supported and loved and it was such a wonderful experience. I knew I was on the path to complete health. Di, you have been on such a big journey and been so committed to healing yourself on all levels.  Julia


Shift in pain and amazing change in aura colours

I had a wonderful session with Julia today, the session commenced with the Aura photo & as always my aura was a lovely shade of orange, my sacral chakra & throat Chakra were very small in comparison to the other chakras.  Julia sat me in a chair & did some Chakra clearing on me & I could feel her lovely light energy tuning in & clearing my chakras.  After the chakra clearing I had an amazing sound balance, I was able to relax into a state of deep relaxation while this was occurring Julia worked on my energy field with her swords of light. For the last 15 years I have been suffering with chronic pain in my left leg & hip.  When Julia was working on this area, I had a flash back to a time long ago, we put this down to a past life & I could see myself on the battlefield with a sword being penetrated into my left hip.  Julia coached me to breathe throughout the session & when the session had finished I felt a great sense of relief.  I felt like a very powerful shift had taken place.  Another Aura photo was taken & this time my aura was orange & gold.  All of the chakras had enlarged & were all in perfect alignment.  I left the session feeling extremely lighter, calm, relaxed with a sense of deep peace.    Kerri, This was a huge appointment with a major past life’s negative energy being released.  Brilliant work, opening more space within for higher vibration energy to take it’s place!  Julia


Deep mind rest from high school pressures

I thought it was a great experience as it deeply engaged my subconscious and gave me the relaxation that I have craved – Austin. Austin, it was a pleasure to work with you, and I love how you engaged with helping yourself by coming for an appointment and receiving the benefits of calm, which is countering the stress of school pressures.  Julia


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