Jerusalem, Israel: City of Ascension-WOW!

February 7, 2016


Wowza!  What a place!

I’m blown away by the incredibleness, the diversity, the ancient history in this city a;  this is such a must experience!  :)))

Come explore, walk in honour, immerse in this place    …with Julia Smith.

The Land Speaks to Us

The first thing to understand about Jerusalem is this is a very powerful place – the land is powerful.

Jerusalem is built upon a hill, and the lower part of the hill is quite steep; falling away into two narrow valleys.

One valley is called the Valley of Judgement

The other is called the Valley of Hell

What does this mean?  To me it is a direct reference to the way the vortex here operates, the node of which is right under King Solomon’s Temple / City of David / the Dome of the Rock all which sit upon this spot.  These pics give you a good idea of the rolling hills – the first is of the olive groves outside old Jerusalem and the second is of the ancient cemetery right opposite old Jerusalem.  If a family wish to house the remains of their ancestors here it is around USD$40,000 to purchase a space!!

Vortex Signature Energy Frequency

All vortex’s carrying their own energy signature frequency and so have their own unique role.  Here is no different.  The vortex here is an energy creating pure duality:  black and white – bringing out extreme dark and light aspects of ourselves.  This explains why there is so much chaos here.  It is very very easy to suddenly find yourself falling into fear, anger, anxiety and disagreement with other people.  This is why is it is such a test to be here – like the ultimate test of ‘can I hold my Light’, can I remain present 100% of the time so I am alert to the pitfalls of falling into my shadow aspect????

The challenge is to pass the test of this place – how to??

No Judgement, otherwise you fall into the Hell of negative emotions, thoughts and behaviour, and so fail the test of holding your Light.  Through holding your tongue in Silence and your thoughts to remain in peace and serenity, while surrounded by the chaos of those not doing this.  The Valleys very names give us the clue.  How incredible is this!  Those who named it They Knew It!

So, to me if a person has anchored a high enough percentage of Divine Light at a cellular level in their body and pass the test in this place of not falling into the temptation of negative reaction you have the possibility/opportunity to Ascend – as in Master Jesus “Ascended to the right hand of God Almighty”.

The City of Ascension!

And so it is!

See my other posts to learn how I worked with the energy here and what happened!  Very exciting!

In Peace,


Date visited: February 2016

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