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If you love my live group meditations, attending events where I play my Tubular Crystal Harp, and hearing my presentations this is what is currently scheduled!


Upcoming Events

2018-Inspired Living Workshop. Come and join Julia in a morning of tapping in deeply to your Inspired Living - what you are to bring forward in JOY in this new year of 2018!

Let your soul shine

2018 – Inspired Living Workshop

2018 (2+0+1+8) adds up to an 11 year - a Master number. In these first weeks Julia has been immersed in the powerful new energies of this new year and then guided to offer you a time of deep immersion in powerful energies she will bring through, so you have the opportunity to become more aware of your 2018 Inspired Living.   If you are looking to ‘get clear’ and energetically connect with what your heart desires for 2018 then this workshop is for you.

Overview   In the 3 hours our group will come together in heart connection and support of each other, and Julia will:

  • Guide you through a powerful clearing and healing meditation – paving the way to a clearer connection to the energy of your Inspired Living.
  • Guide you through gaining clarity of your Inspired Living.
  • Guide you through a powerful energy meditation of Joyful Abundance and the energy of your Divine Plan.

Julia's meditations and the energies that come through her are known to be powerful; this is a workshop of transformation.
Date Sunday 4th February

Time 9.30am to 12.30pm

Location Upstairs in the Studio, West Street Wellbeing Clinic,
64 West Street, North Sydney – residential area, plenty of free on-street parking.

Investment $60 per person. Limited spaces available.

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Invite me to your Event!!

Bring the mystery, excitement and transformational celestial tones to your event! Contact me now on 0404 619 148 to discuss how we can integrate Meditation, Mindfulness and Beautiful Sound for a unique and beneficial event!!

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Julia can bring a whole new dynamic to your event.  Speak to her today about how integrating into your program her presence, energy and taking your community through a very unique journey of guided meditation, mindfulness, inner connection and awareness with the added bonus of her playing her Tubular Crystal Harp for receiving by every person present.

As Julia plays her Harp, the surreal celestial tones permeate through our whole body, the transformational tones speaking a coded language to every cell for healing, regeneration and unlocking our unique and True Self.

Phone today on 0404 619 148 to speak with Julia, or email her at [email protected]

Blessings of Love

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Earth Elementals Connection via Meditation mini-workshop

Elementals leaf

Earth Elementals Connection via Meditation
10.30am-12 noon
Date to be confirmed
$30 cash
Register:  email Julia at [email protected] to register.

This mini-workshop is a new series, and for those with a deep intuitive connection with the Elemental Devic Kingdom - plant devas, garden fairies and other Beings of Light that live in Nature and maintain the health and growth of plants and our food.

Currently the Pan's Devic Kingdom is under extreme pressure with all the toxins and mining of the earth, making their job very difficult to grow health plants and food for all beings on the planet.

Today we will meet at the mainland side of the bridge that crosses to Rocky Point Island at 10.30am.  We will find a place to sit together and Julia will guide us through a deep meditation connecting us to the Elemental Kingdom.

We will then write down words, messages and even draw Beings we may see either with our inner vision or peripheral vision.  No need to share unless you feel to!


Cushion or rug to sit on
Pen, pencils and paper to write and draw on
Flask of water
Whatever else ensures your comfort

Email Julia now to register!

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Regular Events

Heart Meditation Groups. Come and receive powerful Celestial Energy Connection Meditations with Tubular Crystal Harp, Swords of Light, Gifting Humanity Peace Energy and Planetary Work!


Wednesday Group:  7-8pm

Thursday Group:  12.30-1.30pm 

Location:  upstairs in The Studio, West Street Wellbeing Clinic.

About the Heart Meditation Classes:

If you are serious about your spiritual evolvement, and are keen to work with powerful divine energy for clearing your energy field, releasing karma and upgrading your energy, chakras, meridian lines right through to the cellular level and DNA then these meditation groups are for you!
Julia has the ability to bring through and transmit to you powerful divine energy that will assist you to clear your energy which then enables you to connect with your highest life path, timeline and life purpose.
Coming to the weekly meditation groups will keep you highly tuned, raise your vibration and expand your soul.
The class includes working with your personal energy field, working with the collective consciousness, and working with the Earth's energy - we receive and we give. Julia includes playing her tubular crystal harp of 10 tones of transformation and her clearing rods 'swords of light'.
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Arrive on time:  Groups start on time, so please arrive just before the start time. Night class - the door will be locked at 7.05pm

How to get there: West Street Wellbeing is at 64 West Street, North Sydney/Crows Nest border in a quiet residential area - lots of 2hr and 1hr on street parking available in Carlow Street (off Miller St near Nth Sydney oval).