9. Aphrodisias – A Haven in the Turkish Countryside

June 2, 2014

Aphrodisias, gorgeous soft loving energy

Road to Discovery!  Driving in Turkey is easy except for being on the other side of the road and the street signs being in Turkish! If you’re good with map reading and a confident driver then it’s not much different to driving in Australia.  It’s a lovely discovery finding the ruins of Aphrodisias are on the way driving to Pamukkale and so naturally decided this is a must stop; and the great thing about driving yourself around.

Tractor Transfers!  I love the drive through the countryside and we arrive at Aphrodisias ruins. You have to park up the road and pay to be driven for the five minutes to the entrance, in carriages pulled by a tractor !

Being Present to the Land and Nature – It is just lovely here and the feeling so soft. I enter the Aphrodisias site kicking into Being Present and enjoying the moment walking amongst the shady trees, being in the countryside and nature, and becoming attuned to the feeling here.

The first place in the ruins I come to is The Sebastian. It is near the old bathhouses and there is a lot of stonework lying around with many meticulously carved faces looking at you.

Meditation – I see a shaded little grassy area under a few trees overlooking the Sebastian and there is no-one there – perfect for my meditation ! Nice and cool as it’s so hot in the sun – must be 30 degrees and I can feel myself getting sunburned – and it’s only April !

I spread my things out on the large flat blocks and choose another flat stone to set up my meditation place.

Acceptance – Literally just as I put the bag down scores of people turn up !! A busload of people must have just turned up.  They flock in, they mill around, they hover around me ! It is quite phenomenal ! I see how easy it would be to become irritated and I feel it start to rise in me; but then it quickly subsides as I realise they are a part of what I am doing since they turned up. I only have to silently welcome them in, knowing it is all meant to be.

Connecting with the Earth’s Core – I set up the space, and start the meditation with all the noise and people. I ground my energy to the core of the Earth and the Earth responds, and as I pass back up through the crystalline grid I’m amazed as the rainbow serpent spontaneously joins in the Earth’s energy cord, the sparkly white cord becomes rainbow colours and this energy comes all the way up into my base chakra and up through all the chakras into the Merkabah soul star chakra above my head. This is an unusual occurrence as I haven’t had it spontaneously happen before. The energy is powerful and pours out of the Merkabah all around me and out of my body filling my energy field up and when I put the pink orb around me it is a clear pink that infuses my energy field, and then the blue orb around that is also a clear blue orb filling my energy field and all the space around me. I feel this absorbed into the Earth.

I come out of the meditation and open my eyes and I can’t believe it but a man and his wife are literally sitting right next to me having their lunch ! By now most of the people have left. Of all the vacant places to sit, they choose here ! Apparently the wife offered me slices of orange while I was meditating and after being told I was meditating she sat down next to me again, LOL !!  🙂Joy Abounds in the Air!

As usual, I wonder was my meditation connection strong enough with all the noise around me – and I straight away see two swallow birds swooping and turning together in joyous flight !

Once again Joy is the first thing I see !  I feel so happy when I see them flying in harmony through the ruins and into the trees, accepting this confirmation.

Loving the Love!

Profound connection to Aphrodisias – Finally I come to the main entrance – one last beautiful piece of architecture with tall columns and intricate carvings in the stone caps. I decided to sit in it and do my own meditation. It is quiet and serene. As I sit there going quiet and deep within myself I suddenly am overwhelmed by a strong wafting scent of flowers; perhaps jasmine. I feel the sense of a great Being with me, of great Beauty, Joy, Love and Compassion towering above me.

I feel tears come and the smell of the perfume stays around me for a number of minutes. I look around wondering if it is flowering bushes near me, but only see flowering bushes quite far away from me. I feel this sense of comfort and happiness. The scent slowly disappears and I feel so honoured and humbled by all this. I send Love and Gratitude out to this huge Being wondering if it Aphrodite herself that is present and I can only feel that it is.

She is wondrous and so gentle and softly nurturing. Once again I feel so honoured with the task I have been given, and grateful that I have this opportunity to experience such amazing experiences and Be of Service.

I love my time walking through the huge area of the ruins and seriously there is hardly anyone here now !  It is so nice to experience this place in Silence.

Huge Roman Bath – The Aphrodisias Temple has a number of tall columns still standing, and when I come to the old huge outdoor public Roman Baths it is quite amazing. You really can’t imagine swarms of people wanting to jump in this huge pool, which I can’t imagine how it is cleaned ! I feel to leave a tumblestone here in the pool, and give it thanks for it’s service and return it to the Earth, and I toss it into the old pool.

I am startled to hear the ‘plop’ of it dropping into water ! There is still a pool here, the water covered in water plants and grasses that make you think it is the grassy bottom of the pool !

It is beautiful and serene here and I am loving seeing the mountains in the distance and the calm energy here and that the ruins are so accessible to walk amongst, and not roped off.

I walk on through the grassy areas looking at the distant mountains and come to the old athletic stadium. It is a sight to see.   It is the best preserved ancient stadium in Turkey and all the stone seating is in its original state. You can walk down to the arena and walk along the pitch and you get great sense of what it was like to walk out there with thousands watching and cheering. In later times one end was used a a gladiator pitch and it has an eerie feeling seeing the tunnels they came out of and the wild beasts came out of too. This place is windswept and there is no-one else here – I can’t believe we have this place to ourselves !

I so enjoy my meditation here, and am sorry to leave this place when it is time to go.

But Pamukkale awaits; the place of the surreal aqua coloured water in the snow-white calcium travertine pools – the place where the Gods swam … !

In Peace


Date: 18 April 2014

© Copyright 2014 Julia Smith

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