8. Selcuk, Turkey – Wonderous House of Lady Mary

May 10, 2014

This place is incredible!

The vibration here cannot be ignored, cannot be dismissed, it is as plain as day!  Come find out more ……     with Julia Smith

It starts in the Carpark!  On arriving in the carpark which is a way away from the House, I can already feel this strong energy laying over the area. It is strong, clear, calm and so peaceful. The surrounding forest and gardens only add to the atmosphere here and are so beautiful.

Amazing public information!  On walking up the path surrounded by garden, there is an information board about this place. This House was discovered through psychic visions, of a German nun who had never been here. I find it funny that people find the term “revelations” seems to make this method acceptable.!  She wrote a book describing in clear detail that this was the last house Lady Mary lived in, how it looked and where it was. An investigation party found it from her descriptions.

The House of Mary – is very small, and made of stones, a very humble place. No photography inside is allowed as it is a shrine and a place of pilgrimage, declared a Holy Site by The Vatican and a number of Popes’ have been here for Ceremonies.

Starseeds & Being in the Flow – When I connected with the feeling of how much work Lady Mary did in this area and it was planned in this House and Her Church of Divine Practice, together with the Disciple St John and many others who helped, it brings the situation to life – they Allowed the Flow of the Work to manifest.  This is the job of Starseeds today – to Just Be and Allow Divine Flow to bring forward each step showing us The Way.

Watch That Ego!  It is important to remember Life is the Workshop – doing one spiritual practice a day or a week is not Being in Divine Flow; it is so easy for our Ego Lower Mind to tells we are.  It is with constant vigilance of Being in the noticing of our thoughts, feelings and ego based beliefs that will give us the clue – are we in Surrender to Divine Will and Flow?

Respect and Reverence – On entering the House, in an attitude of respect and reverence, you pass through a small room, into a larger room where there is a large altar with Mary and other relics. There are only a few chairs, and many people (particularly Catholics) came in falling to their knees in prayer and praise of Mary. I sit there in meditation to reach a calm state and absorb the incredibly powerful calmness. My monkey-mind makes a still mind difficult to reach, but that energy is so strong I am happy to just sit and absorb it.

A group of four young people, maybe in their early twenties, came in and a girl started taking photos on her Iphone and they all were quickly shown out looking bewildered !

Death in Art – I love this garden in the corner of the House of Mary – a blasted stump of an ancient tree amalgamated into the design of the garden bed, surrounded by delicate flowers !

There are candles you can buy on your way out, and you pass through another very small room to go out the exit. It is literally a 3 room house, 2 rooms very small.

Peacefulness Prevails – Outside the silent peacefulness pervades, and I light a candle in honour of the Ascended Masters thanking them for their support of me and all people.

By the time I leave, the strong calmness of this place stays with me and I still feel it now as I write this.

Energy Imprint – This place not only left its energy imprint on me, but also the significance of the fact that the work of highly evolved spiritual masters never stops.  It has a momentum and constant manifestation of affecting people wherever they are. They attract people wherever they go and it is lasting, transcending time through the stories and buildings that appear.

What a great day – love it !!!

In Peace


Date visited Selcuk: 20-04-2014

You can see my additional work with the BodhiBed by visiting my website Julia Smith at www.innertranquillity.com.au

© Copyright 2014 Julia Smith

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