4. Topkapi Palace, Istanbul – Amazing legends + beauty

April 18, 2014

Join me on a visit to the Sultan’s oldest and original Palace ! A place of legends, intrigue, unique customs and luxury !!  Topkapi Palace

with Julia Smith

In this moment of quiet I would tell you about my visit to the Sultan’s original Palace, the Topkapi Palace which was used for many hundreds of years during the Ottoman Empire ruling period.

Power of a Lunar Eclipse – I visited on the day of the Lunar Eclipse and I could feel this high energy, and was interested to see what the day would bring forward into my orbit. It was also a glorious spring day and it is tulip season and all the gardens are in full bloom and looking quite spectacular with bursts of colour throughout Istanbul and particularly in the huge palace gardens.

The Palace – is so big you can’t take one single picture and capture it all. It is primarily built of marble and sandstone with soaring ceilings covering vast sized rooms and held up with huge sandstone pillars. As from the tales of Arabia it had been furnished with the most beautiful handwoven hanging rugs that covered doorways and windows in winter, as there were no doors or glassed in windows back then, and floors covered in luxurious rugs and large cushions, so no chairs.

You can just picture large groups of dancing girls, musicians and lots people reclining on the cushions being entertained as the rooms could certainly accommodate large amounts of people.

The walls and domed ceilings are intricately decorated with either tiny hand painted tiles or beautiful hand painted artwork. I wish I could share photos but no photography is allowed. With no society living there now it gives a lonely and barn like feel that also carries beauty, lavish opulence, and a society living in a bubble living within the high walls of the Palace grounds separate from the wider Turkish community. They actually have a dedicated room for royal circumcision (which is locked and bolted, closed to the public)!

Our tour group went in to see the Royal Treasury. It is a sight to see.  Emeralds the size of the palm of your hands, large quantities of gem stones either set in jewelry or in royal chairs, lots of large gemstones just loose (lying around) in a glass jar; gold water pitchers set with large rubies emeralds and turquoise, huge gold candlesticks that are as tall as a man, various thrones and chairs of all gold set with gemstones and lots more.

Programming Royal Treasury Gemstones – The coupe de grace are two huge diamonds: one 82 carat princess cut pendant set with lots of surrounding diamonds. The beauty of it was quite unbelievable. The story is it was found by a local at a rubbish dump as an uncut diamond rock probably covered in dirt. He may have thought it was a crystal quartz and so sold it for three spoons ! He must’ve been kicking himself when the truth came out! When cleaned it was found to be this huge diamond ! Naturally, as is the way of humans, a fight broke out between various men and the palace heard of it and got involved and ended up with it.  This picture carries a lot of high energy light.

I have a profound love connection with rock crystals and this includes gemstones. I totally fell in heart-love with these diamonds and in particular the sparkly one (all a woman !). I then spontaneously felt a strong clear pure heart line of energy come from my heart to the diamond and I sent love to it and felt it’s returning energy to my heart. I found myself having a conversation with it in an approach of no judgement, no negative thoughts, no expectations so creating a spacious energy forum of Light. I thanked it for the beauty, joy and Light energy it brings us here in the physical world. I then programmed it. I asked, while in a complete state of gratitude and love, to bring through pure Divine Light, Love and Christ Consciousness and shine it brightly all around for the highest good of all. I really felt this deep connection and it shared that light and love and the golden Christ Conscious energy.

The other huge diamond is 49 carats in a square emerald cut, not as sparkly but still beautiful. I could sense it activating, waking to participate in what had happened with the first diamond.  I did the same though the connection was not quite as strong, and I had my concentration interrupted by members of my tour as the group was leaving that area. I can still easily return to this forum as the energy feeling of it was so clear. I am on the plane now as I write this and I find I am slipping back into that state, back in that room and I can See that diamond blaze with intense bright white light. So, I left the Royal treasury leaving those beauties sitting on silk padding in an open box behind glass in a roped off area with security guards on watchful alert.

The Dense Energy of a War Room – Our group then moved on; to the Armory Room. It is quite another experience. It is a room of war, though their instruments of violence are of a highly decorative nature. Gold plated and jewel crusted maces, pure quartz crystal handles on deadly sharp long blades of all different kinds – swords, curved sabres, knives etc; carved handles of guns of which the length of the barrels are quite jaw dropping. The violent history of man-kind is sobering.

I found myself instantly and spontaneously engaging fully and repeatedly doing Ho’Oponopono:

I connect with the weapon pieces and feel their past and the pain and suffering they caused through those that used them and then silently repeat within myself in an approach of humbleness: “I’m so so sorry Please forgive me Thank you – for showing me I Love You” I do this for the duration of my time in this room directly to the items there. Why would I do this, taking full responsibility ?

Because I find this process assists to neutralise the negative energy imprint violence leaves. Because this history is All of our history. We are all connected, through the profoundly thick blanket of energy lines that flow through us and everything so we are always in it and it binds us together even if we are not physically near each other. It is all our responsibility. I realised this room came into my orbit, it is in front of me Now, and so it is also my responsibility. I decide to engage in this concept because … Why not, does it matter? By asking forgiveness, being in gratitude and love, I can assist in neutralising these violent energetic actions. I have found Ho’Oponopono invaluable over the years (thank yooouuu Dr Hew Len ! – Google his great You Tube clips). It really helps you detach from deeply ingrained negative emotional triggers. I have seen this process completely change relationships and the outcomes of people’s interactions. It can be a real lifesaver !

Ottoman Sultans Mosque – We leave the room and head to the Sultan’s private mini-mosque where he would pray. I took a photo of the inside as I stepped in and a guard told me ‘NO photos’, and recalcitrant me went to sneak another one-but my camera wouldn’t work, when I pressed the button nothing happened-a message that in these holy places with rules that the Divine will intervene ! This place was a beautiful place to Be. There was chanting of the Quaran and while you would think it would be irritating I found it to be just like the Kirtan chanting effect, when received softly inside rather than through loudspeakers outside where the sound is so distorted. In a state of reverence I went around the room looking at the items of spiritual meaning on display and found myself in an uplifted and energised state.

Istanbul’s high energy – We came out into glorious sunshine and stood on the terraces overlooking the sparkling Golden Horn river and Bosphorus and all the activity of speeding boats, and April Tulip blooms. Two continents meeting, the river splitting the city in two, and the seven hills the city is built within creating a dynamic energetic connection point giving powerful places in Istanbul such as the Hagia Sophia, the Cistern, the Hippodrome and Blue Mosque.

The high energy of this place was captured in this photo I took in the gardens in front of the kitchens. Coloured Light from the sun, which fuels the energetic aspect of our own selves.

The Harem – Then we went to the Harem quarters. This is a pretty challenging visit. It is all built in stone, so is cold and dark, but it also feels cold, dark, unfriendly and non-nurturing.

The section where the women pregnant with the Sultans child stay until the birth is literally like a prison with iron doors opening onto a tiny stone courtyard. The Sultans Mother is the most powerfully influential person in the whole Palace and that sets a tone of manipulation. Taps are located in every room, for the purpose of turning on the water hard so you can have a secret conversation!

All the windows have bars on them-the shape of the Merkabah is in these bars (the light blocks seeing it in this pic). Food is left on trays in a hold Ing room, and brought to them by African Eunichs. Literally hundreds of women lived there so you can only imagine the quality of interaction !! Not all women there played a role of intimacy with the Sultan, rather they were educated and allocated different duties according to their ability, usually as a servant to someone. Where did all these women come from?

Apparently, only completely healthy children were taken from their homes in Turkey between the approx age of 10 -14 and sent to be educated by the Sultans educators-they were to be highly educated academically.

For girls the highest outcome (in the Sultan’s mind) is chief concubine or wife, the boys are destined for the army. Only the most beautiful, intelligent, and creatively talented girls were allowed by the Mother to cross paths with the Sultan. I could see this guaranteed that children would have the highest genetics available from their parents.  Others may have arrived via warring conquests.

You can really get a sense of the large society and it’s intrigue and lavish lifestyle just walking around Topkapi.

This is quite a phenomenal place to visit in terms of history and the stories.

In Peace


Date visited:  14 April 2014

© Copyright 2014 Julia Smith

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