AURA ENERGY – You are more than you can see

April 18, 2013

Aura is your Energy Field

Aura Energy Photo

Though most of us can’t see our aura energy  field with our eyes, it is there;  just like the air we breathe – it is invisible yet present.

Included in our body is an aura energy field, and when photographed its image is a beautiful field full of a variety of colours, which are created by the vibrational level of our  emotional, mental and physical state of health.  The possible colours present in our energy field are the same as those of the rainbow; so we are a part of the energy present in our external world.

I do Aura Energy Photography so it is possible to view your own aura energy field at that moment in time.  It is a deeply connecting experience to see the beauty of your chi energy structure, and opens the mind to the possibilities of what that can mean for you.

Exploring Your Aura Energy Field

You can then explore how you can work with the information these images give you to discover ways you can clear, balance and open your chakras so they are optimally functioning and better provide your energy field and body with chi/prana energy flow. This in turn will feed your body with the purer energy you need for increased physical health and vitality, mental and emotional calm, and raise your energy field’s vibrational level for greatly improved connection with your intuition, motivation, self confidence and life purpose, and improve your Law of Attraction and the ease and grace it arrives in your life.

Repairing Your Aura Energy Field

By working with the energy of specific music and tonal Sound and Colour Rays as a vibration you improve the energy flow in your aura energy field through dissolving blockages.  You will then over time start to raise the metabolic or general rate your energy field vibrates at most of the time.  These vibrational waves are absorbed through skin, cells and bone as well as auditorily and visually.  The waves pass right through our aura energy field and body, giving the ability to re-tune our body & clear and open the aura energy field to an optimal higher vibrational rate.  This positive high energy then flows into the rest of your body and through into your life.

You feel much happier, and your interactions with others greatly improves.  This chart demonstrates how your natural behavior improves as your vibrational rates is increased.

Lower emotions have a lower vibration, and are seen in the slower colour vibrations spectrum, higher emotions such as Love, Joy and Willingness are higher emotions and in this state your consciousness expands.

Working with the pure energy of specific Sound, Colour and Divine Light as vibrational frequencies, high vibration oils and essences are tools that can assist you to achieve this energy balancing within your aura energy.

Ian Smith test w Gold rpt 4 Apr 13.pdf - Adobe Reader

Aura photography adds to your experience giving a visual reference to what is happening with your aura energy field and chakras, in additional to the Sound Massage effortlessly leaving you deeply relaxed and revitalised physically, mentally and emotionally calm and clear and much more connected within yourself for insights, higher awareness, receiving Knowings and information that can assist you with ‘what’s next’ and ideas of how to do it.

A cleaned and upgraded Aura Energy = A New You

If you are keen to investigate, record and interactively work with raising your rate of vibration, and clearing, opening and balancing your aura energy field and chakras, using the benefit of before and after aura energy photos, I can assist you.

Please call or email with any questions, as I am happy to provide more information – 0404 619 148 or email me at

© Copyright 2013 Julia Smith

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