7. Ephesus, Turkey – an amazing layering of eras of time!

May 7, 2014

Ephesus – An Energy Imprinted Blend of Events and Cultures Over Time.    with Julia Smith

Impressive Ruins!  There’s no doubt about it – Ephesus is definitely a place that matches up to the rave reviews it gets.  A lot of it is restored from it’s crumbling state by archeologists so much of the city is as it would have been centuries ago:  it really is like stepping back in time.

The huge stoned avenue leading in leaves you easily imagining the horse-drawn chariots parading up to the amphitheatre it leads to.

I loved my day here, walking amongst the ruins, tracing history back through time – through the brutal Roman times and the classic Greek times, and my Earth-process here finished on an amazing high with Love so in the air it was beautifully uplifting.

State of Reverence in Preparation for Meditation – On entry I, as usual, fall into my state of reverence for this land, asking permission of the guardian spirits of this land to allow my visit in peace and honour of all that has taken place here over time. The path is lined by big trees giving welcome shade.  I feel here is a good place to honour the land and so drop 8 drops of my Essence into the soil.  I feel myself relax into this process and connect to the feeling of this place.

It’s a super hot day for April, feeling like around 30 degrees, and sunburn is kicking in.  The Amphitheatre is quite spectacular, and large groups of visitors gather on it and spontaneously break into singing together creating an international unity, and the sound is so clear.  I loved experiencing how amazingly well thought out the design is for acoustics.

Everyone is laughing and in such happiness; the name ‘tourists’ is ridiculous.

The ancients are so clever, designing this without computers and building it without machinery – the amphitheatre is cut into this mountain !  I can feel the mix of energies here is from the different cultures that lived here over the ages. The brutal Roman times, the conquering and seizing of this place through force, and it sort of feels a bit confusing in this regard.

Walking up the wide stone street you then come to the famous Library.  It is built on a tomb, and it is interesting as I walk into the now open air Library, leaving the crowds, there is a curious stillness that comes with Libraries which is emphasis as it is also tomb.

Moving up the wide street there are many little streets and small rooms running off it.

Goddess Nike

I pass this beautiful stone carving of Goddess Nike, like a guardian angel of this place.

The Meditation – I arrive at the top, at the North Gate entry, and all the way up I have been asking for assistance to find a quiet shady place to do my Earth-process.  The land at the top flattens out and off the main path there is a large grassy section with large boulder ruins laying around.  I feel good about here, and find a nice flat rock to sit on.

I unpack my big kit I’ve carted in – filled with crystal rocks, headphones, assorted Essential Oils and Essences, scarves, prayers sheets – a corner of my suitcase was filled with rocks getting here !  I put the crystals in the instructed layout, and each rock will accommodate a great being of light during the meditation and they will bring through tremendous amounts of pure Light energy acting as the Keys as I am the conduit of energy during the meditation. I feel so grateful to be here and have been asked to do this job, and again offer 8 drops of my Essence to the land here, feeling the energy rising and large beings in the land are present.  I am mindful of my instructions and to ensure I am energetically protected, so go through the prayer, and applying the high vibration Essence sprays and Essential Oils, wearing my Metatronic Shield, and wrapping myself in my silver shawl.

The recorded specific guided meditation for this purpose starts, and I slip into my inner planes, and I ground my energy cord through the crystalline grid and into the core of the Earth and the Earth responds with a blazing white cord back, which enters my body via my base chakra, up my spine and into the chakra above my head. This energy fills my body and I can feel the huge energy of the beings who are here in this place. I feel them respond to the call, to forgive and move forward, shedding their bonds through objectiveness of seeing others actions done through fear.

I feel quietly happy as I finish, and I wonder if anything has changed, if there is any sign of that change and I have no photos for any clues.

I look around and am pretty astonished to see a young couple sitting right next to me on a rock. Of the whole vacant area they choose here !

I am a bit self conscious about my crystals set up, but immediately realise they couldn’t care less and then I realise that they are a part of this process; they showed up and participated on some level.

I then notice they are in so much Joy !  They couldn’t get closer to each other if they tried – they are like one unit.  They start talking to me in broken English. They are just married and are soooo happy they are oblivious to everything. They tell me they are so happy they could fly !  Their Joy is so clear, so innocent, so open it pervades the area. I realise that this is here right in my face for a reason. Joy is so present here on many levels, and they are showing me, they are my confirmation ! They let me take this photo of them and I share this with you so you can feel this Joy too; it is so beautiful.

Joy is in the Air!  I walk down the wide pathway just loving this day and amazed at the size of Ephesus, spending 3-4 hours exploring it.  I stop and am standing next to a stone wall next to the entry avenue looking back at the Ampitheatre, and feel here is the perfect place to slip in three tumblestones into a stone wall crevice I have checked would like to be returned to the Earth in this location, adding their vibration energy to this place.

I leave feeling uplifted by the whole visit and looking forward to the House of Mary, last home of Ascended Lady Master Mary Jesus’s mother, which is up the mountain behind Ephesus … can’t wait !

Stay tuned !

In Peace


Date visited Ephesus:  20-04-2014

© Copyright 2014 Julia Smith

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