6. Cappadocia, Turkey – Amazing Fairy Chimneys and Caves!

April 29, 2014

Cappadocia – a City of Caves, Fairy Chimneys and Earth-processes !
with Julia Smith

The Desert Silence – The one hour drive to Cappadocia shows a landscape of distant snow capped mountains and continuous rocky, sandy desolate desert. You can feel the Silence of it even in the van.

The desert feels and looks vast and desolate.  I arrive exhausted on a cold, windy and wet day.  The Gamisaru Cave Hotel is the perfect place – a converted, renovated, and transformed old cave monastery decorated with vintage fittings and carpets.  It perfectly fits my alignment to Being in a sacred space, and carries a vibe of calm, lightness and welcome.

The Hamam – I need to get my stress levels down so I can relax into the work I have been given, and a visit to the local Hamam Turkish Steambath, specially allocated to visitors to the town, sounds the perfect solution. After a thorough scrubbing, short massage and lying on the heated marble slab you literally feel relaxation creep into all you muscles and whole body. I leave feeling so clean, grounded and calm and ready to connect to the land and Higher Heavenly Realms and Be the conduit of their energies, be the acupuncture needle of energy into these lands.

I am already sinking into the desert Silence and a connection to the land is growing. I head back to the Gamirasu Hotel to relax and then later I’m off to see a Sufi Whirling Dervish Ceremony. This proves such an interesting occurrence I will write about this separately.

Acclimatising to the land – The next day, my only full day here, is again cold, very windy with rain, and I realise it is no accident I’m here for two days and the weather prevents me starting my work-I need this pause to acclimatise and relax into it.

Manifesting – I don’t want an all day tour of the area which is all that seems available. I do a short meditation and ask for a perfect solution for the highest good to present. Shortly after, a 3 hour tour option presents ! Perfect timing ! It’s a wonderful afternoon driving around the countryside seeing the famous Fairy Chimneys and the amazingly unique country side, with the town built in amongst these pointy hills with natural caves.  As I travel around this area I am in a state of gratitude of being here, asking the guardian spirits for their permission to be here saying I come in peace.

Fairy Chimneys – On arrival at the Fairy chimneys I decide this is the place to honour the the guardian spirits of the land and so where to place some drops of my Essence as an offering to them.  I do this in a moment of no other tourists, but just as I get up three Japanese ladies are coming up behind me and one lets out this enormous sneeze and I jump out of my skin and they roar with laughter.  It is so nice to see their innocent joy and humour !!  I place some tumblestones here, returning to their home on the Earth and leaving their vibration at this place.

Mixing with the Locals – The driver, Mehmet, is very friendly and ends giving an invitation to his home to meet his wife and see his house, and I love seeing how a typical Islamic family live. His wife Hydia is a darling, and so welcoming, and makes us black Turkish tea and delicious flat bread you roll with white crumbly cheese & dried fruits they grow & dry in the sun themselves. Mehmet’s iPad translator app helps a lot ! Their three gorgeous grandchildren arrive and bring out the family’s current prized possession – their cat and her newborn kittens ! Hydia then gives me a length of beads she has strung like lace, so I give her the earrings I am wearing – my swarovski earrings a friend made for me & she is so happy !

Everyone can feel the energy in crystals – That night I am off again to see the Sufi Whirling Dervishes, and then to a Turkish dining house with music and dancing typical from regions all over Turkey. I have spare time between these and am invited to go to a big jewelry house with room after room of turquoise and other local gemstone jewelry. I love looking at it but I’m not in the market for buying; but become very interested in what the young Turkish man serving me is saying. He tells me he feels the energy of the stones ! It turns out he is studying reiki, and feels the energy so strongly he doesn’t like people touching the jewelry as he can see their energy being absorbed into it, and he sees peoples auras ! He is very enthusiastic about it and also sad that many people here do not understand it. It is so nice to meet a man of this culture who is embracing and learning how to work with energy and appreciates the value of stones. I ask him what colour my aura is and he says I am all blue. This may be a bit egoic but I am so happy with this ! I feel it’s accuracy as some of the characteristics of the colour blue are tranquillity, calm, and inner peace which is exactly how I feel at this moment ! Spot on !Not only that, the colour ray I am born on is Aquamarine, so I am at that moment clear in myself and my soul colour is the vibration I am emitting.  Happy !

The next morning dawns beautiful, warm, windless and dry – divine timing has arrived for my Earth-process! I am in such appreciation of this fact and gratitude for my support.

Meditation – I am excited as it is all working out perfectly and I have also realised the perfect place to do my meditation process is right here at the hotel – the vacant property behind the roof terrace will be undisturbed. The hotel is an old monastery, so I feel it is the perfect location for a divine process – right under my nose the whole time!

So I pack my kit bag up which is quite extensive with crystals, crystal generators, scarf to wrap myself in, cloth to sit on, my Essence, Essential Oils, Essence sprays, iPad for photos, prayer sheets … seems a lot but I need to trust in my preparation.

I breathe deeply preparing myself for Being Present and walk up slowly as in a holy procession and walk up to this spot. I see an outline of a square made up by the grass in the sandy dirt, and it reminds me of Metatron’s cube and I decide this is the perfect place. I set up my crystals In the configuration I was instructed which will be occupied by the great beings of Light and provide their energy and the Keys in this process.  I mentally and emotionally prepare myself for protecting myself, and to be completely detached so in a state of neutrality and innocence.  It helps me when I spray myself with Essences and anoint particular Essential Oils which assist my energy to clear and speed up its vibration.  I then say my specific prayer calling in assistance from the great Beings of Light who are participating in this process. I feel the energy rising. I get the Essence I made and give thanks to those guardian spirits of the land of this place and the Earth – Gaia a living Being we all live on, who nurtures us, nourishes us giving us life.  I then drop 8 drops into the sandy dirt. I pop on my headphones and start the specific recorded meditation that will guide me through activating and being the conduit of energies that are the keys to unlock the multi-dimensional beings of Light from their enforced confinement.

I ignite my central pillar and brain with Light and send a cord of energy spiralling down through to the crystalline grid and down to the core of the Earth, and She responds with a thick golden cord of energy that spirals back up twining itself around my cord.  This energy enters my base chakra and quickly rises up my spine and straight into my soul star chakra which has been ignited as a Merkabah. My energy field quickly fills with this powerful energy and I seal my egg-shaped energy field with colours that transmute and transform negative energy vibrations. I send out energy from myself and the bubble I’m in gets larger and larger as my energy radiates out, becoming stronger and brighter.  I go through a process of forgiveness, release, freedom and love.  Would they like to once again be of purpose to our beautiful Earth at this time?  I can feel the largeness of them, the enjoyment they feel of this consideration, and I welcome them with love and light and in peace.

I move into acknowledging myself and my service which is a beautiful act of self love.  I then come back in touch with my body, coming back into reality. A photo was taken was I was doing this meditation and I was so moved by the level of energy captured – the rainbow energy colours showering over me.  I then say specific short prayers to clear the generational and ancestral lines of those great Beings of Light.

I slowly pack up my tools, feeling so happy to do this process and in such gratitude that events unfolded that I am able to come to this place. I also have to confess I felt some relief that the process unfolded in total Grace and Ease – just as I had been asking for – I give thanks to the Ascended Masters, Metatron and the Celestial Beings of Light present; I feel so grateful to them !!

Loving Living !!

In Peace


Date visited – 18-20 April 2014

© Copyright 2014 Julia Smith

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