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Transformational Energetic Healing

My Transformational Energetic Healing appointments utilise many different high frequency energy tools together with channelled powerful high Divine Light.

The unique methods I use have been crafted personally by me, and your appointment many be a blend of many different things depending what you need.

I have a variety of:

* high frequency music, musical notes, colour rays, through technology,
* 5th Dimensional and higher tools and
* I channel very high Divine energies from cosmic light sources
* My healing room is a Divine Crystalline Temple of Light
all combined for the deepest relaxation, safe, mind clearing & calming, and energy clearing and upgrade you could have – all at the same time.

To ascend you must regularly clear your energy field – your aura – and receive your initiations, activations, pass through your Gateways to the higher dimensions.
This energy work is of the highest level available at this time, and is available to you to clear, heal, repair your energy through to into you physical body and the cellular DNA level.

An appointment may cover/include (depending on what you are ready for):

Clearing, healing, repairing and aligning your aura, chakras, meridian lines, nadi points, spin points
Aligning to your highest Divine Plan
Connecting to your Higher Self, guides etc
Connecting you to your Soul Life Purpose
Completing Soul Contracts
Receiving your initiations
Soul Retrieval
Connecting to 5D New Earth
Re-connecting with your Star Family of Light
Receiving all you are ready to receive, raise your vibration and ascend through anchoring it into your whole being.

After appointment self care:  I always recommend setting aside time afterwards to just sit in the park, and give your body, mind and soul a chance to adjust, integrate and absorb these changes.  It also allows you time to just enjoy this state of calm and to receive it fully into your body and consciousness.  Many people report very insightful knowing’s drop in if they gift themselves this quiet time after appointments.

Those with highly attuned noticing skills have reported that over months afterwards what is changing in their lives – how they react, interact and relate to others and with themselves.
Regular monthly appointments ensure you keep up your momentum of positive energy shifting, profound stress-dissolving and relaxation and aligning to your best lift path outcome.

You can read my Google Reviews here.

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Soul Life Purpose Coaching

My Soul Life Purpose Coaching approach is to work with you while deeply connected to the Divine, and receiving communications directly related to you, about your work and why you are here.

This also means working with our guides, angels and those Light Beings that reveal themselves to us in the sessions that you are meant to connect to, and open a line of communication.

Much of the session is channelled, and I combine this into a practical structured procedure, with accountability.  This keeps you on a role of useful directive information together with a role-out plan and reporting in mechanism to keep you on track.

Soul Life Purpose intends to assist you to ensure you are doing and experiencing your mission, soul contracts and life purpose giving that sense of contentment that you and your Soul are having a meaningful fulfilled life.

I have a 15min Free Discovery Call where we can meet each other and feel into if we are a good fit to work with each other.

If you can feel this is for you, then follow your inner guidance!

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Julia gave me a beautiful and accurate session which profoundly supported me in the realisation of my project. Thank you Julia.   G.B

Aura Photography

I offer 2 different styles of Aura Photography.

***   Individual 1:1 Aura Photography + Aura Reading, either in person or via Zoom.  Individual appointments include photographing your aura and an aura reading of the colours in your aura.  The aura reading is personal about your aura, and we discuss the meaning of the colours in your aura.

*** Aura Photography for Events.  You can hire me for your personal event, or to participate in your expo, fair, MBS public event.

Each person receives their aura photo + a printed A5 Aura Colours Meaning Card.

Important:  Please be fully informed by reading the Disclaimer, Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy and Medical Information that may be requested when coming for an appointment, attending any events or using any of the information provided here.


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