Upgrading Your Natural Resonance Frequency

March 28, 2012

Upgrading Your Natural Resonance Frequency, Your Vibration Quality

Upgrading your natural resonance frequency, your vibration, is such an important focus.

How do you find peace within ?  How do you move through life’s events with a clear quiet head ?  How do you attract the experiences we prefer most of the time ?  It’s through clearing and balancing all four aspects of the human being – physically, emotionally, mentally and our human energy field.  This is through clearing negative behaviour & belief systems and energy blocks in our personal resonance frequency held in our entire body.

Reducing what stresses us internally clears our energy field bringing in balance in these four aspects of ourselves; and balance brings in Harmony.  Harmony through happiness with ourselves, Harmony in our interactions with others.

Personal Resonance Frequency Power

Every thought that you have actually sends out an electromagnetic wave from the base of the heart that has a measurable effect in your life, in every moment of your life. The truth is that all matter is scientifically proven to be simply vibrating energy waves.  You are vibrating and sending out these energy waves which are sound/colour energy waves and each contains information on each wave which are hertz frequency lines of energy – this is what is attracting events into your life; your calling card.

To upgrade your personal vibration rate that you are emitting, ensure you are clearing out of your body of stressful negative energy waves which are attracting those types of events, and upgrading your vibrational energy into sending out calm peaceful positive and uplifting energy waves which will then attract in more positive experiences into your life.  This is the Law of Attraction in Action.  This is called raising your personal vibration.

Each one of your thoughts literally sends a powerful wave of information which directly influences and shapes the world around us, know this you can begin to make changes in your life that weigh you quality of life in your favor and directly or indirectly change the world you live in.  The emotional quality of your thoughts and feelings you have most of the time are what are going to determine the quality of your experiences.

What’s Your Resonance Frequency?

Each thought you have has a different frequency and it’s these frequencies that operate in a cause and effect manner. The exciting thing about that is that you have the ability to cause your own effect in life.

Some would say that all you need to do is meditate to bring back a more peaceful and happy life free of stress however meditation is not always as easy as some make it look, in fact the world right now is becoming more and more stressful making it a much harder task to gain a positive mental and physical state, as well as finding the time to go into contemplation and meditation.

The Good Resonance In You

The good news is that we now have the power to harness these positive resonance frequencies with tools such as Transformational Energetic Healing, Sound Frequency Healing, Colour Therapy and high vibration products to literally put you into a positive state very quickly making your ability to change your state in life much easier, quicker and longer lasting, all helping you to use your heart’s power to unlock you true state of being which is relaxed, confident, focused and loved.

Contact Us To Find Out How You Can Balance Your Personal Resonance Natural Frequency – it is simple and so enjoyable.

Julia Smith

© 2012 Julia Smith

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