About Julia Smith

Embrace your turning point

When you finally decide to embrace the realisation there is a lot more to you, a lot more to your life and make the decision to explore, become more and more open minded, to listen to your intuition and gut feelings, to choose to follow what it takes to improve yourself, you then open the door to creating your own better and more fulfilling life.

Only you can choose this new direction.

I am here to help you navigate the multitude of choices of How to do this.

Julia Smith

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Thank you for your interest in my journey to who I Am Now!

I have been on a huge journey of transformation, over many years, to arrive at this Now moment as my True Self.  Currently I am doing lots of different things!

We are in the time of the Great Ascension of the planet and all beings who live upon Her; and we all have a role to play!  And the first task to stepping into this role is to raise our vibration; to connect, understand, accept love and embody our True Self.  During this process of loving and accepting all parts of our self, our role reveals it’s self to us.

Who knows where this will all lead.  I am on the journey of the Excitement of the Mystery!  It’s very exciting!!

My Musical Childhood

Gift to me:  the realisation how directly music and notes impact our emotions

During my childhood I studied music –playing the piano for 12 years and studying practical and theory both at school at in my free time, taking my exams with the Australian Music Examination Board.

In these young formative years I realised how enmeshed our emotions are with sound tones and music as organised sound.  It can take us to the highs of ecstasy and the lows of feeling blue.  Being highly sensitive meant being on a roller coaster of my own emotions every day and my music soothed and nourished me.

Stock and Share Broking and Personal Development

Gift to me:  the importance of benchmarking – tracking where I was compared to where I am now.  Walking from Materialism to Enlightenment

In the 1980’s I was working in Finance, in Share Broking up until 2011.  However at this same time I immersed myself for years in the realms of “Personal Development”.  This taught me many skills in identifying and understanding how we are completely programmed from a child in our beliefs, values, reactions, fears, loves – programmed emotions and thought forms – we are a product of our DNA, our environment and people’s traits who are closest to us.  Unravelling the negative impact and low vibration I took on became the key.

Steering the Ship

Gift to me:  Self Observation, Transmutation, Self Mastery

Then in 2007 I hit an internal crisis.  I decided to make that “my year” – working part-time and then dedicating the rest of the time to meditation, reading a huge pile of spiritual and self help books I had collected.

My time since 2007 has been a huge effort – facing up time after time to my shadow side – accepting it, loving it, going through forgiveness, allowing the process without judgement, neutralising Karma, and opening to receive high vibration energy to replace the energy that was leaving.

It has taken huge Trust and regular working with a powerful and gifted Spiritual Mentor and energy healers became invaluable.

The Epiphany

Gift to me:  Divine intervention with the key of music, sound, colour and energy

A profound awakening in early 2008, during an intense time of meditation, contemplation and research I was delivered from the Universe a deep connection and understanding of the power of sound waves in music.  I instantly understood the impact they have on our mind and body – how they can re-code us, recalibrate us and we need to consciously choose which once we need to expose ourselves for better health and wellbeing.

As I was in deep mediation and contemplation on the question "What unites the Universe as One" the answer came loud and clear "Sound waves.  Vibration energy waves."  Vibrational waves and lines of energy are the information carriers throughout the universe. They are what unify us.  And there are billions of them traversing the Universe; a massive information highway, connecting everything together, facilitating communication everywhere.

When I discovered Sound Therapy and the significance of vibrational waves, in particular sound and colour waves for human beings, she began researching and exploring the technology being developed around the world.  She found that in many countries sound and colour was a developed field and now a scientifically validated therapy.  Her research found that all musical sound notes have a vibrational energy rate, colour waves have their own vibrational energy rate and corresponding musical tonal note and also human emotions have a vibrational energy rate.

In the years since, I have spent an extraordinary amount of time and energy working on removing stored negative emotional vibrational energy waves from the cells in my body.  This has resulted in the dramatic improvement in my relationship with myself and how I interact with events happening around me. She has also worked tirelessly to bring this amazing technology to the Australian market, making it available to all who wish to improve their lives.

I am passionate and dedicated to this incredible technology and knowledge, as one of the first Australian practitioners, will continue to advocate for these life-changing therapies through the Power of Sound, Colour and Vibrational Energy Therapies.

My first business, Inner Tranquillity & Peace, was birthed and I have loved every minute working with many aspects of music, sound notes, colour, energy and many other tools plus opening my ability to receive divine energy I can share.

It has culminated in my current powerful process of Transformational Energetic Healing – a unique combination of music therapy, musical sound notes of a transforming quality, colour ray therapy, medicinal plant oils and energetic healing.  The ultimate in nurturing, relaxation and aligning with your best self and highest life path – rediscovering your True Self and the Freedom that comes with that.

Earth-grid Lightworker

Gift to me:  Discovering amazing talents, experiencing incredible moments

In 2011 my energy work with the Earth’s crystalline grid commenced, when I visited Machu Picchu in Peru.  An incredible series of experiences happened.  You can read about some of these Earth energy events on my Earths Playground blog page.

Since then I have travelled to many amazing places on this beautiful planet.  The majority of my traveling destinations have come forward to me, the synchronicities in play.

Continued Soul Expansion

Gift to me:  Acceptance of the All That Is

More recent years have been dedicated to profound energetic upgrades, expanding my energy field, and embodying my True Self, which unlocks my unique gifts, talents and pure expression of my Essence.

These days living is so different to way-back-when – it’s flowing from each Now moment to the next, tuning in and feeling What is Next, infusing high energy into that, and Just Being in inner stillness, Peace, Joy and the richness of life.

This is such an abridged version of My Story, I hope it gives you a glimpse into what transformation can look like and inspires you to make the journey.  It is incredible, it is revealing, it leads to YOU.


Certified Life Purpose Coach
Certified Meditation Facilitator
Certified Pranic Healing Practitioner
AMEB Piano Practical and Theory examinations
Certified Therapeutic Grade YLO Essential Oils Egyptian Clearing Technique
Flower Essences training

Professional Affiliations


The International Institute for Complementary Therapists

Providing Professional Affiliation for the Natural Health Industry.


International Sound Healers Association

The International Sound Healers Association is the association I am registered with and are hear to assist education and raise awareness about the profound assistance music and sound bring to our lives.

Founded by Jonathon Goldman who is international recognised.



http://www.selfgrowth.com  - Read about my work at http://www.selfgrowth.com/experts/julia_smith - an international supporter of self help.

Academy of Light

Read about my recommendation from the Academy of Light at http://www.aol.org.au/about/afflilates/.


Charities I love to support

Australian Rainforest Foundation

Working for tropical rainforest preservation through purchasing rainforest blocks of land to conserve native flora and fauna.


I support ARF as they are in alignment with my passion that much work needs to be done to preserve natural habitats, and work with scientists and indigenous peoples to create beautiful, sustainable and appreciated wilderness areas.

ARF also support the creation of cutting edge medicines to be made from exotic plants found in these pristine locations.

Royal Prince Alfred Cancer Unit

The RPA does fantastic work with those who are suffering with Cancer, and we are so happy to have had this opportunity to assist in their efforts.