11. Priene, Turkey – Silence in Nature

July 3, 2014

Hi, Here I Am in Priene !  Come stroll the pine covered hills with me!
with Julia Smith

The Windswept Silence of Priene

This place is a well-hidden gem, leaving reliance on instincts, intuitive signs, and looking out for signage on the roads to lead you there.

Priene is a place of surprises and has a pronounced presence of Nature.  The air is filled with the distinct feeling that it once upon a time had beautiful substantial buildings, that it was a bustling place, filled with laughter.  It is like this place is missing the inhabitants that were once here, and now there is just the wind whistling through the forests leaves.  Nostalgia reigns.

Goddess Athena – The Prienne ruins are the site of the Goddess Athena and Her Temple.  The atmosphere here is so surreal, so quiet; huge boulders strewn everywhere under large nut laden pine trees like a giant hand tossed these carved boulders around.

It feels like this is a place of a time long past and nature has now claimed this space.

Procession Walking is Being Present – I make my way to the Temple of Athena.   This is the only place here where there are huge marble columns still standing, edging a large platform of huge flat boulders covering the floor, and you can see views through some pine trees to the large valley floor that once was the sea.

There is a hint of the once deep energy that once was here, and I find the smallest things excessively irritates me as I try to connect.  Usually I welcome in whatever sounds, whatever the amount of people, whatever, as part of Divine Timing of the experience.  But now I feel all consuming irritation and I work very hard to identify where the feeling is in my body and where it originates from.  I set this at the back of my mind to wait for answers to come forward,  so I can start tuning in further to the energy here.  I make my way, procession slow walking style, so I am completely Being Present to everything and my senses widen.

Earth Meditation – I know instantly that I am to do my meditation and process right in front of the 5 great columns and I notice the rocky peaked mountain behind these 5 columns and it is powerful presence and the Beings within it.The central  curved downward section of the mountain instantly reminds me of similar shaped mountains I had amazing experiences with in Chile in 2013; one in Patagonia near the Vortex of the Violet Towers and the other on Easter Island which is facing the famous line of Moai statues, and also here in Turkey when I visited the Church of Mary at Ephesus.

My meditation connects me to a powerful presence, strong and I feel feminine but the strength is so much you would be forgiven for being mistaken.  I feel the welcoming energy for the process to take place, particularly from the mountain.

The wind picks up and my hair is blowing everywhere but I am now immersed in it and it is not an issue.

The energy builds as I go deep and ground my energy, and then my energy expands and I feel it light up and then contained in the pink and blue orbs that encapsulate my energy field.I then See myself in my mind’s eye; a large bluish white figure in flowing robes that is outlined in bright white light.  I am facing away from me, waiting for something or someone, I feel so expanded and in great Joy as I feel the huge Great Ones of Light are so happy to come forward.  I See myself hold out my hands, palm up in welcome.  It is such a profound experience.

I finish and the Silence is pervading.  The shushing of the wind connects me deeply to nature and the trees here.  I do the clearing of the Generational and Ancestral lines.  Then a growing sense of joy and happiness builds and fills me, and I know I now need to select the tumble stones that are now to reside here.  Intuitively I choose which stones would like to stay, and the first one wants to go into a crevice right where I meditated.  I stand in deep honour of those Great Beings of Light here and feel such Love for them and gladness and welcome to those that join us.Lizard Nature Lover!  I pack up my kit and relax, ready to just enjoy the sun and walking through the ruins.  I see this super cute Lizard, sunning itself on a rock. I walk towards a path near the columns where there are thick pine trees behind it and up the base of the mountain.  Up the path the next stone I can feel wants to go into a rock crevice so I pop it in, giving it thanks for its service.

The Electrifying Chairs!

Then I come to a small amphitheatre, and it is being used by this family.  It is so cute to see the kids doing a play and singing for their mum and dad.  Their dad takes photos of them and claps at the finish of their show.  It is so synchronistic to see it being used as it had been, and so in alignment with the feeling I get from here.  This place is really amazing.  It has a beautiful soft and happy feel like a Shakespeare theatre – you can feel the fun of play and music here.It is unusual as there 5 stone chairs in the front row, with stone carved claws for feet.  Of course I can’t resist sitting on one, and I place my hands in the stone carved finger slots in the arms.  Amazingly, I then feel this very high energy vibration course thorough my body !  It is quite unbelievable !I love sitting here enjoying and soaking in this for quite sometime- it’s…like wow !!.

Kirlian Photography – I decide to have my aura photo taken to see any effects in my human energy field – but the program can’t find my face!  Attempt after attempt it couldn’t see me, meaning a high energy is present and disturbing the workings of electronic devices! Finally, after I got out of the chair and after a few more attempts, it could see me, and my aura was completely Violet !

Significance of the colour Violet – The colour Violet has a number of meanings – it is a very fast / high vibration energy speed (think Red has slow long energy waves through to Violet has fast short energy waves), it is transforming of slower negative energy to a faster higher vibration energy speed, and indicates a close connection to the spiritual planes.  I found this very interesting as the process I have been doing connects me to the inner planes and I feel transformation was happening as some negativity was rising in me, for me to transform as I have been here.

Noticing!  I now realise and notice – there are 5 columns in Athena’s Temple and there are 5 chairs in the Amphitheatre…I wonder if there is any significance in this ?? Definitely a connection between the two places.  If anyone reading this has any intuitive feel on this, please leave a comment at the bottom of this post.  I’d love to hear your feedback. 🙂

Gifts back to Nature!  On the way out from here I passed an ancient wall with crevices and the third tumble stone wanted to go in there so in she went !  May this place be infused with Light, Love and Joy !

What a great experience !  Totally loved it, and am sorry to leave so quickly – I would have loved to just sit and feel more into this place…but Miletas waits and it’s now mid afternoon, so I need to get there asap to do the process there today.

Join me in Miletas to see how that pans out !

In Peace


Date: 24 April 2014

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© Copyright 2014 Julia Smith

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