My Approach

My Transformational Energetic Healing and The Ultimate Package appointments utilise many different high-energy tools.   The unique methods I use have been crafted personally by me, and blend different music, musical sound notes, colour rays, divine energies from cosmic light sources, together with these high frequency energy tools all for the deepest relaxation, mind clearing and calming and energy clearing and upgrade you could have all at the same time!

I combine each appointment in different ways, which creates for each client a unique tailored clearing, repair, unlocking and upgrading energetic service resulting and immediately connecting with what it means to feel totally de-stressed, cleared, lighter, not hassled by your own mind. You’ve had a huge clean-out and need to adjust to it.

I always highly recommend setting aside time afterwards to just sit in the park, absorb the sun’s rays and the peace of nature so you give your body, mind and soul a chance to adjust, integrate and absorb this dramatic change.  It also allows you time to just enjoy this unbelievable state of calm and to ground it into your body and consciousness.  Many people report very insightful knowing’s drop in if they gift themselves this quiet time after appointments.

Each appointment is tailor made to the unique requirements of you, with the aim of clearing repair, unlocking and upgrading energetic service resulting in you feeling quite different from when you first arrived – light in mind, body and spirit.

Those with highly attuned noticing skills have reported that over months afterwards what is changing in their lives – how they react, interact and relate to others and with themselves.  This is a short end game in the appointment and long end game in the effects.  Regular monthly appointments ensure you keep up your momentum of positive energy shifting, profound stress-dissolving and relaxation and aligning to your best lift path outcome.

One client reported:

“I noticed my dealings with my boss at work got easier and easier over the months following my two treatments”.  P.D.


Once you have set your intention to come and have an appointment with me and why, the work starts.  As soon as we meet for the treatment as our energy fields come together and we sit and have our initial discussion my energy field is interacting with your energy field and I have seen big energy shifts happen from the start.  So the whole appointment time is utilised you receiving deep energy field treatment from beginning to end.

The high energy vibration tools I use combined with my own highly charged energy field enables a huge clearing out of old dense energy.  I ‘see’ this while working on you and can kinetically feel the type of energy leaving and the quality of energy coming in to replace it.

As your dense energy leaves your body, the energy is transmuted as it passes through my high vibration energy field, and by the tools and high vibration products I apply at the time.  This can be heavy-duty work for me and my body as I can see, feel, taste, smell and sometimes see traumatic events that created the dense energy.  Often the dense energy leaving is very burning for me.

As this energy is transmuted, my body is able to transmit into your energy field and body a very high frequency energy that has the ability to repair and unlock from your DNA your latent abilities and bring in the divine cosmic keys and codes unique for your spiritual evolvement.

This is profoundly deep work and the emptying out of such a huge quantity of dense energy enables fast-tracking your spiritual expansion and optimal changes in your daily life.


The specific way I am guided to provide this for you ensures you receive what you are needing and ready to receive at that moment.  You are fast-tracked along your personal journey of spiritual growth, unveiling your unique gifts and talents and connecting more and more with your soul and True Self and, of course, your best life path outcome!

I am all about transforming ourselves into becoming our best self and doing it in the most relaxing and enjoyable way possible.  Joy is the key!

I am passionate about raising our mind, body and emotions energy vibration levels up out of pain and into joy, love, abundance and self love through the platform of deep relaxation, surrender and ultimate loving self nurturing.

It is a truly beautiful experience – I’d love to see you!