Meditation and mindfulness

Meditation & Mind Direction with Intent

The pervasiveness of stress in our life Stress is a widespread, insidious and negative experience for most people and it can control how you think, behave and your health. Stress is stored negative emotions from past events, which haven’t been processed and released or let go.  These negative emotions become a hook or link to…

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Upgrading Your Natural Resonance Frequency

How do you find peace within ?  How do you move through life’s events with a clear quiet head ?  How do you attract the experiences we prefer most of the time ?  It’s through  balancing all four aspects of the human being – physically, emotionally, mentally and our human energy field.  This is through…

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Holistic Therapy In Sydney

Holistic Therapy

Holistic therapy is any form of therapy that treats the whole person, taking into account the mental, physical, emotional, social and spiritual elements of the person. This is because holistic therapy recognises the mind-body-spirit connection, and interconnection of the above elements. In the holistic approach, disease is said to result from disturbances within all these…

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