3. Hagia Sofia, Istanbul, Turkey – INCREDIBLE!

April 13, 2014

Hagia Sophia – Fusion of Muslim and Christian!  Unity!

It’s the first Christian Church built 1,500 yrs ago, then it was converted to a mosque but now is a museum. I decided to walk there in the way of a procession. This means to walk slowly being aware of every step you take. This heightens your awareness of all around you, and you give yourself time to connect with the vibrational feeling of the place. We walked through beautiful gardens, the spring tulips giving such a vibrant energy and connection to nature.

The vibrational feel in the Hagia Sophia is so mixed.

Inside the central area there is a large dome and Lady Mary and baby Jesus ancient images prevail on the curved wall, and then large round plaque boards with Muslim sacred words are hung all around and a huge doorway facing Mecca has been added right under the huge picture of Lady Mary and Jesus.  It is quite amazing to see Christianity and Muslim sacred images here together in this sacred space.  It gives a huge feeling of UNITY.  Spirit is One and these two ways of honouring Spirit have come together in this space; as all of humanity is to do too.

It is quite amazing, and as I was being detached from judging the mixing of religious codes, magic occurred as this allowed in a feeling of the two ways of honouring our Creator to blend and be supportive rather than in competition. Throw into the mix, the crusades were occurring at the time the place was built added another dimension to the Energy feeling.

I was told my ‘energetic job’ was not to take place in Istanbul, but strangely while I was in the Hagia Sophia and immersed in the pure absorption of the place in non-judgement and innocent wonder, my base chakra activated and a connection opened up in my crown chakra to the higher realms and I felt a line if energy move down to my crown, down my central pillar and out my base chakra and down into the Earth. This is Being the Conduit of pure energy, like an acupuncture needle, without my interference of judging or controlling thoughts on how it should happen, where the energy should go what the energy should ‘fix’, and trusting the Light knows just what to do on all levels and allowing the energy to just flow through my spine/central energy column.

I stood there allowing this to happen, and wonder what will come if it! one thing I have noticed is the people here seem caught up in the past. A new fresh energy here would assist in connecting with living more in the Now creative expression of Self.

I have really loved my time in the Hagia Sophia. As I am part of a tour group it was rushed and I would love time to Be Present and allow other feelings of the place to rise and observations to come forward.

If you find yourself here in Istanbul it is so worth setting aside plenty of time to sit and absorb the feeling of this place.  It is truly a wondrous place to see, and spend the time absorbing.  It is the intention of UNITY in this place that makes it so special.

Next I am off to The Royal Topkapi Palace, on the day of the Lunar Eclipse! – home for hundreds of year to the Sultan’s of the Ottoman Empire, and then to their opulent Dolmabahce Palace on the waterfront of the Bosphorus.  Bound to be an eye-catcher with some surprises!  See you there!


Date: 17 April 2014

© Copyright 2014 Julia Smith

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