Easter Island Stargate Anchoring in the New Earth Frequencies – Amazing

March 21, 2013

Easter Island Stargate Anchoring in the New Earth Frequencies

Easter Island Stargate – Anchoring in the New Earth Frequencies of Light March 2013, an incredible unique experience!

My journey to Chile on the EarthKeeper pilgrimage was a very big time for me.  An honour. An Adventure. A Bigtime Soul Expansion.

Join me as I weave the tale of the trail through places of incredible natural wonder, vortexes of incredible power, experiences of incredible learning.    with Julia Smith

Ok, so I’d been receiving enewsletters from the EarthKeeper crowd for years. And received – just through reading the Metatron channellings – many unleashings of inner knowings/connections about different ancient information, activations in my self and energy field, and was wildly consumed by intaking the information on Earth and all it’s inhabitants evolvement that was given.  Lord Metatron kept showing up in many places for me and this was one of the biggies.

So, when I received the enewsletter that EarthKeeper would be taking a pilgrimage to Chile – Patagonia and Easter Island – to be part of the group to anchor the New Cosmic Frequencies for 2013 right on the March Equinox, something deep stirred deep within me. I deeply wanted to go. I felt the pull of the Lemurian connection there.  True to my nature I felt I should check in with the Ascended Masters as to if it was agreeable for me to go.

So I checked in with them and after a tad of discussion they said Yes, I could go and Be of Service!   They said I was to record a very specific meditation and to do that in the moments I felt a ‘nudge’ to do it.  They have given me “A Job to Do”.  I am very honoured with this trust.

if you want to know how to bring these types of experiences into your life – Gratitude is the Key!   You can do a Gratitude prayer feeling the Joy of you already have it in your life: bringing the future into the Now.

So on 12-12-12 I booked my tickets and registered myself on the tour!  A pivotal date and moment.  Then on 10 March 2013, with meditation in hand and a cache of tumblestone crystals, I boarded the plane on my first solo overseas adventure in 20 years.  It’s a big deal and I was really happy that Metatron was Overlighting this trip for our group.

Courage:  The first challenge that came up was the flight was delayed in Auckland NZ by 6 hours (I found out later this is a given when flying with LAN)…this meant I would miss my connecting flight in Santiago to Puenta Arenas, and I would miss the transfer car from airport to the town too (my safety net). Not Happy!  Then while at the airport I did not listen to my intuition and take my opportunity to go into an internet cafe and just email the transfer co and tell them of the delay and hope they would be able to find out when I would arrive.  As it turned out I would be landing there at 1am…very cold, dark, bleak, alone there then…

On the flight from Santiago to Puenta Arenas I was really stressed about my transfer and so I spent a lot of time in meditation and prayer asking for divine assistance to ensure my safety in that a taxi or something would be there with an ethical driver.  I eventually Saw a huge bear of a man with a beard in my mind’s eye and his heart had a brilliant white light that got bigger and bigger.  I felt then that it would all be ok.

So I disembark onto the tarmac in Puenta Arenas in the dead of night, in the freezing cold,  walking into a very small building that is the airport, and our passenger crowd is milling around when this huge bear of a man with a bushy beard, pushes his way through talking in very loud Spanish shooing people outside.  I’m thinking “Woah Are you Serious?” this is who I Saw! So I approach him, and he shoos me outside towards his van and people are piling in, so, hello, I just get in!  No questions asked!  Full Trust!

He drives off into the night, and turns and, in Spanish, is asking where people are going.  I tell him, but he can’t understand!  I speak really slowly and he gets it and all is ok.  I make it to the Hotel, no problem, and the desk is staffed even at 2am!  In a tiny town!  Miracles definitely happen.  :)))

Puenta Arenas is Chile’s most southern town on the tip of Chile.  Boats leave here to do the tours to Antarctica.  There are a lot of travel co’s advertising sailing there to see the penguins, icebergs, last frontier adventure trips etc.  It’s really surreal.  I meet up with the tour the next day the 12th March (my Birthday! and 12 is a recurring number for me too),  and meet my roomy ‘Sofia’ who is Aussie too, from the Gold Coast.


Our group is taken on the Big Bus Ride out through the countryside into the Patagonia National Park.  It is Stunning!  The mountains are breathtaking, the air crisp and clear, the scenery is spectacular.  We pass so many amazingly beautiful places people are charging all over the bus with their cameras.  Sofia was pretty much in my lap a lot of the time as I was in the window seat and apparently most of the good shots were at that spot!

The next day we are specifically journeying out to the Violet Towers.

These are huge pillars of rock which are incredible receivers of cosmic frequenices which they intake into the Earth.  This is one of the big ways Gaia receives cosmic direction of evolution information into Herself.  There is a pure and beautiful lake right beside them, and as water is a magnificent storage unit for energy wave frequency information, the waters are finely tuned to those vibrations.

I take the attitude approach of I am on a pilgrimage, and adopt a reverent state.  I honour the land and the Spiritual Beings of Light that are the Guardians and give my thanks and love, and a message of our peaceful visit.  I have brought tumblestone crystals to leave as an offering.  These Towers are a sacred place, performing a Sacred Service, and the power of the Crystalline Nature of Rocks (crystals within rock structure too) commands Respect.

Once we have gathered by the lake shore, our group leader calls us into a Circle, and he leads us through a shamanic style honouring of the place, four directions and Spirits and his rhythmic drumming take us into unity, into a meditative state, into attuning into our role here.

We spend three hours by the lake, lunching, meditating, wading in the cool crystal clear waters.  I place my tumblestones around the area, and do my meditation.  I find myself tuning more and more into this place.  The water, the land, the trees, the native birds and animals, the flowers, those amazing pillars of rock that are the Violet Towers.  This place feels so pure…  As I meditate under the watch of the Violet Towers and exchanging energy with the Land, I feel so honoured this fox joins me.

As I sit there contemplating I think this Question:  Why has Lord Metatron had us come to Patagonia?  Why not straight to Easter Island?  I contemplate this deeply, as I feel there is something very important going on.  I then realise (well, probably part of it!) we have been brought to this vortex, which is a step up energetically from all the cities vibration level that we usually reside in, to upgrade our energy fields preparing them for the much much higher vibration level of Easter Island which is not only a Vortex, but a Star Gate and the Umbilical Cord of the Earth – one of only two on the planet – that is the direct connection to Source.

We must upgrade our energies to be able to even Be of Service energetically and do the job we are needed to do – anchor these new (unfamiliar) very high frequencies.  If we don’t, then our vibration will not be at a sufficiently fast enough rate to be able to even receive those energies and allow them to fill our body and pass through into the Earth – acting like an acupuncture needle.

As I realise this I take a lot of our time at the Violet Towers in meditation just to be Open to Receive the energies available at this place and raise my inner vibration levels.  This is a good thing to do, as it also is practice to maintain my level of concentration during the meditations, and cement into my mind to not drift off into other thoughts (all too easy for that to happen!).  So by the time we board the bus to leave I feel very calm, centered, filled with uplifted feelings, and content.  We all are so jovial on the bus, and there is a lot of singing and laughing all around me.

We also spend a while at this beautiful waterfall.  I find it amazing but I always find myself at waterfalls.  I am very attuned to the element of Water, and the rushing of the water I feel is so purifying and attuned to the Earth as the water fluidly moves over the rocks and through the crevices and cracks seeping into all places, and so it carries the energy of Mother Gaia in every droplet.  It feels so restful, especially after that time at the Violet Towers.  Just Beautiful!  🙂

Holographic Happenings – 3 times I experienced being in a Holographic environment.  Time stood still.  There was no time.  Everything looked like it was in a painting.  A bird swooped through in the distance and looked like it left a trail of colour behind it.  Twice at Patagonia while I stood in lake waters gazing at a double peaked mountain.  Then again on Easter Island at one of the volcano crater lakes, super powerful energies standing in a Holograph world.  I collected water from this lake and then programmed the vibration into a small Ametrine generator I had with me.  What happens in this instance?  I feel a complete recalibration of your energy field occurs, unique for you according to your vibration and the keys and codes you hold in your energy field.

We are living in amazing times.  If you embrace your spiritual aspect your life becomes very interesting, exciting and uplifting.

We are in the times of Ascension

Copyright 2013 Julia Smith

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