Jerusalem Israel – Anchoring of the Dove

February 1, 1917

Jerusalem Israel 

Jerusalem Israel:  Anchoring the Dove.  Jerusalem is a major Sacred Site.  A major Vortex.  A place of Ascension – many have ascended here.  It is a hub of energy with many energy ley lines running out from it.  It is a place of extreme duality – black and white, either you are walking and staying on your path aligned to The Light, or not.  It is very easy to fall out of alignment and the lower human emotions take you down the spiral into a lower state of being.  Meditation, alignment, prayer, meditation, vigilant self awareness are all in play here if you want to stay in your highest vibrational state of being.

No words can describe the depths of feeling when you stand at the Wailing Wall.

Surrounded by military in this sacred space, the extreme duality of this place is right in your face.

The Walk of the Precession through the streets of Old Jerusalem

I Am blessed to have arrived in Jerusalem on a Friday and in time to witness Shabbat – the start of the Holy Sabbath, Friday night to Saturday night.  A place when the Wailing Wall is restricted to  the Jewish only so they can worship, come together in community, dance and sing in celebration.

I arrive at Damascus Gate at dusk and pass through the ancient gate, as so many others have done over the centuries.  I stroll down the old flagstone pathway, passing the bazaar stalls.

As I near the Wailing Wall, I suddenly find myself walking in Procession style – slowing, my awareness expanding of all around me, my feet carefully and purposely being placed one after the other.  I am away the Divine has come into my field, and I respond immediately. I wonder what is happening?  I know I am to work with a specific prayer “The Prayer of Peace” which connects with the energy of Peace of The Dove, but I don’t know where, I don’t know when.  Maybe now.  I realise I haven’t brought the written prayer with me (a long one, 1 A4 page long), and I instantly decide to let go and let God.

I arrive at the Wailing Wall, and it is incredible.  You actually can’t believe you are standing there. You see the crowds milling, the Jewish prayer sections closed off to them, segregated into men’s and women’s sections.  I send out my awareness to fill the square and my consciousness up opening to the Heavens.

I had been there 5 minutes when I feel and then See a great energy coming down from the Heavens.  White and pure it takes the shape of The Dove, it’s wings outstretched, huge, it is way bigger than me.  The energy is intense, and I open to receive and welcome it, and it continues down down into my crown, filling my whole body.  I Am the Dove.  I feel the wings.  I feel the Peace.  I feel the Power of that Peace as it completely consumes me.


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