2. Flower of life in the Blue Mosque, Istanbul !

April 13, 2014

Welcome to Istanbul !                                                                                  

The last few days here in Istanbul have been exciting as the cultural difference to Austrlalia is so obvious.

It is primarily Islamic here yet also cosmopolitan, so there are varying degrees of levels of embracing the dress codes by the women – ranging from full burka, to head scarf, to no religious dress code.  Choice is given.

Harmony in Diversity – This morning I found myself sitting at a table right next to a family and the mother wore a full burka.  I realised I did not feel sad or any such feeling for her enforced dresscode, though I did feel a bit uncomfortable as I’m not used to being around it.  I found myself though fully appreciating the different roles people find themselves born into (which we choose !), the card they have been dealt challenging them – can you connect within yourself to your Essence and love and appreciate it, can you rise above your life circumstances to creatively express your Self through fully accepting and loving who you are no matter your circumstances, in non-judgement & non-victimhood ?

The Blue Mosque

Today I visited the Blue Mosque.  It’s Sunday, so Turks from all over the city and from the country have made their pilgrimage to this sacred place, and it is a very serious business for them and as there are 16 million in the city it was busy.  Prayer and Honouring our Divine Creator is a predominant part of their lives and I realised my visit was to take an attitude of Reverence, Respect for their way of doing it and for me to be in a state of innocence.

Being Present and in the Noticing

This helps me to not fall into judgement of their practices.  It also helped me to slip into moving through the mosque in the mode of Being Present while in non-judgement.  In this state I find my noticing skills spring into action – the dominant presence of the architecture of the mosque is commanding, the interior is exquisite in its detail of the thousands of tiny blue tiles that make intricate patterns.

Sacred Geometry

But what really caught my eye and had me stop instantly in amazement was the presence of the Flower of Life in the huge windows that face Mecca !  And it is to these windows the men pray and bow down !  I was just astounded.  This picture really doesn’t do it justice but it is so clear in the light of the windows.   It is so sad that most people do not know it’s meaning and yet are spending time bowing to it as part of their honouring of Spirit.

The Power of the Flower of Life

The Flower of Life is a sacred geometric pattern that is a visual image of a mathematical equation, that is fundamental to the creation process of life for the whole Universe.  It is also powerful code of Regenisis and Rejuvenation.  As Light frequency energy of Source/Godforce moves through the Vesica Pisces of each petal a powerful cellular rejuvenation energy force flows through.

13 overlapping circles make up the Flower of Life, each circle is contains information systems.  Within the Flower of Life is the most sacred and important pattern: The Fruit of Life.

As the Creator’s thought of creation moves out of The Void, these fundamental patterns emerge carrying the information needed to manifest the intention into reality.

Next I’m off to the Hagia Sophia!  Can’t wait as I’ve heard so many great things about it; though I’ve loved it here too!  See you there. :))))


Date: 17 April 2014

© Copyright 2014 Julia Smith

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