I offer a variety of appointments to suit every person, and if you don’t see an option that appeals to you, talk to me about a custom session. 

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Aura and Chakra Photography

This is a fascinating 30 minutes exploring the invisible part of yourself – your auric energy field and your chakras.  Julia’s unique bio-feedback handplate scans your electro-magnetic energy field showing us beautiful colourful images of yourself in that moment.

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Transformational Energetic Healing

Truly unique and dynamically transformational – this gentle and nurturing experience leaves you feeling like you’ve had a deep sleep yet is power-packed with an emptying of large quantities of old pain-creating energy and replaced it with high speed divine energy – you will leave feeling totally different to when you arrived!

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Zoom distant appointments

Unable to make it in for a in-person session? My Zoom distance sessions make it easy.

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The ultimate healing package

This package is for those really looking for a dramatic shift in their energy. The longer appointment allows the energy shift to gain momentum, more time for clearing and hands on healing which brings in the keys and codes for unlocking your DNA, unique gifts and abilities and for you to sink very deeply into that alpha state of meditation for revelations to occur.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What medical conditions do you need to tell me about? Expand

Medical Contra-indications Questionnaire.

There are a few simple questions on your physical health I need to know the answer to before I can start your Transformation Energetic Healing appointment. Please take the time to read them over and when you make your booking please advise me when you make your booking or before I start.

  • Have you had a stroke?
  • Have you had symptoms of a stroke?
  • Do you have Thrombosis?
  • Are you medicated for inflammation?
  • Are you pregnant?
How do you know what sound frequency I need? Expand

On your arrival at your appointment a little time is invested in discussion as to why you have come today. As I am highly intuitive both to your body language, and the frequency you are emitting, and receive insights as we talk I can narrow down a short list of the right sound frequency you are needing. Once you are on my BodhiBed I tune in for confirmation of the exact sound frequency to play though your body. For me it’s pretty simple!

I love Colour – how can I work out what colour I need to work with at the moment? Expand

Most of the time if you are attracted to a colour then just follow your intuition and work with that colour – we are very intuitive beings! Sometimes though it is not so clear and it is good to check with Julia what is the colour for the highest good to be using. Occasionally the colour you hate is just the colour to be using! If you are finding you are extremely repelled then you are very out of balance with the energy on this colour ray. Please feel free to be in touch to check what is the most beneficial colour ray you need to be infusing into your energy field.

How will I feel after a Transformation Energetic Healing appointment? Expand

Every person has their own experience from a treatment. It is usual to find you don’t really know how you are feeling as the body is undergoing a dramatic energy shift and it takes a little time for it to complete the shift’s process and your energy field to settle into it’s new way. Most people feel a sense of such deep relaxation like they have never felt so it feels a little unfamiliar. Many people experience profound messages, or such a great sense of clearing they are immersed in a feeling of relief.

Do I need to do anything after a Transformation Energetic appointment? Expand

As appointments with me are so powerful, and your energy and body leave with a process underway, I strongly advise you have free time after your appointment and go to the park and sit in the sun. It is important to rest and relax and allow the energy shift time to do what it needs to do, before you become immersed in other actions. Take the time to feel into and absorb the energy of nature which will help you to ground your experience and energy shift and then align your body to the energy of the sun. Also have a bottle of pure water and drink plenty of it. This is the perfect time to sit in contemplation and appreciate you life and own vibration.

What my client’s say

Shift in pain and amazing change in aura colours

I had a wonderful session with Julia today, the session commenced with the Aura photo & as always my aura was a lovely shade of orange, my sacral chakra & throat Chakra were very small in comparison to the other chakras.  Julia sat me in a chair & did some Chakra clearing on me &… Read More →

Great cancer treatment support and healing energy

The first time I saw Julia it was  because I was intrigued with her sound therapy and how it could impact one’s health. I felt refreshed and so together after her first session. The next time I went was post radiation after breast surgery. I really felt out of whack and so tired. The colours… Read More →

Stuck, blocked feeling gone and motivated to pursue my projects

Hi Julia,  I slept really well last night. I noticed in pilates today my muscles seemed very sore particularly those from the waist down. I went to the beach after and had a swim and relaxed in the sun. I feel rejuvenated and energized since our session and really motivated to get on with some projects. The… Read More →

Fascinating, encouraging and able to move forward

Julia possesses a rare gift. Her insights are both fascinating and encouraging. She has enabled me to move forwards enormously. Judi Judi, our appointments are always so enlightening, insightful and fun!  You are seeing the benefits of regular visits!  Julia Read More →

Deep mind rest from high school pressures

I thought it was a great experience as it deeply engaged my subconscious and gave me the relaxation that I have craved – Austin. Austin, it was a pleasure to work with you, and I love how you engaged with helping yourself by coming for an appointment and receiving the benefits of calm, which is… Read More →

Incredible Master Energy Healer

Julia is a master energy practitioner who works intuitively with cutting edge sound and colour technologies. My session with her was phenomenal, and I walked out pain free (I had gone to see her with an injury), calm and clear. Thank you Julia! X Henrietta, I’m so happy you left in such relief of the… Read More →

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So many people have decided to give this a try with such good results – you can hear from some of my many past clients here. If you are feeling a resonance with my work, you have an intuitive connection with me nudging you to take action.

Call me on 0404 619 148 to ask any questions, or book in and have this amazing experience.

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