10. Pamukkale, Turkey – Extraordinary !

June 14, 2014

Woah ! The drive to Pamukkale through the mountains had a few dramatic steep roads to drive down, distinctly giving the feeling you are on a freeway rollercoaster ride !     with Julia Smith

Once down in the valley the driving is again easy through the countryside.

White Peaks – Out in the distance you can see the famous Pamukkale calcium mountain, looking like ski fields.  The snow-white mountain sticks out like a beacon, beckoning you enticingly to investigate further.

The town of Pamukkale is more like a village; small for such a famous tourist attraction with busloads of a wide variety of nationalities turning up in droves.  It is mainly small hotels, B&Bs, and small souvenir shops.

Snowy Calcium Mountain – Walking up to the Travertines and seeing them with the late afternoon sun brilliantly lighting up the mountain adds to the excitement and mystery of this place.  Intuitively I feel the Gods swam here in these very pools.

At the bottom of the mountain is a tranquil park filled with spring flowers, and a lake with lots of coloured geese and ducks.

You can see people walking slowly down the mountain, walking in a strange sort of hunched up way.

I can see how busy this place is and decide to get up at sunrise tomorrow morning to do my meditation, while it is quiet.  In the park on the grass beside the lake, hopefully with just ducks for company would be perfect and a treat.

Meditation – connecting with the Gods – Essences, oils, sprays, headphones and recorded meditation.  It is quiet and there is an alone feeling in the park.  I walk over to the far side slipping into my reverent state of the land and the Beings here, silently sending out the message I come in peace, love and innocence.  I find the grass is wet and so set up on a bench right next to the lake and a stream filling the lake with the rushing waters coming directly from the huge mineral spring that comes down the mountain and through the Travertine aquamarine colour water pools.

I set up my circle of my crystals that will house the energetic beings that take part in this meditation process, unlocking the great multi-dimension Beings of Light.  I look up in awe at the white mountainside now lit up from behind in blinding pure fluorescent white light from the rising sun. I can feel the support and energy building and that there are some extraordinary Beings here in this unique place, and for some reason I feel very small and insignificant.  I wonder if what I’m to do will have any effect at all.  I instantly let these thoughts go, and engage with the acceptance I need to stick with the knowing of what my job is and just do it.  Let Go and Accept.

I anoint myself in my high vibration Essential Oils and mist myself in the amazing high vibration Essence spray which provides me so well with additional protection.  I wrap myself in my silver scarf which I find comforting and begin saying my prayer and put on my headphones preparing to go into a state of meditation.

As usual I go within, going with the guided meditation and visualisation and send down my line of energy to ground into the core of Mother Earth, Gaia, and then She responds winding a cord of Her energy around my energy cord strengthening and protecting it.  This time the colour of her cord is different.  I usually see sparkling white or gold cord, but this time it is a sparkling yellow.

The energy builds gently, not feeling as strong as other places, but maybe that is because here the energy of this place is so expansive – I feel so part of the cosmos here, the energy is galactic even, that my meditation feels smaller in this space.

I come out of the meditation, and there is no one to capture the moment in photos, giving no clue to anything that may have happened during my process, so I look around to see if anything is different.  Nothing is, though the Silence is profound.  Then a group of geese swim over right behind me, and my eye is drawn to and falls immediately to the one right at the front in the middle; it is snow white just like the colour of the calcium covering this mountain; all the geese I have seen here are whitish with brown colouring – I have seen none that are all white.  This pure white goose stands out like a confirmation of the pure energy that has come through during the process.  The pureness and gentleness are unmistakeable.

I pack up, enjoying the early morning, in this quite extraordinary place and walk back slowly soaking in the quiet and unique vibration here.

Physical Experience of the Calcified Rock Surface – A short time later I am walking back up to the park to buy a ticket to go up the mountain  You are not allowed to wear shoes, so walking in bare feet on the calcium covered ground really connects you to it.

This place is phenomenal !

Surprising and unexpected – my mind kept expecting the super cold of snow and freezing water but in bare feet the ground is rock solid – you need a jack-hammer to break it – warmish and wet from the springwater flowing all over it, and the calcium has hardened-in ripples from the water flow .

That is why people are walking strangely !

It is a bit of a weird feeling and can hurt where the ripple ridges are big. I walk up the mountain slowly to take in the amazing views from this mountain across the valley and to the distant mountain ranges.  The colour of the water in the pure white pools, is an amazing translucent pure aquamarine – you can’t stop looking at it and drinking in its Beauty-Gaia is so incredible in what She creates for Us all.  On walking through the shallow pools puffs of liquid calcium cloud like powder around my feet, all soft and squishy between your toes – it is so strange experiencing calcium in two such different ways.

Explorers not Tourists – Wow, the crowd are turning up now, creating people traffic jams – there are no fences along the mountain edge and sometimes it is narrow to pass each other. People are looking out for each other though, seeing the fellow explorers, and not tourists, in each other.

On reaching the top there is a large wooden deck under trees – so nice to sit and enjoy the ambience.  There is also a large eatery right next to the Warm Spring Thermal Pool Spa which is filled with the mineral rich spring waters.  This is a must do, but first I decide to visit the ruins of Heiropolous which is right behind the Thermal Pool Spa.

Heiropolos and The Dog – It is a steep hill to the stadium ruins, and there is a bit of a weird vibe here.
When I get to the stadium I take a quick look – the stadium is really steep down to the arena.  I head straight for a flat stone in the shade to sit, and there are two dogs there too.  The three of us sit together for a while and one that has no ears moves to sit close to me, and I wonder what on earth happened to them ! As I leave this dog follows me and as I’m walking back down the hill it starts barking at something I can’t see and then runs off as if to chase it away!

Energising Mineral Spa – Back at the Thermal Pool I’m definitely ready to take a swim.
This natural rock pool is very very nice ! The water is warm, cleansing energetically, and quite idyllic under trees.  It has channels that the spring water rushes out of and you sit under and feel it pouring on your head and shoulders – sooo relaxing!  Then you can swim down the different ways and there are huge boulders on the bottom that are stones from the Heiropolous Roman ruins.  Some are so large they are poking out of the water and you sit on them sunning yourself.  Ultimate relaxing and unusual, and I can feel my energy field has been cleaned too, like when you come out of the surf at the beach. While sitting in the bistro a cat comes and sits right next to me purring away.  I seem to be having an animal attraction day.

Everyone is born on a Colour Ray – I want to spend more time at the calcium travertine pools and walk the boardwalk, and sit under trees making the most of it.  The aquamarine coloured water is mesmerising, especially for me as I am born on the aquamarine colour ray.  I feel so calm around this colour.  This place is so unique and feels so expanded and surreal, I can’t soak enough of it in !

Healing the Ancestral and Generational Lines – It is while I am sitting here that I realise I had forgotten to focus on clearing the Generational Lines and the Ancestral Lines in my meditation this morning … I spend a few minutes calming and centring myself.  I then remember – there is no linear time –  there is only NOW.  I need only go back into the feeling when I did the meditation, taking me back to that Now moment.  I decide I will return to the same spot early tomorrow morning and complete the process.

So once again I rise early.  It is so nice I need only to carry my prayer and Essences, making my bag so much lighter ! I walk up to the tranquillity of the park back to the bench by the lake and fast running stream carrying calcium and mineral rich waters from that huge underground spring that creates this amazing place.

I watch the rising sun’s rays stream in great lines and say my prayer, getting touch with the great galactic sense of this place.  I walk to where I had buried a tumblestone and I drop onto the dirt 7 drops of my Essence right in front of the tumblestone, and I close my eyes going into the alpha state of meditation to do the process and act as witness to the clearing of the generational lines and ancestral lines of those great beings of Light and I welcome with my heart in happiness for their freedom.  I feel profound gladness and joy in this welcoming and a sense of togetherness.  It is a magical moment.

And then in that moment of meditation, I am transported in my mind’s eye to the black inkiness of The Void, the place within yourself that is the whole universe.  I am standing there looking out at the vastness feeling completely a part of this process, and the thought occurs to see who I Am in this place by looking at my hands, and I reach my hands out seeing the tops of them and they are huge hands glowing white, especially in the outline of them.  I am turning them and realise I am stretching my hands out, now palms up, in a greeting of welcome and beckoning.  Please join us ! I hear myself silently saying  – you are so so welcome.  It is with such Joy I welcome you to be with us and I am sending out these thought / feelings to the great multi-dimensional Beings of Light here; and they are huge.  So huge.  I am feeling them here bigger than a mountain; their energy reachs far up into the sky, and again I feel the smallness of myself next to their largeness.

I, then in that moment, totally get it that back in Now moments gone past, so long ago the stories of that moment are Now myth and legend -that back then it is entirely possible that great ones such as these walked the Earth, crossed paths with humans who would see their largeness and the particular abilities that they can do and would appear amazing to our limitedness.  Yet I do not feel overwhelmed by their difference, but rather so welcoming, like a reunion, and that our forces of Light can swell larger with being together with them.  And I feel a happiness in response, together with an indulgence and some humour at my smallness reaching out to their largeness. The moment passes and I become conscious of the park.  This leaves me so happy yet sad I am no longer in that state.

As I turn to walk off the grass a large black bird swoops right next to me flying towards the lake !  Black birds have turned up so so many significant times for me over the years, and I take this as joyful recognition.  Completion has occurred and I consciously separate from this place now so whatever is to happen next is to just happen of its own accord, and I go on my own way, on my own journey.  I walk back to the Hotel in wonder of this action packed schedule I am living !  So surreal, so fun, so Blessed, so feeling ALIVE !

Time to pack up and head off – a long drive to get to DIDUM.  Didum, Didum, Didum…the place that I have forcibly put out of my mind, the place where there is a negative multi-dimensional ET whom I have already spent time and energy sending on her way as she tried many times to approach me and enter my consciousness, in the weeks before I left home to come to Turkey.  I am not particularly looking forward to the process at the Oracle of Apollo – a place of humans with amazing abilities, tragedy and collapse.  All I can think is – get over it and get on with the job!!

Besides, there are a number of stops on the way today I must do first – two more ruins and processes before I arrive in Didum; thanks goodness as this keeps my mind occupied and focussed.  How amazing how one’s schedule rolls out so perfectly – I realise I will have done six processes by the time I reach the Oracle of Apollo, which is plenty of practice of familiarity to efficiently do the process there.

So…Prienne is next.  So looking forward to it, as it is completely unknown to me.  I don’t even know where it is just yet.  I am relying on guidance from my invisible friends, as it’s not on our map !

Thanks for travelling with me this far.  This is a long story in this post, and I’ve loved having you here with me !

In Peace


Date: 23 April 2014

© Copyright 2014 Julia Smith

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