Terms and Conditions

Booking in  

It is your responsibility as the Client to communicate clearly your booking time, date and service and to check your booking notification correctly states this information.  If there is an issue with the booking it is your responsibility to contact Julia to make any necessary changes.  It is your responsibility to correctly note in your calendar the date, time, service, address and directions to arrive to your appointment on time.

No shows and arriving at the incorrect time may incur a penalty.

No walk-ins – booking in is essential.  Please phone Julia on 0404 619 148 to ask if there is appointment time available if you are wanting to come today or it is urgent.

Payment secures your booking.  Payment methods are Internet Banking, credit card, Paypal and cash.  Internet Banking details are supplied on your invoice emailed to you at time of booking if your booking is direct with Julia.  Online booking connects to Paypal.

Client Acceptance of How the Appointment Runs and Its Outcome  

Julia Smith does not diagnose medical conditions.  She is a Transformational Coach, Mentor and Facilitator as a channel of Divine Light.

As the client, I understand that during or after appointments I may temporarily experience my bodily functions being affected, because of shifting energy within my body.  I agree that this is a natural occurrence.

As the client, I understand and accept I am solely responsibility for my own health and for the results of any work provided by Julia Smith that may affect my health in any way.

As the client, I accept the work received from Julia Smith does not replace conventional medical diagnosis or treatment, I do not rely solely on her services and I consult other practitioners according to my needs and requirements. 

As the client I will continue to seek medical advice and treatments recommended by a trained medical practitioner as necessary.  I will continue taking medication prescribed by a licensed medical physician and will continue to follow his/her instructions.

As the client, I release Julia Smith, (of Inner Tranquillity & Peace), its owners and practitioners from all legal liability during my participation in the work of Julia Smith.

As the client, I accept and agree I take full responsibility for the results and outcomes I experience from any action I choose to take from all information and work I receive from Julia Smith. 

Site Ownership   

www.juliasmith.com.au is owned by Julia Smith.  Julia Smith owns and operates as a sole trader and owns and operates under the NSW Business Name of Inner Tranquillity & Peace.  The website www.innertranquillity.com.au is also owned by Julia Smith.


All information provided on websites www.juliasmith.com.au and www.innertranquillity.com.au is copyrighted to Julia Smith and may not be used in any way without the written permission of Julia Smith.  Images shown were either created by Julia Smith or purchased through a licenced photographs distributor.  To use them without permission is a copyright infringement and you may be penalised.

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