~ Grand Canyon – Music is Magic While White Water Rafting the Colorado River

December 2, 2015

16 Days White Water Rafting the Colorado River, held within the Snaking walls of the Grand Canyon!  

That’s One…Big…Workshop!!! 

Walk with me……….with Julia Smith 

When taking on a great big challenge, one great thing to ensure is included is lots of uplifting, fun, and nurturing activities.

So blessed to be travelling with a talented band of musicians, Kevin James, Peia Bird, Shenteh Caroll, Peter Schuster, Sofia Johnsson, Don Paris and many others adding their amazing vocals – taking us all to new heights of inner bliss, harmonising, and joy in nature.

The Music, The Songs, The Blessings, The Group Energy, the Presence of Great Beings

Sacred Song – This trip was also about coming together in Sacred Song.  Today we are not alone; there are many high vibration Beings that grace us with their presence, in the form of Orbs – they are clearly visible in this pic.

Many instruments were carted up steep cliffs that we hiked, traversing boulders, cactuses, watching out for rattlers, in temperatures of over 100F!

Beauty Alert!  The places we landed in are so beautiful, so high in energy, so refreshing as we swam in waterholes or stood beneath cascading waterfalls it took your breath away.

Plus the bonus – it was so so much cooler than in the heat on the river!

The Call of the Land – Many many times we were treated to magical places to set up our circle to sing our hearts out.  This Sacred Cave along the shores of the Colorado River is incredible!

This pic just doesn’t do justice to the size inside, nor share with you the soft soft sand of ancient sandstone ground to powder, of the resonance factor with the low cave roof.

We all stood in wonder of this Cave set in an already amazing setting of a living Natural Cathedral.

Being One in Community – Here our group sat in community with one another in our Circle, bringing together our energies, creating a powerful Circle of our own Light.

We soaked in the soaring melodies of ancient sacred songs, we drank in music infused with Spirit of Heart in devotional singing, and we were additionally blessed with the musical talents members of our group were able to contribute.

 Grottos filled with Water and Earth Elementals – The take-your-breath-away magic of the waterfalls we were blessed to cleanse our bodies and also our energy fields with its pure water made us all feel we had been transported to another place;  awakening within us our natural connection with the earth and elementals, melding our Beings back into our Natural State of Connection with All.

Many of these places the energy was so high we were sitting in a vortex, and its energy knocked us out.

We intended to sing, but pretty soon everyone was napping!

By late afternoon we were setting up our camp, and our guides cooked up the most delicious meals – we had a huge array of yummy food!

We are blessed to have incredible views from our “waterfront apartments”.

Sacred Journey:  New Moon to Full Moon – We started our journey on the New Moon, a great time to set Intentions so combining your intention with the support of the powerful vibration of the New Moon.  From our cots lined up under the stars, we were treated to a night time show of all the Milkyway stars, shooting stars and watching the Heavens moving as the hours passed.

We finished our journey on the Full Moon, and while the stars were not so visible, we were graced with the moon’s energy flooding us all night long illuminating the great cliffs.  I had the incredible experience of feeling the moon’s energy flooding my crown chakra and I Opened to Receive this energy, and felt it move down through my whole body.  I welcomed in the powerful Sophia energy of the Divine Feminine, and was sorry when I fell asleep and missed feeling it all night long!

So many sing-alongs! – tying all our rafts together as we have a jam session lead by the infamous Kevin James, Chief Chanter,  in the middle of the Colorado River!

So   much    fun !!!

Soaring Soprano Angelic Tones – On this day we moored by the side of the river and tied our rafts up to trees or boulders so we can again create a large craft of rafts!  We were treated to this incredible performance by Peia Bird:

This was a spontaneous moment of magic, where our group is treated to a spine-tingling treat of Peia’s soaring angelic voice.  Her angelic tones literally reverberated up and through the Grand Canyon walls.

An incredible moment of Stillness in time.

Ode to Moments of magic:

Hiking up into a canyon

Into the coolness of the shade

and Being in a place of incredible beauty.

Granted the time for Just Being

and so immersed in nature

and feeling into the very walls of these places.

Silence Silence cracks me open

into the Great Space of The Void.

For I AM.

Chanting of Sacred Song with Kevin James and our Tribe of Troubadours!

This beautiful moment captures members of our group honing their musical skills playing along with Kevin (in blue), Shenteah (on his right) and Peia (on Shenteah’s right) – as Peter, Don (partially seen) and Sophia add their magic.

The Blessing of Sacred Rain – When it rains, particularly in the desert, it is received as Sacred Rain.  Water is the sustainer of all life; and so commands respect.

As it is August now, and so monsoon time, so it is more likely to rain, and it is the time in the Grand Canyon that this place is relying on receiving its majority of rains for the entire year.

Today we experienced one of the spectacular thunderstorms in the Canyon.  Thunder rolls up the canyon, lightning crackling across the skies, and a blustering squall of rain whips us, moving up the Canyon at a pace.

Awestruck – We all sat in awe as torrential rain teamed upon us and suddenly waterfalls were popping out everywhere!  Water gushing over the canyon rim high above is amazing and we are all calling out “Beauty Alert” and “there’s another one!”.  It is not many people who like boating or camping in the rain but this sight was worth it all, and we all felt the Heavens smiled upon us, as it is not many who get to experience such a sight.

So many special moments, so much natural beauty, so many friendships forged, so much change within.  So Blessed!

Special thanks to Richard and Rob at Ocean’s and Rivers, and the oars people who took such amazing great care of us; you made the journey great.


Date visited: August 2015

You can see my additional work with the BodhiBed sound & music vibration therapy by visiting my website Julia Smith at www.innertranquillity.com.au

© Copyright 2015 Julia Smith

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