Sound Healing

Sound and Music Energy

Communication is a sound.  We are what we think.  We vibrate our tone of intent through what we say and how we say it.  Speaking the Language of Love is a powerful transformer to a higher vibration.  Choosing to listen to high vibration music and musical sound tones trains your cells to vibrate at a…

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Why is it called a BodhiBed?

Yes, BodhiBed® is an unfamiliar name – but it has a significant meaning. Bodhi is the name of a famous tree.  The Bodhi Tree.  It is famous as the tree under which Buddha sat and meditated.  After many years of striving to reach enlightenment Buddha determinedly decided to sit under this Bodhi tree and meditate continuously…

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Meditation & Mind Direction with Intent

The pervasiveness of stress in our life Stress is a widespread, insidious and negative experience for most people and it can control how you think, behave and your health. Stress is stored negative emotions from past events, which haven’t been processed and released or let go.  These negative emotions become a hook or link to…

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The Solfeggio Tonal Frequencies

The Solfeggio tones make up a scale of pure tonal notes. They began as the ancient musical tones Ut Re Mi Fa Sol La and were used by various spiritual and religious centres, including the early Christian denominations. There were hundreds of hymns used by the church employing the Solfeggio tones, but these disappeared from regular…

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5 Ways the Body Receives Sound

We Don’t Just Hear Sound, We Feel It ! When we think of sound, we think of hearing something: a person talking, the wind blowing, an orchestra playing a symphony. To most people, sound is just something you hear. But there are actually four other ways that the body receives sound. They all enter the…

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Julia Smith at ELLL Expo May 2013

ENERGY BALANCING THROUGH THE PURE ENERGY WAVES OF SOUND, COLOUR AND CHI ENERGY BODY WORK  TO CLEAR AND OPEN YOUR CHAKRAS AND UNBLOCKING MERIDIAN LINES.  The Embrace Life Live Life expo’s are a holistic expo for the ‘burbs.  The one held last Saturday 11th May 2013, in the Sydney northern suburb of Thornleigh, attracted a…

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How Sound Energy Balances Your Energy Field


Press Play Below To Learn More About Sound Energy Balancing Therapy The BodhiBed Sound and Music vibration table plays music sound waves directly into your body, creating your cells to vibrate to the music.  This vibration massages every cell in your body giving significant stress release, soothes your nervous system for calm emotions, and quietens the…

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