14. Oracle of Apollo, Turkey – A meeting with Madam M !

August 10, 2014

Here I am at my last destination in this mission as Keeper of the Keys.          with Julia Smith

I’m so glad to have you all with me for this last place, one I’ve been somewhat nervous about; potentially meeting up with Madam M, the negative Being I have mentioned before.

There are no coincidences and harnessing group energy – The morning of the 25th April dawns a beautiful day.  It’s also the World War I memorial day ‘Anzac Day’ for Australians, and I’m aware that Gallipoli here in Turkey will have thousands of people there for the dawn service.  I am aware it is not a coincidence I’m here to do this meditation today, just when 100,000’s of people are gathering at Gallipoli and these people can assist in transferring the energies to the land, and much grief and trauma can be transmuted.

Gifting Crystals Back to Earth – I remember now that I have given my friend Brenda a piece of Australian desert rock and a piece of obsidian to take on their trip there now, to bury in honour of all those that have fallen there.  I have an intention to also connect with Gallipoli / Anzac Cove and those rocks during my meditation process today, and I feel grateful I met such lovely people who were happy to take the rocks there for me.

Setting Intention – I feel apprehensive in the short drive to Didyma where the Oracle of Apollo and Temple is, and spend time in additional prayer / calling in the Ascended Masters and ArchAngels for their protection and assistance.

Oracle of Apollo Turkey – You get a good view of the ruins from outside the site, so I start my preparation of going into a state of honouring the land, Being Present and in a state of innocence before I go inside.

As I go down the wooden stairs I see two large stone carvings and I know they are of HER.  The negative one that has already visited me and I’ve had to send away.  I feel silly, but I can’t look at these large carvings of her head, but have to cover my eyes and look away.  I can’t afford to go into fear; I must remain calm, detached and in the innocence.  I silently give thanks to those guardian spirits of Light of this place, offering them my love and that I come in peace and good intentions.

Oracle of Apollo Entrance, Turkey 2014Back in its heyday the Temple housed many Seeing priests, and thousands of people came here from places far away to receive their prophecies, advice and blessings.  The Temple has been through many disasters in it’s time; collapsing and being rebuilt.

The front of the Temple is impressive in that you can see how many huge marble pillars once would have stood here – like a forest of pillars.  I love the feeling of walking amongst them all, and the grandness of how it must have been.  I walk through to a large courtyard type room – Sanctuary where the Holy Spring and the Temple of Apollo are.  The Spring dried up long ago and I drop a tumblestone in there with my blessings.

The Meditation – I decide the place to do the Earth process is here next to the Holy Spring and in front of the last few stones left of the Temple of Apollo.  I lay out the circle of ten specific crystals, the powerful copper and crystal generators and then sit in the circle.  I apply the high vibration oils and essences and wrap myself in the silver scarf and go into a state of reverence and gratitude that I have been given this task, and try to settle into a place of total calm.  I start to listen to the meditation, going deep within and Seeing my Pranic Tube/Pillar of Light ignite with Light energy.

Then just as I am starting to send my line of energy down into the Earth, and loudest noise starts up – the Islam chanting through the speakers, right next to the Temple!  I can’t believe it !  I am totally disrupted and I immediately think of negative interference.  I start to engage with it, when I suddenly remember my years of practice to welcome in all noise into my meditations.  It is all in perfection.

I wonder how can I welcome in this loud noise which is in competition to what I am listening to and doing – and then a realisation hits me;  remember the Whirling Dervishes and what the Sufi Master said.  He gave me as a gift the name of “Allah” to work with.  He said this emphatically several times – work with this Word.  I decide to take this on board and do what they do; after all this country is the place of Islam and they know and rever God as Allah – when in Rome !

So I raise my hand palm up and bring it down to my heart, filling my heart with a deep Love of God / Allah.  “Al-lah”, “Al-lah”, “Al-lah”  I am chanting.  Over and over I bring my hand up and down to my heart chanting this; bringing in the Love. And then suddenly my cord ignited again in a blaze of Light and I feel strong in what is happening. I continue my meditation working in this noisy environment.

Then, unbelieveably, this cat starts meowing.  I mean meowing really really loudly, over and over.  I can feel it is in this area up on top of the walls, so the sound is reverberating and amplified and echoing.

“Meow, meow, meow, meow, meow……..etc”. Are you SERIOUS? I am thinking.

So now I have to also welcome in this loud sound.  I now feel to welcome in this cat, as the Apollo Temple cat.  Cats have often been associated with ancient Temples, so I feel a one-ness with this approach.  I welcome in the cat, and the meowing.

So now I have the recording I am listening to, I’m doing the visualisation and connection with the energy, Allah loudspeaker chanting, the cat meowing…wow it’s a lot to get on top of and do all this!

I feel I can only do my best, and so continue on Being in it All.  This thought brings it all together and I can go on in a focussed way.

My cord strongly winds quickly down to the Crystalline Grid, and I jump on this with my energy – I want this done as quickly as possible.  In and out of this place.

My cord of energy anchors in the core of Mother Earth, and She responds sending up a thick sparkling golden cord of energy, winding around my cord, strengthening and protecting my energy.

This energy dynamically enters and fills my body and I surround myself in high frequency energy.  These orbs completely surround me so are in the Earth and in the air around me, filled with the white Light.  And in that moment I then remember to think of Gallipoli / Anzac Cove and so send a line of energy there; and then I See in my mind’s eye in the far distance a huge high frequency energy orb appears half in half out of the Earth, and I know that this energy is present at that place.

I come out of the meditation and then do the Ancestral and Generational Lines clearing.

Wow, I feel so glad this is over !

The Pregnant Temple Cat – I slowly pack up, and then spot the cat up on the top of the wall.

It’s still meowing away, the sound echoing around.

I’m wondering if it is stuck, but it finds it’s way down and it comes over to me.  I see that it is heavily pregnant.

A Mother Cat.

Gifting Tumblestones to the Temple – I go down into the Apollo Temple ruins, and ask the tumblestones who would like to stay here, and I leave one in a crevice in the small remaining wall there.

I then make my way back up the stone tunnel, and the cat is following me everywhere, meowing away.

I love my time roaming the ruins here, the stone pillar ruins are huge, looking like dominoes that were standing and then one fell knocking down all the others.

The Face-off!  I make my way back to the wooden stairs and I have one crystal tumblestone left – a piece of snowflake obsidian and I know this is meant for her – Madam M.

I sit on the wooden stairs right next to the large stone block that her carving is on top of.  It is white, my stone is black, and the surface is smooth, it doesn’t look like there is anywhere to discretely put it.

I see one crack in it just large enough to pop the obsidian in, and I dedicate this stone to her and ask that it help her in any way that it can that is for the highest good.  I pop the stone in and handily there is a flat piece of stone of the large block I can use to put on top so now no-one can see it.

I stand up and then think, now is the time to face her – Madam M.


Yes, Medusa of the legends – with the snakes for hair and the eyes that legend says turned people to stone, and that Apollo beheaded.  “The Eye” of Medusa that still today Turks and Greeks use to ‘ward off evil’.

I go and look directly at her stone carving.  As I stand in front of her, suddenly I feel such deep compassion for her.  Perhaps she was completely misunderstood – she was persecuted; she was beheaded; perhaps she was manipulated to do negative things; perhaps she was also not so bright and didn’t work out to not look at people, when her look had such a negative impact.  I close my eyes feeling the depths of that compassion, suddenly she is right there in front of me, I am Seeing her; it is unmistakable.  I See only her eyes – two almond shapes looking at me burning a bright orange, looking hot like the sun but very orange.  These are not normal eyes…they can only be of an ET, as no human has eyes like these.

These two great eyes are huge filling my mind’s vision.  I am not afraid.  I look; I am detached and watch in complete innocent compassion and I say to her – I understand how misunderstood you have been and am so sorry for that.  I feel deeply empathetic of her position.

Suddenly the two eyes began spinning backwards very fast, and whizzed upwards and backwards further and further away from me, up and away back into space, until they were gone.

I knew then she was gone completely.  Gone to wherever it was she was meant to go next.  Transmutation had occurred.

I sent my best wishes to her and my blessings.

This was SO amazing.  This was completely unexpected.

I stand there quite stunned, and know not to think about it anymore.  Leave it be, to unfold in it’s own way.

Mission Complete – I am now ready to leave this place.  I feel very at one with myself, and very happy with how this transpired.  That I was strong enough to not go into fear.  To have completed my part.  And what an amazing journey it has been – I am so grateful to be entrusted with this task, so humbled by my experiences.

This is a true and faithful narrative of what happened, from my perspective.  I hope you have enjoyed the journey !

And there will be more journey’s !  This planet we have been gifted to live on and experience has so much to offer.

Mmm, yes, I just think I might write next about my amazing happenings on my trip to Easter Island last year.  It really was a phenomenal time !  Watch out for it. 🙂

In Peace


Date: 25 April 2014

You can see my additional work with my Music Therapy by visiting my website www.innertranquillity.com.au

© Copyright 2014 Julia Smith

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