Powerful aura products available to help you clear energy blocks and raise your vibration.

If you need any help choosing what is best for you and your energy, or how to use them, please feel free to contact Julia at or 0404 619 148.

Your Aura” eBook


Written by Julia Smith, an expert in aura readings, aura maintenance, aura clearing/healing/repairing/upgrades and activations, this ebook gives the meaning of aura colours with colour aura photos.

If you’re interested to learn more about auras and the colours meaning this book will give you insights.

The “Your Aura” ebook comes free with every aura photography/aura reading appointment.

If you would like an aura photography appointment you can book in here.

Price: $9.99 downloadable .pdf file.

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Soul Colour Energy Sprays

50ml:  $65

Postage Only: $15 within Australia

The range of 14 Soul Colour Ray Energy Sprays are created by Colour Expert Narelle Green  They are created in an environment of sacred ceremony and infused with high energies coming in at the time.

There are the seven main chakra colours, and a balancing colour for each of them; so the 7 main chakra colours can be used in harmonising pairs.  The energy balancing pairs in the set are:

  • Red / Emerald
  • Orange / Blue
  • Yellow / Violet
  • Green / Pink
  • Indigo / Gold
  • Olive / Magenta
  • Peach / Aqua

Each time you spray a colour into your energy field you are infusing that colour ray into your energy.  The sprays carry a high vibration and so are very cleansing and bring in the highest aspect of that colour so it is like fuel for your aura and body.

These sprays are fantastic in helping you move through challenging emotional releases from your energy field as quickly as possible, and shift you to that colour’s highest frequency in your energy field and then reflected in raising the quality of your life experiences.  Julia highly recommends using these sprays daily as part of your aura maintenance and upgrade program.

Here is a free information sheet giving a brief description of what each colour brings into your body.

Here is a free information sheet giving instructions on how to use these uplifting sprays.

Kali Ma Sacred Rosary Necklace


These beautiful Swarovksi crystal sacred necklaces are lovingly handmade and are high frequency 5th dimensional energy transmitter and activator, each one is blessed in a sacred ceremony which brings in beautiful light beings that help you in your spiritual journey.

The sacred crystal Kali Ma necklace is created to break old lower energies and lower vibration matrixes in your energy, raise your vibration, strengthen your energy, increase protection, and helps you connect to your guides more easily.

The Kali Ma is based on the feminine sacred number of 108 as is the Rosary.

These are especially useful to wear while you are at work, for protection and to keep you aligned in your higher energy.

Here is a free information sheet on the Kali Ma.

Alchemical Essential Oils

35ml:  $        Oils currently available:  OUT OF STOCK

Postage within Australia: $15

Made from the highest medicinal therapeutic grade pure organic plant oils.

These oils have an alchemical impact on your aura, energy and cells in your body.  The fragrance is incredible and impacts your emotional centre, helping to break down blocks.  Highly recommended.

Here is a free Affirmations sheet for each of these powerful oils, to include empowering your mind with a positive mantra as you recalibrate your emotions, physical cells and energy.

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