Ascension 0f Mother Earth – Crystalline Grid Leylines Clearing and Upgrades

March 24, 2014

Ascension of Mother Earth = We Ascend with her as She raises her energy frequency

Things are getting exciting for me…Life is taking on an additional aspect to my Music Therapy, Sound Healing and Energetic Healing work.  Since my epiphany in early 2008, which lead to a rapid conscious awareness expansion journey, I have also been having a blast traveling to a variety of different places, which have speeded up my self expansion.

The experiences I have had at these locations, and also places around where I live here in Sydney, Australia, have been sooo transforming, insightful, enlightening and so joyful on so many different levels.  Much of it has included things beyond what you can see, and take you to Knowings within yourself that are hard to describe; yet leave you with a connection of a completely profound event having taken place.

Apparently Now is the time to share these stories.

I was instructed to start writing about a month ago by the Ascended Masters, as I am going to Turkey and Greece, leaving tomorrow.  Whoop!!  This trip includes ‘an energetic job’ they have given me to do specific to this location, and they asked if I would start a blog to share ‘what happens’ with you.  I’m so honoured to have been given these tasks and to be of Service to Light for the highest good for all.

I also am glad to do it because, as is usual for me, I could see the personal expansion journey (via the challenges in doing it) that would take place by taking it on.  A personal blog workshop !

On an equal footing I also felt there may be many brethren kindred spirits out there who may enjoy the ride, participating in (via the reading) some of my unusual experiences and benefit from the insights and transforming occurrences.  Inspiration can come in many ways.

A passion of mine is living in constant self observation, and observation of what my environment is telling me about me and my part in it.  By being in non-judgement in my observing my behaviour and identifying my negative beliefs, values, habits and programmed thoughts I have been able to dissolve and let go of many of them, which has allowed positive feelings about myself to happen, leading to expanded awareness and soul expansion And evolvement.

We all are on this path of personal evolvement (whether we know it or accept it or not), though our life events are completely different from each other.  So by being exposed to others events and how they unfolded, can be useful in giving us the motivation to keep up our self exploration, since life’s learning events can be challenging.

I love visiting places on this Earth, including my own backyard, and noticing what is present around me and feeling into what it is telling me. Because some people are interested and curious about this type of existence I felt this blog forum could give information and insights on ways I have found beneficial to interact within yourself and with your external environment.

I am coming forward here as an authentic gentle spokesperson presenting my personal truth of my interpretation of my interactions in each environment and with the earth.  There is so much more going on than just what we see through our eyeballs.

I can tell you my first story of noticing after taking on this blog and work in Turkey…from that moment Kookaburras birds started turning up daily and sitting in a tree near my back yard, just when I would decide to sit there.  They fly in and sit with me for a long time.

I learned that the Kookaburra is a totem animal, part of the Kingfisher family and represents being on a mission with a voice !  Day after day they turned up, sitting in the tree, swimming in my pool, catching their dinner and eating it in the tree, ‘laughing’ (kooker-ing!) it’s unique laugh.  I captured this beautiful photo, when one posed for me looking so relaxed.  OMG, they just started kookering as I write this right Now – a bunch of them.  My first voiced post on this blog.  Hello !  I’m right on target !

Anyway, in the last few years my awareness of my connection with the Earth has become more and more apparent.  First through noticing the different incredible feelings that were generated in me when I stood at various places around the world; then in some quite amazing ‘co-incidences’ that happened as I travelled around.

So… I welcome you to join me in my adventures narrated here in the stories containing a variety of insights, wisdom, emotional triggers and personal transformation, pilgrimages, fun, the seen and the unseen, and the moving feelings experienced when exploring the many incredibly diverse places available to us here on this magnificent planet; our home in the cosmos, living for this little while in the temple that is our human body.  As I have also have a connection with ArchAngel/Lord Metatron since my epiphany, I am asking for his over-lighting of his energy while I am in Turkey doing this task.

I hope you enjoy this journey of discovery with me !


Date:  9 April 2014

© Copyright 2014 Julia Smith

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