Powerful Pranic Healing

January 17, 2012

Powerful Pranic Healing

Powerful Pranic Healing clears, heals and repairs your aura (energy field) and is a holistic approach to improving health in mind, body, spirit.  When we feel better we deal better with life.  ‘Prana’ is an Indian way of saying ‘energy’, ‘Chi’ is an Asian way of saying ‘energy’.

Pranic Healing
Powerful Pranic Healing

What is Pranic Healing?

This is a spiritual healing technique which uses the prana or life energy to heal the physical body. The modern form of Pranic healing was developed by Grandmaster Choa Kuk Sui, a scientist, teacher and chemical engineer from the Phillipines. In Pranic healing, imbalances and blockages in the prana or life force are cleared and corrected so as to promote wellness in the person. These imbalances and blockages can be caused by the presence of energy that is congested, depleted or diseased and which must be removed and replaced by fresh, new energy.

To understand how Pranic healing works, one first has to realise that the human body is composed of two parts: the physical body which is visible, and the bioplasmic body or energy body which is invisible. This energy body interpenetrates the physical body and surrounds it by a few inches.

One also has to learn about the two laws on which Pranic healing is based. The first is the Law of Self-Recovery, which states that the body has the ability to heal itself at a given rate. This basically means that the body can heal certain ailments on its own, as has been seen with wounds, burns, and viral infections such as colds. The second law is the Law of Life Energy, which states that for life to exist then the body must have life energy or prana. Thus, when one is unwell, it is possible to accelerate the healing process by increasing the life energy on the entire body as well as on the parts affected by the ailment.

There are three major sources of life energy or prana, namely the solar, air and ground prana. The solar prana comes from the sun and is obtained by exposure to sunlight. Air prana is absorbed through breathing and also directly by chakras or energy centres which are present on the energy body. Ground prana is found on the ground and is engrossed through the soles of the feet, especially when one walks barefoot.

This alternative healing technique requires the healer to absorb as much prana as they can from the various sources of prana which they can then use to heal others. The process itself involves the healer using his hands to absorb and remove harmful energy from the patient, and to project his own fresh and healthy prana onto areas of the patient’s energy body that contained the depleted, congested or diseased energy. With the energy body so healed, it can in turn proceed to heal the physical body through the Law of self-recovery explained above.

Pranic Healing for Powerfully Balancing Energy – learn more about it

For those seeking alternative healing techniques or alternative therapies to those offered by conventional medicine, then Pranic healing would be a suitable choice. It should however be noted that Pranic healing often complements traditional treatment plans offered by conventional medicine. There are several Pranic healing centres in Australia, and in Sydney in particular. Indeed, if one wants to benefit from or study Pranic healing Sydney has a number of practitioners as well as trainers.

Pranic healing courses are divided into various levels, starting with the basic concepts and moving on to the more advanced, as follows:

  • Level 1: This level contains the basics on how to absorb the solar, air and ground prana, how to feel the energy body of the patient, how to cleanse, energise and stabilise the projected energy, how to release it, and how to make the patient more receptive to it for accelerated healing.
  • Level 2: Advanced Pranic Healing where students learn how to use more powerful colour pranas for purposes of cleansing and energising the patient.
  • Level 3: Pranic Psychotherapy where colour pranas are used to treat psychological disorders which are more difficult to treat than the physical ones.
  • Level 4: Pranic Crystal Healing where crystals are used to focus prana on the patient in a more powerful manner.

Finally, meditation techniques, such as the Meditation on Twin Hearts, are also taught for spiritual development, as well as to enable the healer absorb the prana more effectively for healing purposes, and keep him from getting drained of it too fast during healing.

The benefits of Pranic healing are immense and accessible by all. Furthermore, for those who want to become practitioners, it is easy to learn regardless of one’s age, aptitude or disposition.

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