15. Oracle of Apollo, Delphi, Greece – A Place of Harmony, Music and Light

September 29, 2014

Welcome on my Journey to the Oracle of Apollo, site of the Temple of Apollo in the beautiful countryside of Delphi in Greece!              with Julia Smith

The bus trip out here was just beautiful.  These mountains are serene and so tranquil.  You sit and Just Be and feel your Self immerse in the quiet feeling of this place.

How Sound and Colour Waves are connected with the Higher Heavenly Realms

When I read up a little on Apollo – he represents Harmony, Light and Music.  This is the major vibration Essence of Self he brings through. Apollo brought through this essence in a big way and into the very land in this place through sound and music, while he was here in the physical – especially through his famous harp.  He filled the sound with the vibration of Harmony and Light as he played his harp.

And sound has profound energy waves that instantly fill the air and penetrate everything.  He was very clever to use this mode of sharing his amazing energy with everyone; knowing that sound waves penetrate everything, so he could infuse everything with uplifted harmony.

Even though I am not “working” now, I enter this place with a deep sense of reverence, and walk in procession style with the slow fully present steps – so my awareness heightens.

While I sit at the site of the Temple of Apollo and meditate and feel into this place I soon realise that the feeling there is so Light, so Calm, so Tranquil and that is the feeling of Harmony.  That is the feeling of Light; and just Being here can uplift your feelings if you take the time to sit, and silence your mind and emotions and absorb the feeling of this place.

The Importance of the site of Delphi.

This area of Delphi holds a significant importance in that it is a major energy site on Earth.  It is one of only two places that is known as “The Navel of the World” – the other is Easter Island, Chile.  This means that it is a large vortex point, and energy is received into Mother Earth, and into Her Crystalline Grid, from the Cosmos and other dimensions in a big way.  It is a Stargate, Portal and Vortex both sending and receiving energy.

Amazingly there are actually signs up saying this is the Navel of the World and the ancient Greeks considered this the Centre of the World !  I couldn’t resist but had to put my hands on the Navel and feel if there was any energy present…but no, I didn’t pick up anything in addition to elsewhere here.

Those that have heightened senses find that their senses open up much more.  This is why Apollo arranged for the Temple to be built here.  In the times of the Oracle of Delphi, those who were able to widen their senses, and receive information from multidimensional beings were brought here to be trained up and become Priests and Priestesses, and people flocked here from great distances to hear their prophecies.

The Rock Of the Famous Oracle of Delphi – Sybil

The famous Oracle Sybil was the first.  Apollo, a multidimensional being of great size and ability had the Temple built and met Sybil and brought here to the Temple to live.  Her fame spread far and wide.  She would sit on this rock and meet each individual to receive prophecies from her.

People would receive their appointment time (sometimes years away!), and then queue here to see her, just below Apollo’s Temple.

There are a number of major vortexes here in Greece, and when they are open, functioning to received incredibly large quanties of pure Divine cosmic energy then we see the effects of it.  This was the case during the height of the Greek renaissance; during the times of Plato and Socrates etc.  A time of enlightened thought, philosophy, amazing art and mathematical breakthroughs (without computers !).  All these vortexes were re-opened again last year – all part of the Ascension, or raising of the vibration of the Earth we are now experiencing.

The Temple of Apollo is not that large, compared to many other ancient sites, but the atmosphere here is so subtly a high vibration you really need the time to tune into it.

Stargate Energy Activation – in the Museum – what a place for that to happen, lol !

Interestingly the place I experienced an incredible energetic download as a conduit – where there was a powerful energy surge straight down my Pillar of Light or Pranic Tube, and then radiated out of me was in the Museum located on the mountain, lower down.  I was looking at these bronze horses, right next to this huge cauldron (haha!) when this super charge of energy sprang itself on me, and lit up my pranic tube straight down into the core of the Earth!

I was pretty stunned as I wasn’t prepared for it, wasn’t meditating, and so had to step straight into the mode of working with this.  As I was in a group tour and so we were moving all the time it was quite challenging and I was reluctant to move if I was to break the energy flow, so I was anchored to the floor while it passed through !  This also happened to me when I was on Easter Island – a story I have as yet to share with you.

Then I turned the corner and was stunned to the see on this amazing stone sculpture my old friend Medusa, who I had a face to face encounter with at the Oracle of Apollo, Didyma, in Turkey !  I did take a close up picture of her – well, her head at least which was tied to Apollo’s horse bridle just after he beheaded her.  But I just couldn’t have her in my camera !  But I do have this more distant shot.

Well that it for here…I’m off to Meteroea now.  An amazing place – monasteries on huge boulder mountain clifftops, made, you guessed it, from Meteor boulders.  A high energy place for sure.

See you there !

In Peace,


Date: 27-28 April 2014

© Copyright 2014 Julia Smith

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