Sound Therapy is Amazing For Energy Balancing

June 12, 2012

Sound Therapy Clears, Heals and Balances Your Energy

Sound Therapy

Sound therapy is not only deeply relaxing but cuts through old low vibration dense emotional energy, helping you to balance your energy.  It’s not something we think about much, but the fact is we all, everything on this planet and in the universe that is made of physical matter, is vibrating.  It is a low subtle vibration we are so used to from the time we are born, that we don’t notice it or perceive it in anything around us.  However, it is a fact that we all are vibrating at a particular hertz frequency rate and sound therapy could just me the answer.

Sound Therapy And You?

We have a base metabolic frequency rate at rest when our emotions are neutral or peaceful, however, the frequency rate changes as our emotions change.  We feel ‘up’ when feeling the higher vibrational rate emotions such as love, joy, contentment and we feel ‘down’ when we are experiencing lower vibrational rate emotions such as anger, fear, guilt, shame.  Shame carries the lowest vibrational frequency rate and Joy is one of the highest vibrational frequency rates.  Sound therapy can dramatically change these rates.

As our lives are typically incredibly changeable we humans are usually on a rollercoaster ride of emotional reactions to these events.  Stress builds, the amount of negative emotional experiences increases as we move from one stressful event to another without completely having processed, learned from, and then released each of these negative lower vibrational emotions so we are back at least to our base neutral metabolic frequency rate, or higher.  We can get stuck in a lower vibration.  And this can lead to anxiety, depression and manifesting physical illness.

Sound Therapy To Balance Your Energy

The power of sound therapy as a tool to break stuck negative unprocessed emotions has been used for thousands of years and is still used today in many eastern cultures, such as by Tibetan monks.  They understand that specifically selected sound vibrational frequency waves can cut through lower frequencies, creating an opportunity through sound therapy to raise your vibration back into the higher emotional states.

This is where sound therapy is used for energy balancing.  Scientists have been working for some decades now in proving playing uplifting music in sound therapy and specific sound therapy frequencies directly into the body has dramatic beneficial effects on the human body, helping you let go of lower emotional reactions to past events and thereby raising your emotional vibration through increasing your connection to your natural joyous state.

Sound Frequency Healing is an incredibly efficient and easy way to achieve this. This technology directly plays into your body scientifically developed sound frequencies or uplifting music, causing the body to vibrate or resonate throughout.  Over 60% of stress and tension can be released with sound therapy, anxiety and depression are reduced, soothing the nervous system, opening the chakras so chi energy flow increases and calming the mind for clarity and increasing coping skills.

Healing With Sound Therapy

Your mental, emotional and physical bodies are deeply calmed, allowing the sound frequencies and music, while you are in this relaxed state, to raise your vibration frequency.  Regular treatment can help re-train your body and mind to let go of negative emotions and start living in a calmer state.

© Julia Smith June 2012

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