12. Miletas, Turkey and Tuning of the Elements

July 25, 2014

Whoop whoop!  As I arrive in the carpark at the Roman ruins of Miletas there are a huge amount of birds all singing, singing in my Presence to this place.  Come and explore with me! with Julia Smith

Tuning of the Elements

The birdsong is so loud, inviting you to stop and pay attention – a natural call to Being Present. Birdsong is a natural clearing way our Creator has ensured the Element of Air and Gaia’s Etheric Body is kept clear of lower hertz frequency vibrations.  With the number of species of birds being on the decline this has put pressure on the birds remaining, however, they are being supported by the huge quantity of higher frequencies pouring onto the planet from our Sun, the Higher Heavenly Dimensional Realms and Cosmos.  The Air is also cleared via tornados, hurricanes and gales.

Of course the other Elements are also keep being re-tuned:  the Water (Gaia’s Emotional Body) by the Whales and Dolphins, the Earth (Gaia’s Physical Body) by earthquakes, tsnunamis and by the higher cosmic frequencies penetrating the Earth to the crystalline grid which distributes these energies around the planet via the crystal leylines.  Fire is a transmuting energy on its own.  As volcanoes erupt and bushfires occur a transmuting of old energy happens automatically wherever it is.  This is assisting Gaia in her own cleansing process and raise Her vibration as She Ascends through the Dimensions back to the 5th Dimension.

Miletus  The Miletas ruins sit on a hill in the middle of nowhere – a stark, windswept, barren feeling prevails.

Once at the top I go out to the back buildings, which seem to be made from different older stones.  It has lost its roof here, so the rooms are now open air.  The feeling here is much better even though it is over run by overgrown, tall as a person nettle type bushes.

I decide to do my meditation here, amongst the thorny bushes, rather than in the stadium which seems a bit of an odd choice, but the vibe is better!

The wind here is strong, blowing my hair everywhere, adding to the exposed nature of this place, and I prepare for meditation.

I go into the meditative state, going deep within myself, grounding my energy cord to the core of Mother Earth, passing through the crystalline grid, and bringing back up an energy cord from Gaia, our host Mother Earth’s energy, filling up my energy field, inviting those great Beings to come forward if they choose, and then sealing this energy in love and protection.  I come out of the meditation and clear the Ancestral and Generation lines.  The whole while I feel nothing, get no response, See nothing.  I look around and it all looks the same, it all feels the same.

This time it is a test of faith and believing.  There is no confirmation.  It highlights the importance of detachment, no expectation, no judgement, and not allowing the Ego to rise wanting to be stroked, wanting validation, wanting recognition.  Just do it…and move on!

I pack up and head back to the stadium.  I come across this large stone carving showing what took place here.  Seems it was a gladiator-style run stadium; the carvings showing armed men fighting fierce animals.  So sad for man and beast.

Well, I have done my job here and will now head off to Didum.  There to see what will unfold at the Oracle of Apollo…where Madam M just may still be loitering around.  I’m starting to feel pretty nervous now about turning up at that site.  Be strong Jules !

See you there…you wouldn’t want to miss the grand finale !

In Peace


Date: 24 April 2014

© Copyright 2014 Julia Smith, Sydney, Australia.

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