Ascension Is Important? Why?

Why is Ascension Important?

Ascension is a process of learning who you truly are.  Very important!

The Truth is:  You are a Being of Light.  You are a fractal spark part of the Light of God – hence the term “you are made in the image of the Light of God”.

When you have embodied into every cell in your physical body the radiance of the Christed Light, the Golden Light of the Christ Consciousness, and are radiating this Light all around you, you have ascended into the Avatar 5th dimensional Lightbody as a Being of Light. 

All of humanity are now at a choice point if they would like to ascend out of the current 3rd dimensional carbon based body, into the silicone crystalline radiant body.  The knowledge, teachers, practices, techniques and the Will of the Light of God are now available making it accessible.  The Company of Heaven of ArchAngels, Angels, Master Guides all of The Light (from 5th dimension and above) are here wanting to help us in our journey upwards!  In prayer, please ask them!  You MUST ask.  They cannot help you without your asking and your permission to help you.

Golden Christed Divine Feminine Woman
Golden Christed Divine Feminine Woman

What is Ascension? 

Ascension is a process of gradually understanding what this means, how it works, what to do, what abilities emerge, and how to live Being this way.  

When we incarnate on 3rd dimensional Earth as a human being we are enrolling into the Earth School of Hard Knocks.  The 3rd dimensional is an opportunity to experience low frequency emotions, thoughts and events.  It offers the full spectrum of experiences from Pain to Pleasure.  It is a very tough place, very painful.  Your Soul chose to come here for all the pain and pleasure experiences you have had and are still having.

This is why Ascension is so IMPORTANT.  Ascension is our ticket out of this arena of pain, and journey up into more joy, more love, more consideration, more goodness.

When our Soul decides it is ready to begin working towards Graduating from the 3D Earth School it sends out the vibrations to call in the teachers, signs, practices, meditations, products and tools for you to start your journey of RAISING YOUR VIBRATION.

To learn how to raise your vibration I am here to help with this, to help you on your journey of ASCENSION.  Ascending your vibration out of the 3rd dimension frequency bandwidth into the Light of the 5th dimension and above (yes there are higher dimensions!).

Ascended Radiant Being of Light
Ascended Radiant Being of Light

Terms of Ascension you need to be familiar with 

My work is involved in all of these:

Galactic Light Beings:  Angelic Realm, Star Beings of Light, Star Family of Light, Star Systems, Guides, Ascended Masters, ArchAngels, Elohim Creators of the Light, 

Reincarnation:  Past Lives on Earth, Galactic Stary System Past Lives, 

Lineage:  Your Earth DNA Ancestors, Your Star System Energetic Lineage

Mastery:  Self Mastery of your 4 bodies – emotional, mind, physical body, spiritual energy body.  Star System Lineage Masteries

Karma:  Dark Past Lives must be balanced back to neutral or into the Light

Trinity:  Divine Feminine, Divine Masculine, Divine Child.  Three fold flame Blue, Pink, Yellow

Meditation styles:  Guided journeys, Guided activations, Guided embodiments.

Central Suns:  Link Hubs stepping stones to Divine Source Light of God

Breathwork:  Light radiance, grounding, expansion of energy field.

Christed light of Mother Earth:  Mother Nature, Ascended Mother Earth to 5th dimension

Light Cities:  Inner Earth Light Beings, Inner Earth Light Cities, Cities full up with Light Beings

Aura:  Energy Field, Light body, chakras, prana, chi, meridian lines (spiritual veins)

Shaman:  Shamanic, upper 4th Dimensional Natural World Shaman, Galactic Shaman

Spiritual Practice:  what you consume, how you connect to The Light, Deep Listening, Intention, Just Being, Spiritual Self Mastery lifestyle +++++++. 

Angel of Rainbow Spectrum of Light
Angel of Rainbow Spectrum of Light
Blue Ray Angel
7 major chakras of a human being
7 major chakras of a human being
Pleiadies Star System also known as the 7 Sisters (also in Australian Aboriginal Lore)

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