Shamanic Healing ~ Energetic Healing

October 8, 2023

Shamanic Healing ~ Energetic Healing

Shamanic Healing – what is it?  Shamanic Healing is where a person has the ability to tune into, connect and interact with the energies of Mother Nature.  Mother Nature’s energy vibrates at the frequency level of the upper 4th dimension.  Humanity, currently (though we are now ascending our collective’s vibration to a higher vibration) is vibrating at a lower vibration than Mother Nature – we are in the 3rd dimension.  We are a lower frequency than Nature.

Please note, this is not ‘bad’.  Our Soul’s/we have chosen to experience all the emotional frequencies that exist at a 3rd dimension frequency bandwidth level.  It is a huge opportunity to truly understand and know all the emotions from pain to pleasure, and this is a rich and diverse amount of learning information for our Akashic Records Library.

So a Shaman, or Medicine Man (typically found in indiginous tribal people), can raise his/her vibration up out of the 3rd dimension into the upper 4th dimension.  Animals and plants in Nature have their own unique higher than humans specific vibrations which when connected to the Shaman can connect, receive and then transfer that specific energy into a person, which provides the person with a profound and powerful energy healing.  Shamanic Healing is very Earth based energies healing.  It is powerful and relevant, as this is our planet of residence.

Shaman’s tend to be very ritualistic, so a ceremony may take place in the healing.

Like everything, we must discern if the Shaman is operating from a place of The Light, of highest intention, of pure heart, of non-judgement, is experienced + wise, and is Being of Service authentically to The Light and to those who would like a healing.  If it doesn’t feel right, then best to listen to your intuition.  Also, not all Shamans are the right Shaman for a person – feeling a harmonious uplifting feeling with a healer is a good indication they are a Soul vibration match to you.

Energetic Healing & Shamanic Healing – true Transformational Energetic Healing has the capacity to access, align, connect, receive and transfer Divine Light energies from the upper 4th, 5th, 6th and higher dimensions.  Energetic Healing calls in the assistance of Divine Light Beings such as Angels + ArchAngels (of the Angelic Realm), Ascended Masters and Star family of Light – these Beings are of a very high frequency and that energy provides healings on an Earth level and from the Higher Heavenly Realms.  We can anchor this Light into our Cells, and is perfect for assisting us in our raising of our vibration, embodying permanently Light into our body’s cells and on an upward Ascension trajectory.

Both methods are amazing and powerful.

You just need to feel which you need in each circumstance!

Julia Smith 2023




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