Aura Photography for Events

Aura Photography for Public Events

Aura Photography has become a sought after activity at public events such as expo’s and Festivals. Julia was Instagram’s Official Aura Photographer at their staff’s Creative Awards Night in 2019 and has done many events.

Interested? Please contact Julia at / 0404 619 148, or send the Request a Quote form below.

Typical services are:

  • Mind Body Spirit Expo’s
  • Natural Living Festival’s
  • Fairs and Markets

Aura photo sample: Top right of this website page is a sample of what your people will receive. Aura photos can have a combination of any colours of the rainbow. This is a green/yellow aura sample. People receive their aura printed on 6×4 glossy photo paper and one aura colours meaning card.

If you’re interested in talking to Julia about having her at your public event, please complete the Request a Quote form giving details about your event and Julia will then be in touch.

Alternatively, please call Julia on 0404 619 148 for a chat.


Thank you for your interest in including aura photography in your event. Please provide the following information.




    Instagram guest:

    It was so much fun getting my Aura photograph. Mine was unusual as it was completely purple. Julia Smith explained this to me. She was amazing. -By Robyn

    Wedding party:

    Julia Smith recently provided personalized Aura Photography for over 70 guests at our private event, this is no small feat and her professionalism, kindness and intuitive nature was such a blessing for our huge but wonderful celebration. All the guests were absolutely thrilled and in awe of the unique experience and it certainly was a highlight of the event. I would not hesitate to recommend Julia enough for any private event, no matter how big or small. The aura photography experience was fantastic, and a hit with men and women of all ages. Thank Julia for your hard work, reliability and commitment to the event and for creating such a smooth and memorable experience – Thank you! -J.C

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