How does Ascension work?

October 6, 2023

Your Soul’s Ascension

Ascension of yourself, especially your energy body (also known as your aura, lightbody, spiritual body) happens when you have completed all the lessons, learnings, understandings, initiations and more and have graduated from your journey here on Earth in the Earth School Curriculum.

Your soul has chosen to undertake the complete course as a Being Of Light and have a full experience as a human being living on Earth in the 3rd/4th dimension frequency bandwidth.

The 3rd dimension is a place of duality, polarity and you will experience all the emotions, thoughts from pain to pleasure here.  Your soul wants to know and feel all these feelings in all the circumstances possible, which takes many lifetimes to do.  All this information of your situations, reactions, responses, actions etc are filed in your Soul’s Akashic Records Library.

Once you have finished all that your Soul planned, you being the journey of completion which includes balancing your karma, neutralising all your traumas and painpoints, re-learning self love and self acceptance, re-learning who you truly are which is a being of Light.

It requires intense cleansing, healing, repairing and upgrading of your lightbody everyday, prayer, meditation, receiving lightbody activations and more to work through Ascension to Graduation.

As you do this you will focus on Raising Your Vibration out of a 3rd dimensional frequency up through the upper 4th dimension to the 5th dimension and higher.  You will re-discover in this journey many of your past life lineages both on Earth and in other places.  This is quite natural and normal, however it does require you to shift your thinking as to what is normal and possible.

When the students is ready, the Master appears.

You will need these along your journey.

I am here to help you clear, heal, repair, complete your karma, complete your timelines, clear your past lives, upgrade and activate your energy field, to complete your Soul Contracts and clear your lineages.  Plus connect you to your Divine Light, Guides, Star Family of Light and lineages, anchor Light into your body, mind, energy field.  Become and embodied field of light – activating your Ascended Lightbody.

There is so much to do on the path of Ascension! And it starts with Raising your Vibration.

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Let the Light in!!

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